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Uranium Chronicles: The 200 Billion Dollar Counterfeiting Caper

Our 200 Billion Dollar investment in Iraq may not have occured, if not for several counterfeit documents. Is anyone interested in finding out how the United states was hoodwinked by forgeries?
It so happens that one of the prime movers of the Iraq war was Ahmed Chalabi. Dr. Chalabi, who received his PhD in Mathematics from the university of Chicago, is probably the most prolific counterfeiter that history has known. He is wanted in several countries for embezzlement, bank fraud, and forgery. If not for the efforts of the US government, this man would have been lucky to spend the remainder of his days in prison. Execution would have been a more likely outcome.

Chalabi was "favoured by the pentagon" as the succesor to Saddam Hussein, until his criminal history was confirmed. As reported by the Guardian:
In 1992, Mr Chalabi was tried in his absence and sentenced by a Jordanian court to 22 years' jail on 31 charges of embezzlement, theft, misuse of depositor funds and currency speculation.
These allegations have been proven to the satisfaction of accountants and investigators in the US and London. Yet he has continued to ply his trade, while fleeing from Jordanian authorities, and from just about everyone else in the muslim world: except the Iranians. Chalabi has capable legal support. His nephew Salem is the founder of the Iraqi International Law Group
Interestingly, the firm's website is not registered in Salem Chalabi's name but in the name of Marc Zell, whose address is given as Suite 716, 1800 K Street, Washington. That is the address of the Washington office of Zell, Goldberg &Co, which claims to be "one of Israel's fastest-growing business-oriented law firms", and the related FANDZ International Law Group.

The unusual name "FANDZ" was concocted from "F and Z", the Z being Marc Zell and the F beingDouglas Feith. The two men were law partners until 2001, when Feith took up his Pentagon post as undersecretary of defence for policy.

Brian Whitaker, Guardian Unlimited

His nephew Salem Chalabi also happens to be head of the tribunal appointed "...to try top people in Saddam Hussein's regime for genocide, torture, mass slaughter and other atrocities." Chalabi himself was actually the PRESIDENT of Iraq while fleeing from charges of counterfeiting Iraqi currency. He didn't disappear completely, as an ordinary criminal would since he had no fear that the charges would be dropped. And here are a few more sparkling items in the curriculum vitae of the Chabli family:
Salem Chalabi, head of the tribunal trying Saddam Hussein, was charged with murder after having been named as a suspect in the June murder of Haithem Fadhil, director general of the finance ministry. He said he too did not fear conviction.
Salem was in Tehran, Iran while being interviewed by FOX news for that story.
If that's not enough, here's more:
After fleeing Jordan, Chalabi was on the CIA's payroll for years. But the agency cut off his funding when it discovered major discrepancies in his accounting of the money. The State Department, too, then washed its hands of Chalabi.

After the CIA and the State Department dumped him, Chalabi became the blue-eyed boy of the Pentagon, which has been trying to build him up as its candidate to head the interim administration in post-war Iraq. But most Iraqis regard Chalabi as an American stooge.

Pakistan Daily Times, October 15, 2004

And today's news from Pakistan is that "The Americans are a gullible people...", at least according to Kaleem Omarod the Times. OK so we're gullible, but now we know we've been had, so who was it that faked the documents, and FOR WHOM.

Think about that for a while, DOGSPOT has yet more to say about the "Uranium Chronicles"

David Roknich


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