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A Great Protest Opportunity!

I just received an email from the Multnomah County Young Republicans (don't ask me how they got my name because I couldn't tell you - maybe because I'm registered as an independant?!). It's regarding a "ballot kickoff"! What's that all about? Is is even legal? I guess their just putting the finishing touches on their plan to program people into being Republican robots.
Multnomah County YR's Present:
2004 Ballot Kick-off, Hosted by Lars Larson!

Multnomah County Young Republicans are proud to present the first national organized voting event for the 2004 general election! Thursday, October 21 at 7:00 p.m. at the Greek Cusina downtown, Lars Larson hosts a gala voting kickoff where the guest of honor is YOUR BALLOT. Hear candidates stump for your vote one last time, with a rally lead by the 2004 National Cheerleading Champions, the West Coast Extreme All-Stars!

A suggested donation of $5 gets you into the action, alongside VIP guests and candidates including:

Jim Zupancic, Congressional Candidate for the 5th District
Karen Minnis, Speaker of the House
Al King, Candidate for US Senate
Betsy Close, Candidate for Secretary of State
Jeff Caton, Candidate for Treasurer
Paul Connoly, Candidate for Attorney General
Kevin Mannix, State GOP Chairman
Ron Sunseri, Candidate for State Representative
John Lim, State Senator and Incumbent Candidate
Dave Mowry, Candidate for State Representative
Tami Mars, Congressional Candidate for the 3rd District
Linda Flores, State Representative and Incumbent Candidate
John Wight, Candidate for State Representative
Bill Kennemer, Clackamas County Commissioner and Incumbent Candidate
Jeff Kropf, State Representative
Trent Tidwell, Oregon City Commissioner Candidate
Jason Williams of the Taxpayers Assn. of Oregon
Plus many more!
For a few bucks extra, feast on traditional Greek fare and enjoy the no-host bar all night.

Don't miss this extraordianay event. We are expecting national media attention, since Oregon's vote-by-mail system makes this the first organized voting event in the country.

Don't forget to bring your ballot! We'll see you at the Greek Cusina Thursday, October 21 at 7:00 p.m.

*This is a private event, and the Multnomah County Young Repblicans reserve the right to deny entry to anyone for any reason.
Out front 13.Oct.2004 12:38


Protesters ought to be out front there with unique signs. Sounds like it could be a fine demonstration! What is the address?

Address 13.Oct.2004 13:10

I fucking hate Republicans


Greek Cusina is on the corner of 4th and SW Washington, downtown.

A little bit of work 07.Dec.2004 18:05

And this is what you can find


Usually, the conservative talk-show hosts that span the radio dial in Oregon are a potent weapon for the state Republican Party.
But this election, the radio talkers are at odds with Oregon Republican Party Chairman Kevin Mannix over when the timing of their mail ballots.
Mannix has been urging Republicans to cast their votes early. But the radio hosts have been telling their listeners to wait until Election Day because they fear possible ballot tampering.
So far, figures from both Republican and Democratic campaigners show that a larger percentage of mail ballots from Democratic voters have been cast.
Republicans say the delay makes it harder to focus their get-out-the-vote resources on undecided or wavering voters -- and it raises the possibility that some hitch will keep late voters from getting their ballots in by the Tuesday deadline.
"It's absolutely the impact of the talk-show hosts," said Mannix, who added that "no matter how well-intentioned, if someone holds on to their ballot, we will lose votes."
Mannix has criticized Democratic Secretary of State Bill Bradbury, who oversees elections in Oregon. But Mannix said he is "confident the county clerks are doing their job, and we have observers present."
Talk show host Lars Larson, however, said he will continue to tell his listeners to "turn it in as late as possible."

Who in the hell does lars think he is telling people of Oregon what to do with there ballots, first he doesn't even live here and second he did not even vote in Oregon because if he it would be against the law
What a two-face idiot.
Follow the link if you don't think I'm being truthful

over the hills and thru the woods 14.Dec.2004 22:16

to G-house we go

Just found out today that the vehicle that lard is driving is not even his, but on his commercials he will have you believe that he went right down to Timberline Dodge and purchased it himself. The Truck in registered to KXL so he doesn't have to change the plates to Washington, if you don't believe me call Oregon DMV at 503-945-5000 and give them CL 68078 they will give the information. I do believe he calls it a company vehicle (very expensive also), he will have you believe that he a god fearing man but he will skirt the truth at all cost, he knows that what he is doing is not morally correct but lard will to it anyway. For him it's all about perception, he as to give the appearance that is still from Oregon and if he had to change his plates that would be bad.