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Jesse Jackson feels we deserve and explanation for the bulge- what is wrong with Kerry?

Does anyone think that if the situation were reversed that the Bush camp would let it go?
"TEMPE, Ariz. - The Rev. Jesse Jackson breathed new life into the Internet-bred rumor that President Bush [related, bio] had secret audio assistance in the first debate - saying a bulge in Bush's suit jacket ``looks like something.''

``We ought to know what it was,'' the former presidential candidate said. ``We need to know what the object was. It could be nothing. But it looks like something.''

I agree with Jesse Jackson. What is going on in the Kerry campaign that they cannot call Bush on his cheating in the debates? Our president cheated his way into the presidency and he is STILL cheating, and Kerry is going to just let it go? We all know that Bush has been incredibly rude and disrespectful to Kerry over what happened over thirty years ago....but Kerry doesn't want to be disrespectful? I don't get it. We have all heard that the Bushies are about to unleash a new special film attacking Kerry and his actions during the war. Kerry would be simply pointing out the truth, about what is going on RIGHT NOW! Our president is a puppet. The emperor has no clothes! What is Kerry waiting for? Doesn't he feel the need to remove Bush from office the way the rest of us do?

Most Americans feel that this is a very important election. THIS IS SERIOUS SENATOR KERRY!! You wanted the nomination, now you are supposed to stand up to this evil cabal. What are you doing? It seems you are lending credibility to Bush instead of standing up for the democratic party and our country.

If John Kerry cannot stand up and fight for us, we the democratic party should demand that his nomination be revoked immediately.

Since Dennis Kucinich is second in line for the nomination, let him take over. He would not be afraid to call Bush on his lies, because he has been doing so every step of the way. Would Dennis stand silent if he knew that Bush was cheating in the debates?

Who does Kerry serve? The American people or skull and bones? It is time to find out.
Who does Kerry serve? 15.Oct.2004 10:08


The power structure, pure and simple. Don't forget that. If you're hoping he'll "turn progressive" once he's in office, you're hoping in vain and haven't been paying attention to a sordid national tale that began, don't forget, with one of history's greatest genocides.

Kerry knows... 15.Oct.2004 10:14

Tony Blair's dog

"but Kerry doesn't want to be disrespectful? I don't get it."

that it is all just a "show".

He has been selected to be president for the next 4 years
and he plays his part in the charade.

The only thing they are scared off is that too many people
from both camps may vote for Nader. That would endanger
the war-machine and that is why Nader is not even allowed
to appear in the broadcasted "debates(sic)", simply
because he would make mincemeat of both Kerry and Bush.

And then it would be over for the fake/corrupt two party system.

this is stupid 15.Oct.2004 10:20

forget about the damn back bulge

a. He serves Skull and Bones. That is clear to anyone who pays attention.

b. Kucinich is "second in line" ? Oh really, you are privy to some interesting things I see. I think not.

c. Of all the things to get in a huff about, of all the topics we could be making noise about, this "bulge" item ranks far down the list, it is not serious with capital letters...Now, actively and openly stopping a candidate from running for President IS serious business, that is where your misplaced outrage should be directed towards.

Why Should Kerry Do A Thing For You, Liberal-Left ? 15.Oct.2004 10:27

alsis38 alsis35@yahoo.com

You already signed your votes away to him without demanding one damn concession in return. You have "WELCOME" stamped on your collective forehead, and he keeps wiping his feet on you. Surprise.

You know, it's pretty common knowledge that if you reward someone for his bad behavior, the bad behavior will continue.

I have no idea what either Jackson or Kucinich are still doing in the Democratic Party. How could they possibly feel at home under the heel of a corrupt piece of shit like McAuliffe ?

second ? 15.Oct.2004 10:29

the democrats are not your friends nor your allies

Kucinich is "second in line"...Huh ? What the hell are you talking about ? And would he "stand silent" ? Ummm....yes he would as he already has and had by letting important issues go nowhere with the nomination of Kerry.

I don't know, I want an explanation too. 15.Oct.2004 10:44

Battle of the Bulge

Yeh, Kerry sucks and all that. I agree, and will not be voting for him. But dammit, I want an explanation for that bulge too. Fucking cheating! STILL! Man, I think that guy should have to pay.

Suspenders 15.Oct.2004 10:58


The bulge is most likely just his suspenders. The bulge is where the suspenders forms a Y joint.

Where's Nader? 15.Oct.2004 11:24


I think Nader should expose Bush if Kerry won't do it.

Kucinich would be second in line due to the fact he is the only other candidate that recieved votes for the nomination at the convention. And a damn better president he would be!

Everyone KNOWS who Kerry serves, the point is to call him out on it. This is bullshit. He is supposed to be fighting. He is supposed to understand how corrupt this administration is. At the last debate, instead of calling him out on cheating, he acted like they were the best of friends. It could also be seen after the debate was over that Bush asked if he and Kerry could meet later. UGH! We have got to expose this mess done or we are done for.

