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Something Stinks at the Rose Garden

Are the Blazers involved in a cover-up?
If the Blazer organization knew about the abuse and neglect of Qyntel Woods' dogs last January, why wasn't something done? His dogs were in imminent danger. Did the Blazers keep things hushed up for a reason? If so, they were involved in covering up a crime. At least, he should have had his dogs confiscated back then and disciplined. Why are we hearing about this for the first time. I can't believe that none of his teammates knew about his "hobby" and if they knew they were his partners in crime. Some thing fishy here.
tolerating animal neglect 18.Oct.2004 09:31


I doubt this was as much a "cover up" as it was "business as usual" for the Blazer organization. We've seen more than once how a highly paid sports figure is given more latitude than the average citizen when he is accused of a crime.
I'm more concerned with why the neighbors stood by and watched the dogs suffer through last winter's ice storm without calling the humane society. Why are people so willing to tolerate animal neglect? Why is it so difficult to get laws passed to protect dogs from being chained up and ignored their entire lives? Why isn't this epidemic of dog fighting being exposed on the front pages of newspapers?

stricter animal laws 19.Oct.2004 16:10

Susan Stelljes

I agree with the person who responded to my email about the Qyntel Woods situation. Stricter laws need to be made and the courts need to enforce those laws.

My understanding is that the neighbors reported the problem to the Blazers organization but beyond that I don't know what they did. I am actually trying to find out from Clackamas County Animal control if they ever got any reports of animal neglect and abuse. I heard from the Oregon Humane Society that they were not informed of Woods neglect until the recent incident.