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Bush in Oregon??

Has anyone heard any news about Bush coming to Oregon today???
It was VERY early, so I can't be sure as my mind was still waking up, but I could swear I heard on NPR that Bush was coming to Oregon after leaving Nevada today. Is this accurate, or was I having a nightmare?
its true 14.Oct.2004 07:04

see medford protest

think the nut will be around central point. He may by pass pdx. OK with me too. Out source BUSH.

shrub comes to southern oregon 14.Oct.2004 09:02

no to empire!

Resident Bush will visit southern oregon as reported on rogue indymedia  http://www.rogueimc.org/en/2004/10/3314.shtml

Hit the road, come on down, you have time to make it, but better be on the road by 10 am for the EXPO Fairgrounds protest, and 1 pm to protest this idot in Jacksonville...

chickenhawk 14.Oct.2004 10:15


He was scheduled to appear in Hillsboro too, but apparently it was too close to little Beirut for him so he chickened out. Good -- I don't want to breathe the same oxygen.