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World Vegan Day

I need ideas for World Vegan Day!
I know there is mostly political posting here - but I have a question.

I am a former Portland native that will be visiting over Halloween weekend, and I wanted to know if anyone in Portland is having a World Vegan Day celebration get together/dinner/ etc...

I won't be able to hang with my group here in KC, and I want to celebrate somehow, even if it's just my friends and I at dinner (any good restaurant recommendations??)


question 15.Oct.2004 15:11


Call me out-of-it, but when is world Vegan Day?


Opps...... 18.Oct.2004 10:13

EE lilgrrl82@hotmail.com

Opps...should have told you that little detail.....It's November 1st (on a Monday)

From the lack of responses I'm guessing there's nothing going on in Portland - which is VERY suprising to me!