Here's why Kerry won't say shit about it: 15.Oct.2004 11:26


The bulge on Bush's back is NOT a transmitting device of any sort. With the technology available to the average consumer today, one could construct a short-range sound-transmitting device that would be so small as to not produce any bulge on one's back whatsoever. I'm talking about the average consumer here. If you had enough money, you could go to Radio Shack and buy the stuff needed to do this. It is completely ridiculous to think that the Bush campaign, as rich as it is, would use oversized, antiquated equipment to help Bush cheat. I totally believe that Bush NEVER does a public speaking engagement without a wire, but the bulge on his back is not that wire. It is body armor. Kerry is not going to raise a completely unprovable point like that, because the Bush campaign would immediately jump all over it and he would end up looking like a total moron. In fact, I wonder if the whole "back bulge wire" speculation was invented by the neocons just because they knew liberals would jump on it, so that they could reveal that it was indeed body armor and thus make the left look stupid. Again, just so there's no misunderstanding here: A real wire could be concealed in his pocket, his wallet, his freakin CUFFLINK, especially with the amount of money the Bush campaign has at their disposal. Anyone looking to prove Bush was wearing a wire would do better to do a campaign finance audit and look for any payments to any place that makes specialized transmitting devices. However, this would probably turn out to be fruitless, as the Bushies would probably use cash and the person building the device probably wouldn't even have any idea who they were building it for.

provable point 15.Oct.2004 11:39


the provable point is that there is something on his back- what is it?

The white house first said it was a lie, then a wrinkle, now they have actually said Bush is an alien.

They are whacked out and freaking out because they have no excuse and know they have been caught.

There is way more proof however

A technichal expert that makes such devices looked at the photographs of Bush's bulge and said, "There's no question about it."

A neurolinguistic programming expert writes that Bush's eye movements are proof that he's listening. Haven't you noticed the odd pauses and the frequent looks down.... it most definitely appears that he is listening intently, then when he gets the message he looks up and speaks to the camera.

A former interpreter for Bush: "As a deep insider myself, I have independent confirmation of President Bush using an earpiece to assist him in communicating intelligently with others."

good points 15.Oct.2004 11:43


I'm not familiar with the various technologies, but Clamydia's points seem well stated. Maybe it's a purposeful diversion/set-up.

look again 15.Oct.2004 11:53


Look at those pictures again. Look at the part that's supposed to be a box of some sort. I've seen cellphones that are smaller than that. And the part that's supposed to be a wire is AT LEAST the thickness of a goddamned coaxial cable. Certainly it is larger in diameter than a standard speaker wire. Can you seriously think that that is a wire?!

Aparently The Hot Speculation of the Moment... 15.Oct.2004 12:19

alsis38 alsis35@yahoo.com

...at least in Liberal blog-land, is that Bush is suffering from Parkinson's Disease, and is wearing a back-brace to conceal the stooping that is one of the disease's symptoms.


bush fraud=terror fraud=911 treason! 15.Oct.2004 12:44

maxwell smart

if this story breaks wide open and bush is exposed as the fraud he is, then the American oligarchy takes a grave blow. Because it then follows that if Bush is not capable of governing the country, someone else is--extra-constitutionally (illegally). And if W is a flaming fraud, it also follows that his terror war is fraudulent. And that means government complicity/authorship of 911. This story's ramifications make the very foundations of the oligarchy tremble. That is why Kerry wont touch it with a 10 foot poll.

kerry = bush = gore = the people lose 15.Oct.2004 13:29

empire slayer

the reason that kerry does not strike to the heart of the real issues [and the bulge thing is interesting, but not one of my top "real" issues], is the same reason that gore did not act to challenge the stolen election of 2000. they all SUPPORT the CORE SYSTEM. none of them want to bring into question the fundamental assumptions that americans have been brainwashed into believing. don't believe for a second that any of them have your best interests in mind. they exist for one reason, to perpetuate the system that got them and their cohorts into power. period.

Kerry... 15.Oct.2004 13:37


..is being damn smart and cautious in not accusing Bush of wearing a wire. If he did so, he would be the brunt of even more trash than the Swift Boaters have concocted. Clamydia is probably corerect in that it may be some sort of flak jacket protection. All you need to do is sccuse Bush of ANYthing that they can wiggle out of and you're toast. Why should Kerry do such a stupidly risky thing? If it mattered, I can understand, but if it was a wire it didn't do shit for Bush. You can vote for whomever you wish. I signed to have Nader on the ballot and voted for him in the last election, but I am not doing so now. He has lost all credibility with me. 4 more years of Bush will result in 4 more years to scare Americans to me even more, so they move farther right than ever. It will do little to change politics or help a third party candidate.

I take that back 15.Oct.2004 14:09


...I don't TOTALLY believe that he uses a wire, or that he even used a wire at the debates. Because, if he did use a wire at the debates, then why did he still suck so bad? You'd think he would have responded better had he been cheating.

