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Secret US Torture Camps In Jordan

The Central Intelligence Agency runs a top secret interrogation facility in Jordan, where at least 11 detainees who are considered Al-Qaida's most senior cadre are being held, Haaretz has learned from international intelligence sources.
It is not known where precisely in the Hashemite kingdom they are being held, but they are thought to be at a secret facility belonging to Jordanian intelligence or at a secret base. Their detention outside the U.S. enables CIA interrogators to apply interrogation methods that are banned by U.S. law, and to do so in a country where cooperation with the Americans is particularly close, thereby reducing the danger of leaks.

According to the Human Rights Watch report, the CIA was granted special permission by the U.S. law enforcement authorities to operate "other laws" at the secret facility with regard to interrogation methods. Detainees are subjected to physical and psychological pressure that includes the use of simulated drowning, loud music, sleep deprivation, and sensory deprivation. Some of these methods were exposed with the revelation of torture techniques used by American interrogators at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq.

That Explain's Arnold's Visit Last Year 12.Oct.2004 21:17

Do you think they let him torture anyone?

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger arrived on Monday in Jordan for a private luncheon with King Abdullah II, a court official said.

Schwarzenegger, who flew in from Israel, "is here for a brief, private visit and will be lunching with his Majesty the King," the official said.

There were no other details immediately available.

Met with Ariel Sharon

The former movie star and Hollywood bodybuilding hero met on Sunday with Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon on his first official trip outside of the United States.

He arrived on Saturday night in Israel on a visit aimed at promoting California's business interests but he also took part on Sunday in a groundbreaking ceremony for a "Tolerance Museum" to be erected in central Jerusalem.

He added the stopover in Jordan to his schedule after being criticised by the American Arab community for snubbing the Palestinians on his first trip to the region.