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Hey INDY!!!! Why Is The Calender Down?????

I notice there is nothing up on the front page that is the schedule of what is happening every day.
Also, When you click on the Calender Section, it says there is an error?
What Is Going On???? No Calender????? The World Will Fall Apart Without The Indy Calender!!!!
protest.net has been down for a few days now 14.Oct.2004 00:45


To get status updates on the recovery from their hard drive crash and now server reolocation you can go here:


They host our calendar, once they're back up the portland calendar will be too.

Vermont! 14.Oct.2004 08:15

Den Mark, Vancouver

It's cool to know that "protest dot net" is in Vermont. I like Vermont. I wish Vermont & Idaho would switch places.

it's back up now 14.Oct.2004 09:11