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The Rights of Sexual Minorities in the Workplace and Beyond

Advances and setbacks for the rights of LGBTQ workers on the shopfloor. No on 36, Pride @ Work, and more!
The Rights of Sexual Minorities in the Workplace and Beyond

A panel discussion featuring

Dolores Doyle, an electrician, who will be speaking about the No on 36 Campaign and
Joe Kear, a machinist, who will be speaking about Pride at Work, the AFL-CIO's LGBTQ organization.

Organizing around the rights of sexual minorities in the workplace, moving forward on extending equal rights while simultaneously confronting attacks. These speakers will give a "shopfloor" perspective as well as what the labor movement is doing to advance the cause of LGBTQ rights in society as a whole. Don't miss the specifics on what Constitutional Amendment 36 will do to already existing advances made in the workplace for domestic partnership benefits.

Saturday Oct 16 7pm
IWW Hall
616 E. Burnside

phone: phone: 503-231-5488
address: address: 616 E. Burnside

Why are you a minority if you are sexual? 15.Oct.2004 15:42

Strait Guy

Ok, Don't get me wrong. I honor what you do. But somehow, the title of this posting got my attention. My immediate gut response (rant on) is this ...

And this is what I want to share -- why does a person's sexuality have to be measured, or categorized as Minority or Majority?

What difference does it make (or should it make), that an individual's preferences fall within accepted bounds? Why allow "mob rule" govern sexuality -- Either in the governments rulings or in your personal behaviour?

Your sexual preferences, your preference in music, your favorite foods are purely individual choices. Eat all the beef you want, as far as I'm concerned. You know the risks and you know the range of your palette, You know better than anyone what turns you on. (rant off)

So dear poster, this rant is not against you, but against the system that marginalizes personal choices, that limits individual liberty under the rubric of "normalcy".

to the Straight Guy(s) 16.Oct.2004 01:56


You're right. Sexuality shouldn't matter but it does. It does to those straight white rich assholes in power and therefore it matters to me. They hate me because of who I choose to sleep with so I hate them for hating my sexuality.
Also, the predominance of hetereosexuality is overwhelming. Therefore, I'm a minority. Because I'm a guy and I like guys sexually, I don't fit into their category of normalcy. I don't give a damn what they consider normal but because they represent a (most likely minor) sect of the population that rules homosexuality as abnormal, I am considered a minority. I take that freak flag and fly it high.

Minority in the workplace not necessarily due to sexual orientation. 29.Oct.2005 06:37


The above postings seem to focus on something other than what the title of the discussion/forum is about. I interpreted it to be about gender and not sexual orientation but perhaps that is due to what I have experienced in the workplace. Being the only female machinist in a major company of about 1500 employees and the only female in my group of 35 males I am well aware of the lack of equality, and the adversity faced by minorities. I was never aware of the fact that I could be a minority because I am a woman but I have discovered since joining the corporate world that discrimination is alive and well. I have found that there are rules for me that don't seem to apply to my coworkers. Certain male coworkers go out of their way to make trouble by constantly complaining to management about petty things that are not mentioned when one of my male coworkers does the same thing or exhibits the same habits. Management and coworkers seek out male employees for help and/or assignments in areas where I have more experience or will go out of their way to approach a male for help when I have been standing right next to them. There are many instances where I feel very left out or avoided but these are issues that I cannot prove or really do anything about. For those of you that say I should be aware of the risks or should accept the repercussions of my decision to work in such a male dominated career well ask yourself this: should society have continued to make African Americans sit in the back of the bus purely because they were black or refuse women the right to vote or have an education because they are not male? We don't have a choice regarding what color or gender we are born with and we deserve to be treated with respect regardless of our choices in life as long as we are not doing anything criminal or hurtful to others. Ignorance and disrespect is not something that should be tolerated in any area whether it is in the workplace or outside of it.