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Photos of Edwards Rally in Downtown Portland

great visit from john edwards @ pioneer square
Here are a few photos of this evenings visit from John Edwards @ Pioneer Square.I have tried to attend Bush speeches,but I have been denied entry because of lack of tickets or my refusal to sign a loyalty oath.Notice,there are no ninja cops or republican enforcers to turn me away.This guy is the real deal and the crowd was great.Afterwards,the debate between John Kerry and the Crawford Cowboy was broadcast on two wide screen tv's.It was a fun event to attend.Have faith folks.Hope is on the way and Bush is on the way out like his pappy.
Nightline 14.Oct.2004 00:43


Edwards was on nightline tonight. He cheerfully failed to answer any of Koppel's simple questions. Using 643 words to say absolutely nothing, the guy should be a lawyer or a politician.

... 14.Oct.2004 02:22


He's the Connecticut Cowboy, actually. I think he was born in New Haven.

the real deal? 14.Oct.2004 09:51


the real deal huh? we'll see, we'll see.

the only real deal i've seen in this election is when the libertarian badnarik and the green cobb got ARRESTED on account of your buddy kerry's and bush's debate being exclusive.

you dont read much about that, if anything, in the mainstream press.

that is real deal, portland dad.

a shill is a shill is a shill, and when your boss is skull and bones, well...wtf do i know? best of luck america...

Hope is Passive 14.Oct.2004 10:38

peace rebel girl

John Trudell: "I don't believe in hope," he says. "When I was a child I was taught the story of Pandora's box. The gods gave Pandora a box and told her not to open it because it contained the seven evils of the world. Of course, she opened the box. And out came the seven evils. But then Hope came out of the box, to help us deal with the evils.

"I always questioned that. The eighth thing to come out of that box was Hope. To me that meant that Hope was the eighth evil of the world. How come Hope didn't have its own box? What was it doing in a fucking box of evil?

"So I pray more and hope less. If you cling to hope, you sit and hope and you do nothing. It's like heroin. Praying and fighting and expressing -- that's doing something."

Jim Page: I almost said "they give me hope," but it's different than that. John Trudell used to talk about "hope." He used to say that only when there is no hope will something get done. I used to think that was a cynical thing to say, and maybe it is, but I agree. Hope is something you see out of the corner of your eye. Hope is waiting for Godot. Hope means you're not doing anything but maybe somebody else will. Hope means god will intervene if he feels like it. I'm told that hope was one of the objects in Pandora's Box. Hope is a lottery ticket.

signs 14.Oct.2004 10:48


one of the signs reads "no more body bags". kerry plans on sending 40k troops to iraq, so the killings will continue whether he or bush are pres.

Not only this author, but KBOO seems blinded by the light 14.Oct.2004 11:24

Former Democrat

Edwards is the "real deal", huh? What exactly does that mean? One thing I know about John Edwards is that he was the Democratic Party's primary cheerleader for the war in Iraq. Now, all of a sudden everyone thinks that Kerry and Edwards will end the war. Where do you get that information? MoveOn? Listen to what they are saying in the debates: "Kill the terrorists", "Strengthen our borders"...these guys are more pro-war than Colin Powell, who lied to the UN, but I don't think he actually thought the war was a good idea.

Now even our beloved KBOO has fallen into this incredible spell. Last night a KBOO reporter, was talking about how "hopeful" everyone there was, what a great mood it was, and how everyone there wanted to stop the war, blah, blah, blah...

Getting rid of Bush seems like a good idea, but thinking that John Kerry is going to save the world seems a bit dangerous.

KBOO not KBOO 14.Oct.2004 13:01

a friend

Please remember that the impression given by the KBOO reporter does not reflect KBOO as a whole. At most, it may be a reflection of the news directors feelings or editorial policy.

A vote for kerry is a vote for war 14.Oct.2004 17:00

weld red

Like a previous comment, the 'No more body bags' caught my eye.
Kerry and Edwards have made it crystal clear there will be plenty more body bags. In all the 'debates' Kerry has said so many times how he is going to be (bomb?) more efficient in Iraq and 'get the job done'. And then- off to Iran.
It's kind of sick when you hear the Bush/Kerry war machine say they want the Iraqi's to take care of their own security. That's why they are building an army. But who is this army going to defend itself from, a foreign invading army? Like, er, the USA?
Or perhaps it will be used for a proxy war against Iran. Why let US soldiers die when you can get Iraqis to die for you.
In one of the photos, young people are smiling. Perhaps they won't be smiling when they get drafted.
Don't be sucked in by the Democrat lies. 'Getting the job done' means more death and destruction. If Kerry wins the election, Bush will be gone, but Bushism will still be there.
Voting for Kerry is a vote for war.
Write in Nader, and send a message that we don't want money for war and occupation. We want the troops out of Iraq NOW. We want money for jobs, health care, education and so on.

More photos? 14.Oct.2004 19:53


Great photos! Do you have anymore to share?

Will somebody 'splain to me.... 15.Oct.2004 19:58


Hope is on the way? What kind of hope is that?!? How will the most highly lobbies senator turned president make my life any different?

. 15.Oct.2004 20:32


I recently watched a documentary juxtaposing Bush and Kerry. There was clip after clip of senator Kerry through the years trying to dissuade his peers to not go to war -"let's try more negotiations......anything but war......don't do this....these are human lives....it's not worth it........" (my paraphrasing).
He has to play the game to a certain level just to get in the driver's seat. No candidate would've ever made it this far without placating the more base levels of our current social zombie-state.
Can you imagine a war protester out on the streets today being a viable candidate for president 30 yrs. from now? I think it's amazing and even inspirational.
And he busted that whole Iran Contra thing wide open - did you know that?
The ultimate strategy for getting a wrench in the machine is to become an integral part of the machine and change it from the inside.
And you guys who think all politicians are two sides of the same coin are dangerous. You're like the one with the stupid grin on their face - standing there with your arms across your chest as the ship sinks, saying "See? I told you bailing wasn't going to helpblrrrrpblpl............"
Kerry has the potential to affect more change in a positive direction than most of us reading this. Why must they all be enemies? Isn't that the frame of mind that got us in this terrible position?
And I think hope IS a form of praying - of visualizing a more perfect world, of crystallizing your intentions. It doesn't have to be all pathetic like you're framing it. Who disses on hope of all things?

strange photo 15.Oct.2004 21:45


when looking at the large version of the bottom right hand photo it appears a bit odd to me. the black man almost looks like he is not really in it. something strikes me as very strange about that photo; almost cosmic in nature. shrug?

what 16.Oct.2004 22:53


first of all the pic is in the bottom left and the guy is a security guard, SS? forgive him if he isnt in a swoon being so close to that looker edwards.

re 'hope' 17.Oct.2004 23:20


...derrick jensen had a good definition of 'hope'; the desire for an outcome over which one has no agency.