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Wu's Inexcusable Collegiate Behavior & The Oregonian's Pro-Ameri Bias

the oregonian must prove, not merely claim, that no
republican (especially the ameri campaign) had
anything to do with the expose of wu which was printed
The Oregonian's expose of Congressman Wu's
regrettable, inexcusable behavior against a woman
while in college HAS to be viewed in relation to the
admitted pro-Ameri bias on the part of The Oregonian,
which has now endorsed Ameri TWICE: it all began with
The Oregonian's extended coverage (especially by
reporter Laura Gunderson, whose name appears in
today's Wu expose) of Goli Ameri's GOP primary
campaign, extended by The Oregonian's endorsement of
Ameri for the GOP primary in May, culminating (one
thought until today) with The Oregonian's endorsement
of Ameri for the general election next month, and now
lavished with the expose of Wu's inexcusable
collegiate misbehavior.

More . . . 12.Oct.2004 15:39

North Portlander


The latest I heard:

Story has been picked up by all local TV stations and I believe Channel 8 is going to air an interview with Wu this evening.

The Washington Post has picked up the story and posted it online 6 hours ago:

One fact that I am afraid is going to be lost on lazy readers is that Wu DID NOT RAPE his girlfriend. And given that he was probably larger and stronger, he could have if he had wanted to.

to cancell a subscription 12.Oct.2004 15:47

see below

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Rise up PDX Reporters: Do Your Jobs! Yeah, Right. 12.Oct.2004 15:47

joe pulitzer

Reporters from The Portland Tribune, Willy Week, OPB, The Mercury, Portland IndyMedia, and the TV and news radio stations would serve the community well to really track down the origins of The Oregonian smear job on Congressman Wu.

In fact, it's a journalistic responsibility to do so in light of The Oregonian's inaction on the earlier Goldschmidt scandal.

It will be interesting, in the extreme, to see where the journalistic chips fall on all this mess.

Non-Story 12.Oct.2004 16:04


Wu is aiming for his fourth term in office. If this were really such a deal breaker why is the Boregonoian only getting around to shoveling it up at this point? The answer is all too obvious.

inexcusable collegiate behavior? 13.Oct.2004 07:14


Try "criminal male supremacist totalitarian" behavior. What is this stuff about "inexcusable" and what does "collegiate" mean except as a sideways method of saying, "excusable"? Rape in colleges is rampant compared to the rest of the population. You seem to think that since so much rape goes on in colleges, that makes it less of a problem that Wu participated in it. Hey, all the guys were doing that back then. In fact, some of the guys did it back then, and just as many are still doing it now. So take your femicidal double-speak and stick it where the sun don't shine!

loud and clear, sister 13.Oct.2004 08:33


I think I'm in love with IBN.

This Was Not A Case of Rape . . . 13.Oct.2004 09:41


. . . although lazy readers are already starting to parrot that accusation.

Get a clue IBN, or at least be more careful with your statements. Wu didn't rape the woman.

And while the incident has not previously been dished out for public scrutiny, both parties apparently received counseling and Wu states that he was disciplined.

He called the incident "inexcusable" and appears genuinely sorry it happened. It should not have happened, but as far as we know nothing like it ever occurred again. Perhaps in your view of the political world there is no room for a human being that has made a mistake at any point in her or his life. But that's not realistic. If every politician whom you might identify as "guilty" were forced to resign, there might be one or two left on Capitol Hill and in our state legislatures.

And, all else aside, do you really believe that this lambast was fair? I look forward to a similar expose on Goli Ameri. She may not have engaged in sexual indiscretions, but I'm sure there's something there she should have to apologize for. If you dig deep enough, everyone is dirty.

Please clarify 13.Oct.2004 13:25


If it's not a case of rape (or attempted rape) why did Wu say to the cops on scene that it was "consensual"? Are you suggesting he intended that to mean a consensual non-sexual attack?

Sam and IBN 13.Oct.2004 21:20


Are you talking about the troops raping in Iraq?

No, not in Iraq 14.Oct.2004 13:11


I have a problem with Mingo calling Wu's criminal act a "sexual indiscretion."

Assaulting a woman and stifling her cries (and breathing) with a pillow while using his penis to try and violently break into her body is attempted rape. Rape is not sex. If I took a baseball bat and bashed your head in, would we call it baseball?

Oregonian Bias 14.Oct.2004 23:04


Did you read the Oregonian endorsement for Kerry? It had almost every bit of anti-Kerry spin the rethugs have been spewing i.e. 'We endorse the flip-flopper who wouldn't even vote to fund our troops.' With friends like these...

