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Anti-war message to John Edwards tonight at Pioneer Courthouse Square

Let's remind the Dem's exactly how Portland feels about the violence going on in our names.
Hey Folks!

As you are probably already aware of... VP candidate John Edwards will be having a free event tonight at Pioneer Courthouse square in which he will speak and then watch the final presidential debate with the masses.
For those of you that intend on going... will you join me in letting Mr Edwards know exactly how we Portlanders feel about war. (War in general)

I don't have any game plan yet, but I thought that we may be able to come up with some creative ideas. (Fly your Peace flags/signs, start a "NO WAR" chant... etc.)

Although Kerry/Edwards will be an improvement over the a-holes currently in office... they sure like to talk about military actions. Let 'em know how we feel!