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forest defense | save the biscuit

action at biscuit timber sales?

direct action needed at biscuit!
It's appauling that hardly anyone is doing anything "on the ground" to stop the logging at biscuit. where the heck are all you forest defenders? or are you forest pretenders? it's bad enough that the mainstream groups have compromised and horse and indi are now sacrifice zones. but where are the rest of you? ever hear of direct action? get off your comfortable chair, stop meditating for a little while, and get out there!!!
NO CONTACT 15.Oct.2004 11:40


i have tried to reach the KS people about what is happening on the ground via e-mail & phone ; no response

curry county has sent a message that they are going to make up their own rules for this game , and it has given people some pause for thought. but there are still creative options that could be discussed.

at the very least on scene monitoring could take place to try and document violations of rules ; esp. where the Port Orfords are concerned.

is there anyone out there..............?

ks wild 15.Oct.2004 13:59


KS Wild doesn't do direct action which might be why you didn't hear back from them.

Contact Wild Siskiyou Action 541-482-2640 -- it's a voice mail.

It's sad people aren't doing stuff, but calling people "forest pretenders" isn't very helpful and is insulting. As someone who HAS been involved in actions down there I find it really negative. I hope that you have too - if not you might not be aware of the challenges folks face organizing in remote, rural areas. Regardless the demeaning tone isn't going to help.....

forest defense 26.Oct.2004 09:51


Its hard to get down there when its a 6-7 hr drive from where I live...even for the weekend is difficult. I realize the population down there is small, but it would sure be easier for folks who live
down there to do something. if everyone would look after their own backyard...