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Green Zine Election Initiative Guide

The Green Zine, the quarterly PDX Greens newspaper, has an initiative summary in the Fall 2004 issue. Since ballots are being sent out today, here's the Pacific Green Party's recommendations for these suckers. Oh, and has anyone seen the first three statements on the "Yes" on 36 Measure in the Voter's Pamphlet? So funny.
Local Initiatives

Washington County P.U.D. Measure: The Pacific Green Party endorses a YES vote, with wholehearted support. We urge voters to pass this measure. For more information, contact Steve Geiger at 503-649-8493.

Multnomah County Measure 26-64 to repeal the 3-year county income tax.
A measure to repeal the 2nd and 3rd years of the 3-year Multnomah County income tax has qualified for the ballot. The Pacific Green Party does not support the repeal and urges a NO vote.

There are several Multnomah County Charter changes on this November's ballot. They can all be viewed here: www.co.multnomah.or.us/dbcs/elections/2004-11/measure_list.shtml

Statewide Initiatives

Measure 31 - Candidate Death: Amends the Oregon constitution to authorize the postponement of and election for public office when a nominee for office dies (legislative referral to the ballot). The Pacific Green Party supports a NO vote; we dislike the idea of postponing an election.

Measure 32 - Mobile Homes: Amends the Oregon Constitution to delete the reference to mobile homes (also referred to as "manufactured houses") from a provision dealing with taxes and fees on motor vehicles (legislative referral to the ballot). Currently, fees on mobile homes are treated the same as fees on campers, motor homes, travel trailers, etc. This initiative will instead allow fees collected for the transport of mobile homes should be used for building code related services. The Pacific Green Party urges a YES vote. Many rural and low income Oregonians live in mobile and manufactured homes. The money should be spent on building issues rather than on roads.

Measure 33 - Medical Marijuana: Amends the Medical Marijuana Act to allow marijuana dispensaries for supplying patients and caregivers, and also raises patients' possession limit (placed on ballot by petition). The Pacific Green Party endorses a YES vote. This measure improves access to medical marijuana. For more information, visit www.voterpower.org.

Measure 34 - Tillamook Forest: Requires balancing timber production, resource conservation and preservation in managing state forests; requires the State Board of Forestry to manage the Tillamook and Clatsop State Forests specifically for the purpose of restoring native old growth forests in half of those two forests. The other half would be managed for sustainable timber and revenue production in a way that is at least as protective as what is required under the current State Forest Management Plan (placed on ballot by petition). The Pacific Green Party suggests a YES vote, but with strong caveat: after vigorous debate, many of us remain unconvinced that protecting half the forest was adequate. There was some fear that in passing this measure timber company access to 50 percent of state forests would become the de-facto standard. For more information, visit www.tillamook5050.org.

Measure 35 - Medical Malpractice: Amends the Oregon Constitution to limit noneconomic damages recoverable for patient injuries caused by healthcare provider's negligence or recklessness (placed on ballot by petition). The Pacific Green Party recommends a NO vote. This measure is being promoted as a means to control healthcare costs. In fact it is being peddled by the medical lobby and is aimed at keeping big healthcare corporations shielded from the court in the interest of profit. They have pumped over $3.5 million into this initiative. For more information, visit www.trustjuries.com.

Measure 36 - Same-sex Marriage: Amends the Oregon constitution to limit marriage to the union of one man and one woman (placed on ballot by petition). The Pacific Green Party urges a NO vote. Enshrining discrimination in our state constitution is absurd. For more information, visit www.noon36.com.

Measure 37 - Property Compensation: Requires governments to pay owners, or forgo enforcement, when land use restrictions reduce property value (placed on ballot by petition). The Pacific Green Party urges a NO vote. This initiative is also retroactive. If passed, it will require the government to set-up additional bureaucracy to deal with this. It has no mention of funding, therefore the government will have to raise taxes or further slash social services. This is yet another attempt to undermine Oregon's land-use laws. Passage of this measure would be harmful to taxpayers and the environment. For more information, visit www.takeacloserlookoregon.org.

Measure 38 - Abolish SAIF: Abolishes SAIF, Oregon's state-owned workers' compensation insurer. The state would have to reinsure and satisfy SAIF's obligations; the measure would dedicate proceeds and potential surplus to public purposes (placed on ballot by petition). The Pacific Green Party urges a NO vote. This is a privatization scheme by Liberty Northwest, SAIF's competitor. They have spent $2 million to place this on the ballot and millions more advocating its passage. Liberty is waging this campaign all over the U.S. to rid itself of state work compensation programs. While we recognize that SAIF has its problems, the state has the legislative ability to fix those problems. In addition, privatization would undoubtedly result in higher rates to businesses for worker's compensation. We oppose efforts to privatize SAIF. For more information, visit www.saif-keeping.com.

phone: phone: 503-235-0300

Hoping It's Not Too Late 15.Oct.2004 12:57

Eye Pea Freely

Disease, climate change and habitat loss are threatening one-third of the world's fragile species of frogs, toads, newts and salamanders, according to the first global assessment of amphibians.

The results of the survey, published today in the journal Science, show that 1,856 of the known 5,743 species are "globally threatened'' in their forest, stream or underground homes.

The delicate creatures, which have thin, porous skins and need fresh water to stay moist, are faring much worse around the world than either birds or mammals, the scientists say. Around a tenth of bird species and a quarter of mammal species are threatened.

As many as 168 amphibian species, some of which evolved over millions of years, may already be extinct. Up to 122 seem to have disappeared since 1980, the assessment said.


Thank you Green Zine Crew!! 15.Oct.2004 14:54

Brian Setzler

I appreciate this handy, well done voting guide for Greens and the Green-minded. I agree with your choices.