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Why Hasn't Kerry Submitted Form 180 & Did Bush Do So?

The New York Sun, in an article today, once again questions why John Kerry hasn't filled out and submitted Standard Form 180 which releases military records and questions his honorable discharge.

Has anyone heard an explanation from Kerry or his campaign re. why he hasn't gone the "form" route for release of records?

My guess is that it may revolve around an uneven playing field.

Despite claims to the contrary, President Bush did not fill out and submit Form 180. He used an Executive Order which has been executed by the Pentagon and the White House to release selected records and withhold from the public others relating to health. Had he signed Form 180, he would not have had the option of being so discreet and discriminating whereas if Kerry submitted the form, he would not have had any power over what was released.

Proof that the records released by Bush were not complete and instead contained at least one gaping hole could be seen in the media's continuing attempts, through the Freedom of Information Act, to obtain the missing information. They have been largely unsuccessful.

In addition, while Kerry has posted a majority of his records as PDF files on his website, Bush has not done the same. He claims that the records are "available" but makes the American public either search for them, or suggests that they avail themselves of the Freedom of Information Act to acquire them.

Why doesn't Kerry address this? I suspect he will soon have to in light of the Sun article.