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Greens to call for "No New Runways" Bill

Greens all over the globe are providing leadership on important issues.
14th Oct 2004

Green Party Motion calls on Howard and Blair to live up to their recent speeches on climate change - and support the Air Traffic Bill

Next week's Green Party conference is expected to urge Tony Blair and Michael Howard to live up to their recent statements on the need to tackle climate change, by supporting the Air Traffic Emissions Reduction Bill which was passed by the House of Lords in March 2004.

The Bill - sometimes called the "No New Runways" Bill, as its most obvious immediate impact would be to undermine the case for any major airport expansions in the UK - was written by the Green Party and steered through the House of Lords this year by Green Party peer Tim Beaumont. It would require the government to achieve a 50% reduction in CO2 emissions from the aviation sector by 2050.

Lord Beaumont said today: "Tony Blair and Michael Howard have both expressed grave concerns recently about climate change. Mr Blair said aviation would be contributing a quarter of our emissions by 2030. Mr Howard said Labour was ducking the issue of aviation emissions. Yet neither has revised his policies for expanding the aviation industry.

"One cannot pretend to be serious about climate change and still champion the expansion of aviation."

The Greens are seeking a meeting with Tony Blair to discuss the urgent need for cross-party cooperation on tackling climate change.

The Air Traffic Emissions Reduction Bill may be accessed via: www.publications.parliament.uk

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