'What's Wrong With Kerry?' Requires a VERY Lengthy Response 15.Oct.2004 14:36

Kush/Berry in 2004!!!

'What's RIGHT with Kerry?' could be answered in no time.
The Choice is Yours
The Choice is Yours

Kerry is hoping to be the next wearer of the bulge. 15.Oct.2004 14:56


Just after they sware him in, he'll be led off to a special room. Bush will be there. They will then remove the bluge from Bush's back and install it on Kerry's back. Somewhere in Israel, Sharon will pull out his remote control and get to work.

Nope I think you need to pursue this.. 15.Oct.2004 15:44


I think you're wrong about this...think about it...Would Bush personally go after Kerry for a bulge..nope...he'd get a group of swiftboat vets or security moms, or sheet covered vigilantes to raise a fuss....well guess what...

We're kerry's swiftboat vets...he obviously doesn't have a Rove, and Cheney, and others who partake in that sort of thing or they would be..as you suggest they should...so it's up to us I guess to stop whining what about the campaigns should do and do it the fuck ourselves by traditional means such as phone calls or letter writing, or interviews with local media, etc...

So in the time you can post your complaint to Indymedia, you could have sent an email to your favorite (kidding on that one) newspaper with your opinion where a lot more folks (no offense indy, i heart you) will see your ideas and perhaps adopt or even better, act on them as you did.

Our lack of "real" participation (i.e. noisemaking, boycotts, and strikes as opposed to singing to the choir) is exactly why we are stuck with these A-holes.

As a collective group, we still have all the power, we just always want someone else to do the unpleasant, uncomfortable stuff for us...yeah, well tell that to the minutemen, or the suffragettes, or the anti-war protesters of the 60's and 70's...(oh, yeah, Kerry as an anti-war protester...bigtime) We could change everything tommorrow if as a collective we could agree to put a stick in their spokes (i.e. stop spending, stop producing, stop showing up)

Bobby 15.Oct.2004 16:35

Other questions Kerry has refrained from asking

Questions you haven't heard from Kerry in the debates:

--How did World Trade Building Seven manage to fall in less than seven seconds?

--Why were there no military jet responses to the hijackings of 9-11?

--Why did Bush go into the classroom at 9:00 on 9/11 after talking to Conde Rice on the phone when only a month earlier they had been warned of a 'terrorist attack' and that airplanes might be used in such an attack?

Kerry won't ask these questions. You think he's going to worry about a bulge in Bush's back?

The election has already been determined. In the absence of a spectacular 'terrorist' attack Kerry will be the next 'President'. There will be much rejoicing, with the mainstream 'left' media leading the way. The American public will be fooled into thinking that change is possible once again. The American public will gradually be let down on this count. The draft will be to Kerry what NAFTA was for Clinton, and the wheel keeps turning.

And in the meantime no public debate will take place about what the world should do about peak oil, global warming, or how to sanely decrease the world's population to a sustainable number.

baaaa. baaaaa.

Who Controls The Media? 15.Oct.2004 18:55


The Far Right, that's who. Anybody left just plays the middle to keep their job. If Kerry were to call on Bush for wearing a wire or being involved in a 9-11 Conspiracy, then FOX News, Clear Channel, Disney/ABC, GE/CBS, and the rest of the mainstream media would crucify him. We on the Progressive Left are too much of a minority at this point in time. Karl Rove would just love for Kerry to make that kind of mistake. Actually, I wouldn't put it past Rove to have planted the mysterious bulge just to stir up the controversy. I know for a fact that the CIA and FBI have much more stealthy, low frequency transmitters for these kinds of purposes. Why would the son of a former DCI go on stage with Radio Shack technology?

Do I think Bush was wired. Yes. Do I think he had a AA-cell battery pack underneath his $3,000 suit on national TV? Hell no.

I love POrtland 15.Oct.2004 19:55


Dear comment makers,

I wish people in Eugene would think as much as you all do. For once I feel like I have good company. In the one 'political' bookstore in town today, I was told by the employee that I shouldn't say anything about Berry's (oops, I mean Kerry's) voting record until November 3rd!! Neither party wants free speech, human rights, living wage, universal healthcare they do not make one damn difference in my life.

Why all the "analysis" of Kerry/Edwards?? 16.Oct.2004 00:06

there is only ONE

rational or explainable reason to 'vote' for that ticket:

it is the only 'vote' which - in the 'winner-take-all' setup of current US popular and electoral votes and 'two-party' system - can kick Bush administration out of the White House.

(assuming, of course, that any of the votes are accurately counted - were they in 2000? - and that this year's contest itself will actually be decided by electoral or popular vote--and not by SCOTUS decision as it was in 2000. and also assuming, of course, that one's 'hatred' for or dislike of Bush administration and their deeds can possibly be rectified, altered, or reparated by a Kerry/Edwards 'victory')

any other discussions of Kerry/Edwards platform, relativity/relevance to/difference from Bush/Cheney/Republican platform, what each ticket has done/might speculatively do in office, etc. are a total waste of time.