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Let The Oregonian know how DISGUSTED you are with the timing, and ill motives, of the supposedly non-partisan expose of David Wu.
This is one of those times when citizens can actively express, and act on, their dissatisfaction with the press.

Send emails of protest to  publiceditor@news.oregonian.com and let The "Boregonian" know that you are boycotting this filthy rag.

(For those who want to write letters for publication, send emails to  letters@news.oregonian.com.)
Hit where it hurts. . . 13.Oct.2004 21:06

Hal E. Burton

Boycott their advertisers. A phone campaign on several small-ish advertisers will be more effective. (Not Meier & Frank or Fred Meyer -- they're held by out of state corporations; think local bigger advertisers).

Most publishers get most of their revenue from advertising, not subscriptions or news-stand sales.

As my dad (a publisher, and son of a publisher) said, the purchase price is just the cost of printing and postage. The money is in advertising, not sub sales!