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From Dingo's desk,

Do you know what the "G" in G.W.Bush's name stands for?
JESUS! you heathen
this is the day I wrote the song
this is the day I wrote the song "Dubya aint the smartest turkey in the aquarium
This is Chlorine Enema Jones looking for oil to steal in Afghanistan
This is Chlorine Enema Jones looking for oil to steal in Afghanistan
I wake up to N.P.R. on my clock radio, it's usually a story about the largest animal in the world or global warming from the perspective of an east African fisherman, but this morning my dreams of Nordic bikinis and infiltration were interrupted by some most disturbing news, Bush up in the polls... I shook my head, shattering the illusion of cobwebs and bra straps. What? Bush up in the polls? How the hell can that happen? Then I started wondering, who on the face of this great country of ours is so deluded and gullible that they would pledge loyalty to a mad, coke snorting frat boy, famous for running all his businesses into the ground? As I got up to pee, it came to me: arrogant, distorted, gullible, it's the frikkin Christians!
Who would Jesus kill?

Lets look at some specifics:
W.M.D.s: None to be found, thousands killed, and a select few (Christians) make a financial killing.
The Holy Trinity: Nowhere to be found in the Good Book(ha ha), millions killed and enslaved for not worshiping on team Catholic, and a select few (clergy) make plenty of gold plus,... ... (wait for it)... ... ... get to RAPE people (Jesus Christ, how insane).
Looks to me like hand picked, fabricated "Intelligence" has become the cornerstone of deadly foreign policy; fashioned out of flimsy evidence. Your kids die, the elite's kids wallow in the money. Jesus would be so proud.
At least we all have access to good health care... oh, wait.

The guy on the radio pledging total support for Bush called the stealing of Iraq "a spiritual war." How distorted is that? The Christians of 500 years ago called it a crusade; Bush also was insensitive and stupid enough to call it a crusade. The problem with the "crusade" mentality is that it assumes that the Christian religion (and, in this case, institutional democracy) is the only route to peace & freedom. The flaw in that reasoning is that this is America. We are a "melting pot" nation, where we are supposedly free to practice any religion, philosophy, or creed we wish. That makes it against our national principles to make war on another nation for "philosophical" reasons.
How will the Halliburton Crusades look in the history books? A lot like the Spanish Inquisition.
My favorite stupid line from those people is "The earth will burn, where is your soul gonna live?" What shameless propaganda for an apocalypse cult, they really seem to adore the whole hell fire and burning earth business.
I don't hate anyone for his or her creed or race or whatever (OK I don't trust cats so much) and I hope this isn't coming off like that. My favorite weed connection is a devout Christian who has devoted his life to medical Marijuana (Did I say weed? I meant... um... vegan tuna). Some of my favorite neighbors are Christian, and so is my lady Caffeine Jones. But the Christians I like remember Christ's words: " Do unto others as you would have done unto you," and the immortal "Blessed are the peacemakers."
I just love the planet, and I wish these power-grubbing death-cultists would get caught & thrown out, like the moneychangers in the temple.

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the only thing wrong with Dingo 12.Oct.2004 22:59


... is the insane prejudice against cats. though he's played many a benefit for them ... so i guess he's just a a clown with more heart than sense. Anyway, Dingo: nice to see you opinionizing on here more often!