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The Daily Poetry Movement

Well I tried to ignore columbus day as did most of America. But somewhere in me was a sputtered cry that merely ignoring it was not enough, for is that not how most of the ongoing genocide accurs in America, and is not time that we recognize the genocide of today? The war has not ended, ask Rigobertu Menchu, ask the school of the americas, how did you celebrate?
Columbus Day
by Joan Marques

C hristophorus Columbus: the unforgettable name
O f a man who set sail in the 15th century
L ed by rapaciousness for discovery and fame
U tilizing a crew, partly from Spain's penitentiary...
M assive despair rose when no land was in sight
B uzzing threats were uttered: Some truly spine chilling
U naffected, Columbus beheld his zeal with all his might
S ensing he was up to something extremely fulfilling

T hus was America "discovered:" A new haven for some
O ncoming wealth and great honor for Columbus to declare
O nly: history conveniently forgot where the Indians came from
K nowing that, to them, this was the start of an endless nightmare

T he history writers also ignored the archeological evidence
H eralding trading partners since 500 A.D. for the Americans
A nd therefore, too, the fact that it was surely no coincidence
T hat Mayan calendars, masks, and pottery matched the Africans'

A nd it's written and it's said: the story of "a new world" born
W hile Columbus' source of knowledge may never be revealed
A nd yet: is it hard to accept that Columbus Day means mourn
Y es: To those who lost their honor; whose pain is not yet healed?