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Bashing Bush is counter productive

Bashing Bush plays into the hands of those who see us as a giant chessboard. You are using your precious energy to empower him.
I've heard it all. Bush is a moron. Bush is a relgious freak. Bush is responsible for 9-11. True as these statements are, by repeating them endlessly, we are simply playing into the hands of those who are moving us around Brzezinski's Grand Chessboard. Has it occured to you that the powers that be win whether Bush or Kerry "win" the election? And by focusing so much animosity towards Bush, you simply give him more time on the bandstand. You empower him. It's time to switch our focus to what we want, not what we don't want. Those who have seen the movie "What the Bleep Do We Know?" understand this point. The rest of you who grasp this are evolving into higher consciousness on your own. If there is no candidate that we can agree to support for president, there are other races and issues to support. Locally, there are at least two excellent choices: Richard Morley, a Libertarian for Secretary of State, has stated that he will make the SOS office non partisan. That's an excellent, long overdue plan. Teresa Keane, a Green candidate for US Senate, supports health care for all and the end of cutting our old growth forests.

At this point in time neither Bush nor Kerry CAN bring peace and justice to our country. They are forbidden by the money men, the military men and the con men who control them. JFK was the last president to challenge these forces. Need I say more?

Let's call a truce. Let's stop dividing ourselves over the presidential race. Let's give positive energy and thoughts to the local issues and candidates that can possibly make a difference. Let's unite to liberate ourselves and mother earth from the grip of greed and power run amok.
[Applause] 15.Oct.2004 12:11

alsis38 alsis35@yahoo.com

I'm giving serious thought to voting for Morley, though I don't much care for Libertarians. Too bad Marbet isn't running again.

Keane is cool. Definitely voting for her. :)