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Anti-Kerry Smear Documentary, "Stole Honor", to air in Oregon

Come join Lars Larson, Oregon Conservatives and The Shilo Inn for an anti-Kerry hatefest with a special viewing of smear documentary, "Stolen Honor"
Right-wing Talkshow Host, Lars Larson
Right-wing Talkshow Host, Lars Larson
Oregon Conservatives with the help of right-wing radio host Lars Larson, are organizing an event to show "Stolen Honor" at the Shilo Inn a week before the election. Lars will be giving tickets away Monday for the event during his monday call-in show from 11:00am -3:00pm. He will have 250 tickets and they are all free. It might be fun for people to call in and get some tickets. Lars may want to to sign a loyalty oath for GW but hey, whats in an oath. Copies of the DVD will also be available for purchase at the event.

Call in Monday, get your tickets and join Lars, Don McIntire and Oregon Conservatives for a Anti-Kerry Hate Fest

Lars Larson Show Phone: 1-800-827-0750