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Nader urges Oregon voters to write him in

EUGENE, Ore. (AP) -- An angry Ralph Nader on Sunday night called for the resignation of Oregon Secretary of State Bill Bradbury, saying the Democrat had engaged in "partisan machinations" to keep Nader off Oregon's Nov. 2 presidential ballot.
October 11, 2004

"He's denying tens of thousands of Oregonians to vote the way they want,"
Nader said. "He's become the secretary of political bigotry."

Nader made the comment in an interview before attending a rally in Eugene
Sunday evening, his only appearance scheduled in the state this fall in a
write-in campaign for president.

The most recent poll on the presidential race in Oregon by The Oregonian
newspaper and KATU television news showed Bush and Kerry in a virtual tie,
and Nader pulling less than 1 percent of the vote.

The Nader campaign had challenged Bradbury's decision to keep him off the
Oregon ballot for lack of valid signature petitions. But last month, both
the Oregon Supreme Court and the U.S. Supreme Court upheld Bradbury's

Nader on Sunday urged Oregonians to vote for Bradbury's Republican and
Libertarian challengers in the secretary of state race this November.

Anne Martens, spokeswoman for Bradbury, shrugged off Nader's call to vote
against the secretary of state. "People vote how they choose," she said.

"The decision to keep Ralph Nader off the ballot was based on protecting the
integrity of our election system," she said.

But Nader called that a "flimsy excuse" by a Democrat to keep Nader off the
ballot and to ensure he would not draw votes away from Democratic nominee
Sen. John Kerry.

His visit comes as an alliance of Oregon progressives issued an "open
letter" to potential Nader backers, urging them to unite behind Kerry. Many
of those who signed the letter have worked with Nader in the past and say
they share his values, but won't vote for him on Nov. 2.

Nader dismissed the signers of that letter as "articulating their
declaration of unconditional surrender."

"You beat George Bush by making John Kerry take stands like getting out of
Iraq. Right now, Kerry is trying to out-hawk Bush on the Iraq war," Nader

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Vote Pacific Green 13.Oct.2004 13:43

Brian Setzler

Ralph may be urging you to write him in, but progressives in Oregon who want to help build and create something that will last beyond November 2 should support the Green Party and vote for David Cobb.

I'll be voting for Cobb because he is working to build the Green Party for '04 and beyond. If you feel the need to vote for Nader or Kerry, I hope you'll support our other Green candidates like Teresa Keane for US Senate (www.votekeane.org)

Brian 13.Oct.2004 17:04

George Bender

The Nader campaign will still be here after Nov. 2. We're not going away. And we'll be back in 2008. The Greens need to toot their own horn instead of tagging along behind Nader. I'm not a bit impressed when you attach negative comments to Nader articles. Grow up.