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9.11 investigation

Mike Ruppert on KBOO (Weds. 10am) says VP Cheney key to 9/11 attacks releases 1st book

On air phone interview on KBOO 90.7FM with Michael C. Ruppert, former LAPD narcotics officer and editor of From the Wilderness.
Table of contents - Crossing the Rubicon
Table of contents - Crossing the Rubicon
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This was posted earlier but it didn't appear so here it is (again).

KBOO 90.7fm in the Portland area, streams live through their website so those on the internet can "tune-in"

Michael C. Ruppert through his newsletter "From the Wilderness" has been writing for the last six years on the topics of drug trafficking (including government and corporate involvement), world oil supply and energy usage, and military operations that support "the Empire." From the Wilderness has been one of the foremost outlets on the World Trade Center/9-11 reporting.
One of the most significant points in Ruppert's book "Crossing the Rubicon" is that he names Vice President Richard Cheney as the central planner of the attacks of September 11, 2001.
Just released, Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire and the End of the Age of Oil by New Society Publishers.

homepage: homepage: http://www.newsociety.com/News/rub.html

Books 13.Oct.2004 08:00


At Multnomah County Library we have 6 copies of this book on order, but you can place holds now if you have a library card.


Cheney is likely key but there are more than just him 13.Oct.2004 08:56


Saying 'Cheney Did It!' is a mass media type of hype. Many many more are involved. Yes, maybe keeping it simple for the American public will reach a wider audience faster, rather than trying to list the WTC building owner / developers, the insurance agents and all the rest who benefitted immensely.

But don't forget about them under the glare of Dick Cheney.

They are discussed more in this 9/11 text:




I finish my copy three days ago...I still feel numbed by the information...the immpecable documention tells you how and why of 911...this is the most important information on the planet today!

His Assholiness George Warmonger Bush I 14.Oct.2004 15:25

His Assholiness George Warmonger Bush I

His Assholiness George Warmonger Bush I to The USSA: "Yep that's right I did it!!!! So what if I Murdered 3000 People on 9\11. So what if I Murdered Tens of Thousands of Afghan and Iraqi Civilians. So what if I plan to do the same in Iran. What're ya gonna do????? Take away my Birthday????? Sorry to Oil your grief but Oil comes first. Here's some Flowers for all the Funerals of People I Murdered. Poppies from Afganistan."

Laughing Horse Books 17.Oct.2004 20:14


This book is a must read. Laughing Horse Books has a bunch in stock. Check it out.

CBC airs "The World According to Bush" 18.Oct.2004 22:04

a must see

Check out other indymedias for this incredible video. It was posted on Portland but somehow it has disappeared????

here is the FULL TEXT of Crossing the Rubicon by Mike Ruppert 20.Oct.2004 01:56

The Guardian

Taken from the PRESS PRE-RELEASE ..