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Police photos/sketches needed

We need photographs of the following police officers in Portland for the Deck of Infamy's newest version. If you have any shots of these folks, even if they are bad pictures, please post them here before this post drops off the main page. PLEASE BE CAREFUL TAKING PHOTOS OF THESE OFFICERS, some of them are dangerous.
These are all Portland police officers, often seen at protests or in court. We have no images of them whatsoever, so even a gritty cell phone camera shot, or for that matter draw us a picture if you have seen them before.

Ofcr. Scherise Bergstrom 30864
Sgt. Gabe Kalmanek 8214
Sgt. Tim Muskgrave 20110
Ofcr. Merideth Hopper 36239
Det. Eric Carter 21774
Ofcr. RObert Miller 38512
Ofcr. DIane Reister 31663
Ofcr. Ken Duilio 34491
Ofcr. Ken Reynolds 37287
Ofcr. Kent Scott 26435
Ofcr. Tom Brennan 33125
Sgt. Rocky Balada 9787

Also, the upcoming weeks will likely see some violence in Portland. If you witness a violent police officer, nominte him for the deck as one of the most violent officers has resigned, creating an empty space in the deck.
numbers 15.Oct.2004 09:22


Those numbers after their names are their dpsst numbers (badge numbers, basically). If you ask them their number, they will spout this off and that verifies their identity, since there are some cops with the same last names. I have never heard a PPB officer fail to give this number when asked, but that does not make it safe to ask them in all cases, so be careful if you do. When in doubt, don't bother with the numbers, just send the photo and we can verify the identity other ways.

i 15.Oct.2004 11:58


police murder is here.no different than nazis.

I really hate Nazi analogies 15.Oct.2004 12:56


Millions of corpses vs. tens of corpses
Polish Ghettos vs. Old Town doorways
Gas showers vs. cold showers in the jail
Pulling gold fillings from corpses vs. trying to wash off jail support phone numbers
Hitler's speaches vs. Det. King's rants in the "rap sheet"
Mustard gas vs. pepper spray
beating and arresting protesters vs. machine gunning them

Read "Maus" and get a better analogy.

2 of these asshole 15.Oct.2004 14:08


are in Jason Sery's "bible studies" class! Check out the Beaverton church for pics!

Sacrafice 15.Oct.2004 14:29

another GPFX

Man, I just spent half an hour reading through the Southwest Bible Church's website, and the school site attached to that. ::: shudder ::::

I didn't find anything, but oh my God am I terrified! These people are just CREEPY! I feel dirty just from viewing their web pages.

A Matter of Degree 15.Oct.2004 22:17

P. Greene

A Matter of Degree

Dear "Reader" -

If I "hear" you correctly, you feel that it is wrong to compare our police force (or our society)to Nazis, because the numbers (the degree of repression, the degree of cruelty) is asymmetrical:
Whereas Nazi Germany had wholesale ghettos, concentration camps, gas chambers, cattle cars, unjust laws, Krystalnacht, we have only barred doorways and underpasses, our cops have only killed tens, use pepper spray or truncheons instead of machine guns against masses of people.

Nazi Germany did not go from ordinary life to full-bore repression overnight. It was a one-step-at-a-time process. Concentration camps, for instance, began as ordinary prisons where people were (ostensibly) to be rehabilitated through useful work. (Have you checked lately on the "useful work" done by prisoners in the USA: call centers, Prison Blues‘ jeans and Dell computers, anyone?)

Organized labor and movements calling for true social justice were the first targets of Hitler's loyal goon squads; their rallies were violently attacked by the police. Once the majority of these non-conformers and people of conscience were effectively silenced and made invisible, then the "weak" (the mentally ill, retarded and physically deformed) were eliminated. And then the "good" people could look elsewhere while the Jews, gypsies and other "undesirables" were scapegoated into near oblivion.

It can happen here and it is happening here. Public dissent - at least of the "wrong" sort - must be squashed, as violently as possible in order to deter others who may be of like minds. "Patriot" acts are in, the Bill of Rights erased. "Illegal immigrants" and "Arabs" are a sure and ready pool of scapegoats.

Our police force has been militarized to as great (or greater) extent as any I have ever seen in my years of traveling in America's client states (the Third World), and they are not bashful about using their new goodies, either. Disregarding prisoners' uprisings (e.g., Angola), police haven't actually used guns on crowds since Jackson and Kent States (ten and seven dead, respectively) - gassing and tasering are less lethal and they efficiently silence all but the most determined voices of conscience, while engendering barely a whisper from corporate "journalism."

And in Portland we are now to have the Citizen Corps "to increase public safety and security through community participation in volunteer efforts to address natural disasters, crime and terrorism." I don't know about you, but I'd rather have one whole Bill of Rights than any Good Citizen Corps "protecting" me. (For that matter, I'd feel a whole lot more secure if the cops didn't reflect the worst of our society in terms of racism, violence and plain ignorance.)

Think for a moment about degrees, specifically an angle of just one degree: One degree of angle is very little to a yardstick, and a bit more noticeable in a flagpole. But one degree of angle is undeniably visible if it is occurring in a mile-high edifice. It would be difficult to believe they are the same little one degree if placed side by side, but they are. Just so is one degree of repression, whether writ large (Nazi Germany) or small (Kendra James or Jacksonville, Oregon).

Hannah Arendt observed that "Evil is Banal." Banal, yes. Tolerable, never.