Wu Serves Progressive Oregonians' Interests 15.Oct.2004 15:52


Let's remember that Wu has been there for us. He voted against the war in Iraq. Considering that his district stretches from West Portland to Astoria, this was a risky and brave principled decision. Wu has his office door open to all and he is often out in public and will take the time to respectfully to citizens' opinions. He is responsive, credible, and responsible. He has earned the vote of the progressive community, and he deserves our vote. I made some big mistakes when I was 21 too, and who hasn't. What matters is our future. Goli Ameri will never serve our interests, and she will do real damage to Oregon and the U.S.

Schoolteacher, don't minimize rape 16.Oct.2004 12:14


You made "mistakes" when you were 21? Did you assault, batter, smother and except for your victim's sheer luck almost succeed in brutally raping and possibly murdering someone? Stop minimizing rape and attempted murder and just say instead that because of Wu's record of support for progressive causes you would vote for Wu even if he had succeeded in brutally raping and murdering his ex-girlfriend and gotten away with it. That is really what you think, isn't it? Be honest. Your vote is your own, and you can vote any way you choose -- no one can subpoena or audit or hold you accountable for your reasons for your vote, because your vote is the sovereign power in this nation. So why make apologies, why pretend? Why can't you fully denounce Wu and say you're still going to vote for him? You could even say you won't vote for him, then vote for him, then deny you voted for him -- that would be your right, it's a secret ballot. So what's your excuse in letting the Republicans trick you into making public statements that make you nothing but every rapist's best friend and enabler?

Why can't people say Kerry is a mass-murdering corporate stooge, but that you're still going to vote for him. Vote whatever way you choose, for whatever reasons you choose, just don't use that as an excuse to participate in lies and cover-ups of the truth -- Wu appears to have gotten away with what might have ended up as a brutal murder-rape had someone not by chance happened by and interrupted him. If you forgive him for that, or simply care more about what you think he will do in office for your causes, that's your choice. It's not like Wu would be the only unpunished attempted murderer-rapist in Congress. There are probably dozens if not hundreds of them in Congress. That takes NOTHING away from the fact that when any such heinous act comes to light, people should fully denounce it for what it is, and allow it to have its full impact on their voting choices, whatever that impact may be. But don't be fooled into echoing male supremacist propaganda.

For example, if someone wants to vote for Kerry despite the fact that he is the direct descendant of opium-trading Loyalists whose money traces back to the slave trade, and that he has spent his career defending and protecting and promoting those very ancestral aristocratic racist corporate interests, because they think he will do less damage than Bush to the progressive causes and organizations they support, they can go ahead and vote that way, but they don't have to pretend and minimize and cover up the severity and horror of what Wu appears to have done and what Kerry stands for and lives for and plans to use the power of the Presidency for -- the hollowing out of the Constitution and the final victory of aristocracy over democracy.

Wu could withdraw from the race and turn the tables on the Republicans who have chosen to make violence against women THE issue of this race because they think Wu is weak on it. He could call their bluff and say,

"I'm glad this has come out, and I have been a coward not to have brought it out myself long before. It is long overdue that this nation's attention turns full-face to confront and oppose the routine manner in which women are deprived of basic rights and freedoms in this country, because statistics show that I am far from being the only politician or person to have gotten away with a brutal femicidal woman-hating crime. Such enforcement of male supremacy is a daily occurrence throughout our nation, and this must stop. It must stop now. I withdraw from the race to work full-time on this issue, and if the two-faced Republican party which has done even less than the Democratic Party to give this issue the attention it deserves, sees fit to make this the controlling issue of this campaign, then I couldn't agree more that it is the most important issue facing America today. It is the number one issue because it involves the difference between the possibility of genuine freedom and equality on the one hand, and the current untenable and unacceptable and just plain stupid and self-destructive state of sugar-coated half-slavery on the other, for the majority of Americans who are gendered female. This is something Goli Ameri ought to consider at least one of her highest priorities, as my likely successor in Congress. I call upon her or whoever takes over for me in Congress to work with me in sponsoring sweeping legislation to end the half-slavery of women in this country, and to go beyond legislation to public education and a radical shift in the male supremacist direction of our culture in general."

Turn it right back on them and shame and hound Ameri into sponsoring some legislation the Democratic leadership would never have allowed Wu to sponsor himself, and challenge the corporate media to ignore a radical rip tide against the male supremacist undercurrent of our nation's popular conscience.

I am calling publicy for Wu to do this right now. Nader has described the progressive agenda in regard to Kerry as, "Anybody but Bush, leave Kerry alone, make no demands." So you go ahead with your strategy of "Anybody but Ameri, leave Wu alone, make no demands." Go ahead and waste the leverage your vote gives you before the election. I am making the most of mine to at least try to get a solid low-pitched blood-curdling and haunting scream or two through this new bipartisan-tied gag on the Clinton-Gingrich-bound-and-gagged movement to end the normalcy of male supremacy. The cowardly venality of the Democrat-Republican contest to win more appointments to positions within the corporate puppet government bureaucracy always comes at the expense of every struggle for life, liberty, equality and community. No more.