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Wendy Campbell: Time for Affirmative Action in Media as Well as FULL DISCLOSURE

The American public should be better informed by and better represented in the media. Time for affirmative action laws in the media as well as FULL DISCLOSURE for all journalists and news commentators re: their ethnicity, religion, voting records, and citizenship.
MarWen Media: Where we're coming from...FULL DISCLOSURE!

Isn't it time that journalists and political pundits
disclosed where they're coming from?

By Wendy Campbell

Oct. 11, 2005

MarWen Media, founded by media "moguls" Wendy Campbell, a self-avowed progressive "leftie" and joined by Mark Green, a self-avowed conservative "right-winger" who voted for Pat Buchanon in the last election, represents the emerging and growing trend of a new alliance between the left and the right for a common cause: a deep concern for the welfare of the people of our country, the United States of America, and preservation of the hard-won democratic values upon which our country was founded.

WE BELIEVE that old labels of what makes someone Left and Right , or Progressive or Conservative are all almost meaningless when it comes to the issue of US foreign policy on the Middle East, and most specifically, the "special relationship" between our country and Israel.

WE BELEIVE that this issue is the number one issue of today. Another way of putting it, is to say that "Palestine is STILL the issue".

The US media presents itself as "fair and balanced" however it is clearly anything but that. Where is any criticism of Israel? Where are the stories that show the decades of Palestinian suffering under the US-sponsored Israeli occupation and the ethnic-cleansing of non-Jews in the Holy Land? Why are the messages to the American people from people like Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein suppressed by the US media? Why do the US media suppress most if not all stories that reveal the negative impact that our government's unconditional support of apartheid Israel has on the American people?

There are many examples of how this toxic relationship with Israel affects American people, including the war on Iraq, rising levels of anti-American sentiments around the world, a rise in terrorist acts (some of which may in fact be Israeli "false flag" operations designed to increase anti-Muslim sentiment), politically motivated "crises" with regards to oil / gas shortages as in 1973, loss of the freedom of speech (as Zionists try to pass laws in the US curtailing any criticism of Israel, Zionism or any questioning of the Zionist version and manipulation of the Holocaust), the loss of billions of dollars a year which our government funnels to Israel to use in its unjust war against the indigenous non-Jewish Palestinians, when we could use the money here for state-sponsored healthcare and improving our public school system, and much more, including the amendment of citizenship laws, especially the current laws regarding dual citizenship between Israel and the US, which allows Jewish Americans to serve in the Israeli government and military without revoking their American citizenship.

Bully, big -shot, "tough guys" like Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity are in fact complete cowards. Have you EVER heard them criticize Israel? No, of course not! They are well aware that they would lose their high-paying visible jobs in an instant if they did that. They know who pays them. And therefore they toe the Zionist line day in and day out, berating and brow-beating anyone on their shows who do not. They are like the Howard Sterns of the newsroom without the sex component! However, in our opinion, they are just as vulgar. Yet somehow, they are allowed to rant and rave continuously, while others are marginalized. Somehow pompous bullies like O'Reilly and Hannity are considered "popular". Well, it's largely thanks to this kind of "news" that we don't subscribe to mainstream media and rarely turn on the TV anymore. The internet is where it's at, and let's be vigilant about preventing the "thought police" from taking away this truly democratic tool, as they are most definitely attempting to do even as this article is being written.

WE BELIEVE that all those who are reporters, journalists, writers, and purveyors of information via any public media should fully disclose their political, religious, and ethnic backgrounds and affiliations.

Yet they generally do not, and deceptively try to affect an "objective" and "balanced" tone, especially with regards to the topic of Israel, while hiding their true agenda.

WE BELIEVE that there should be "affirmative action" in the media world, specifically with regards to having more reporters and owners of media outlets who are more representative of the widely diverse backgrounds of the majority of Americans. As it is, the representation of those who are Jewish Americans / Israeli-Americans reporting in US media, especially with regards to US foreign policy, is hugely disproportionate to their percentage of the US population. We don't believe that is an accident, and we also believe that perhaps it is time to pass laws that require US media be more representational of its diverse population, as well as more transparent with regards to full disclosure of background and affiliations as notated above.

That being said, we will explain precisely what we want to see with regards to the background of any reporter / commentary / political pundit / media outlet.

For example, let's take the case of Thomas Friedman who is ubiquitously syndicated everywhere throughout US media, and generally believed to be "fair and balanced" and an "authority" especially with regards to US foreign policy and Israel.

Here it is what we believe the American public should read below every by-line, using Friedman as an example:


NATIONALITY: American, and/or American-Israeli (PLEASE NOTE that any Jewish American who has a Jewish mother can qualify as an Israeli-American if he or she so chooses. The Zionists in our government have changed the citizenship laws to allow for Jewish Americans, with a Jewish mother, to be able to serve in the Israeli government and military without revoking American citizenship which is the case in every other dual citizenship agreement authorized by US law.)

BORN AND RAISED: Born 1953 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

EDUCATION: Brandeis University, Massachusetts; St. Anthony's College, Oxford University, England.

RELIGIOUS AFFILIATION: Jewish (however, secular... just guessing on this. We doubt if he is what is termed as a "religious Jew".)


VOTING HISTORY: Democratic (just a "wild" guess on our part); "liberal" supporter of the NeoConservative war on Iraq, although has expressed dismay with various aspects of Bush's implementation of "Operation Iraqi Freedom". Most likely will vote for Kerry.

