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Oregonian Smear Assures Wu Victory

Oregonians are not as naive as "The" Oregonian must think we are; by going after Wu when and how it did, "The" Oregonian has helped assure a Wu re-election in 3 weeks.
As an undecided voter the smear campaign against David Wu is the straw that broke the camel's back to swing me over to Wu, and after tomorrow night's debate, Kerry. There are more undecided voters (Democrats and Republicans) than one might think especially when GOP candidates such as Goli Ameri are trying outdo one another as foot-soldiers for Bush's Iraq policy. The Oregonian's attack on Wu will be Ameri's undoing come the 2nd of November.
NO excuse for voter apathy NOW: Return Wu to Washington 12.Oct.2004 20:52


The Oregonian's smear against David Wu, even if you don't consider him the perfect congressman, is more reason than ever before to either vote for him or vote against his Republican opponent. Whatever your motivation, there is no excuse for voter apathy now that we see establishmentarian institutions like The Oregonian picking blatantly pushing their mouthpiece-candidates: and thus the choice, if there ever was one, has become even clearer for voters with conscience: 2 more years for David Wu in Congress.

Wu is OK - you should vote for him 13.Oct.2004 17:27


I write letters/emails/faxes to Wu all the time through the various activist groups that clutter my inbox. Nearly every written response I've ever gotten from him was pretty much in line with what I thought.

He's always voted against the Patriot Act and its subsequent proposed additions. He's always voted against anything to do with outlawing gay marriage. He's always voted for the separation of church and state.

If I dug deep enough, could I find something about him I don't like? Probably. Clearly there is no such thing as a perfect candidate or representative.

But given the majority of his record as well as the super-scary alternative, it will be very easy for me to cast my vote for David Wu. I encourage all of you to, too.