POSITION ON THE ISRAELI / PALESTINIAN CONFLICT: Supports the Jewish state of Israel; thinks that Israel should allow the Palestinians to have some kind of a state eventually, depending... (on endless "peace" process and delay tactics)

LINKS TO OTHER ARTICLES WRITTEN ON THIS SUBJECT BY THOMAS FRIEDMAN: Currently, Mr. Friedman is a columnist for the New York Times, and is widely syndicated. For more on his views do a Google-search using the keywords "Thomas Friedman Israel Palestinians" or click on these links:  http://electronicintifada.net/v2/article2401.shtml

And so now, I will fully disclose my background:



BORN & RAISED: Born 1951 in Tallahassee, Florida; Raised in Massachusetts.

EDUCATION: BFA (Printmaking) and MS (Art Education), Massachusetts College of Art, Boston.

RELIGIOUS AFFILIATION: Brought up Roman Catholic, baptized and confirmed. Currently attends Catholic mass or Episcopalian services only sporadically. Firm believer in the teachings of Jesus Christ, especially The Golden Rule, which is actually a major tenet of most religions. Practices "Transcendental Meditation" daily.

ETHNIC AFFILIATION (S) / BACKGROUND / HERITAGE: Mother is 4th generation Swedish on both sides; Episcopalian. Father is American of Irish background (his mother) and his father was American of English background. He was originally a practicing Roman Catholic, but is now agnostic.

VOTING HISTORY: Always voted Democratic in the past, but for the first time will vote for Ralph Nader in the upcoming 2004 presidential election. Believes the US needs more party choices, especially those who are anti-war and not afraid to criticize Israel. Considers herself to be a true progressive liberal without exception for Israel and Zionists.

POSITION ON THE ISRAELI / PALESTINIAN CONFLICT: Believes that the best thing our US government can do with regards to the majority of Americans' best interests is to cut all ties with Israel effective immediately, and impose sanctions and boycotts on Israel until Israel transforms from a racist, apartheid, theocracy into a true secular democracy with equal rights for all regardless of religion, race or gender. Advocates the secular one-democratic-state solution of Palestine-Israel and supports the right to return for all Palestinian refugees to their ancestral homeland of Palestine-Israel as equals before the law. Believes the US government should allow for political asylum in the US for all Jewish citizens of Israel who feel they need that in the event of the transformation of Israel into a democratic Palestine-Israel. Believes that all American laws that make exceptions for Israel and Zionists should be rendered null and void, including the special dual citizenship between the US and Israel (specifically, I believe that American citizenship must be automatically revoked if anyone serves in a foreign government or military or votes in a foreign election. Israel is a foreign country.)

LINKS TO OTHER ARTICLES WRITTEN ON THIS SUBJECT BY WENDY CAMPBELL: Do a Google-search on "Wendy Campbell Israel Palestine" or click on this link: www.marwenmedia.com < http://www.marwenmedia.com/> ("Select articles")

More than likely, this desirable "affirmative action" law requiring "full disclosure" for reporters and commentators will not happen, anytime soon.

In the meantime, we urge you to do the following:

1. Avoid mainstream news, and instead get your news from the internet from such websites as www.antiwar.com < http://www.antiwar.com/> and many others (see www.exposingisraeliapartheid.com for more links.)

2. Do you own research on subjects that interest you, especially with regards to the crucial topic of US foreign policy. Hint: Just Google-search any topic with some key words and see what you come up with. Look at all the various viewpoints and see which ones pass the reality test and resonate with truth.

3. Do your own research on the authors / political pundits with a Google-search and see what else they have written. See if they are consistent. Find out what their backgrounds, affiliations and predilections are.

As always, CONSIDER THE SOURCE. Never make assumptions or take anything at face value only, because nine times out of ten, there is often a hidden agenda in the US mainstream media. It is YOUR job to separate the spin from fact.

Maintaining and protecting our democracy requires vigilant work and effort. It's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it. That somebody could be you!

MarWen Media... ahead of the curve

We have a FREE press 14.Oct.2004 14:41

Mike stepbystpefarm <a> mtdata.com

That's what it means, Wendy. Means that the press is NOT accountable to present any offical version of the truth. Means that the press CAN be political, expressing the "truth" of this or that faction or interest group.

Identification? You mean MORE than what would be sufficient to identify the publisher for legal puposes say in case a libel action was warranted?

No, the publisher of a free press is NOT required to tell you what interests he or she is supporting by their publishing. You read what they publish and draw your own conclusions about what is true (in YOUR eyes). The motive for presenting this or that version of the truth may indeed be "interested" but that does not change whether or not what is written is true (just answers WHY it was written).

Wendy, go peddle your fascism somewhere else.

PS -- Of course the "free" in free press doesn't mean free like in "free beer". Obviously it takes resources to publish, giving an advantage to those who have disposable resources they are willing to expend in this manner to push their agenda.

PPS -- Before discounting what I just said, how about you consider what we are doing here on IMC. Do you agree with Wendy that we should have to disclose all this information about ourselves before being allowed to post? We should ban all anonymous posters? Have some sort of verifiable login so it can be checked what religion we are, our citizenship status, our political affiliations, demographic info like age, sex, race, etc. etc.? Do you NOW understand why I said "fascist"?

return of the yellow star 15.Oct.2004 17:06

gehrig zemblan@earthlink.net

Windy Wendy -- whose antisemitism has long been clear to anyone paying attention on Indybay -- now wants to create a master list of Jews in the media. Her buddies at the National Alliance have already done so, haven't they?