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Great event for Nader in Eugene

This is from the Nader Oregon email list. Kevin is a former member of the Eugene City Council.
From: "Kevin Hornbuckle"
Date: Tue Oct 12, 2004 6:45am
Subject: great event

Best, best regards to Tim Hermach, Lloyd Marbet and Ralph Nader for
representing thinking people Sunday night in Eugene at the McDonald Theater.
The Dems are driving away voters by the millions by refusing to talk about
the real issues. In contrast (an understatement), the Nader campaign trusts
us voters to understand the issues and care enough to turn out on a Sunday

I brought my 6 year old son, Somer Joe, and he carried his sign saying,
"Health care for all people. Single payer yes!" I want my son to learn
compassion and its a start to understand that the so-called health
care system DEPRIVES people of care. Nader made that point.
We have a responsibility to care for our fellow human beings, especially
the ones victimized by the profiteers.

By the way, a Dem out in front of the theater tried to recruit my son to
'Kids for Kerry'. Can you imagine a more pathetic contradiction than Kerry
collecting funds from Pentagon contractors and sending some of it Eugene
to with which to rally the liberals? The phonetic alliteration "Kerry for
Kids" matters more than the obvious content, Kerry will kill kids in Iraq,
so you should volunteer your kids to support his cause. Somer Joe did not

Kerry/Bush would never be able to talk about courage, principle, truth in
any way close to what Nader and speakers delivered Sunday night.
Opportunism so pervades the ruling elite they have no moral integrity

They'll keep driving away voters with their betrayals. And special thanks
to Hermach and Marbet for reminding everyone what a deadly betrayal
Vietnam was. We should be recalling history a lot these days.

The Nader volunteers worked really hard to pull the event together in such
a short period of time... and without corporate funding. No wonder the
ruling elite are afraid.

Kevin Hornbuckle

homepage: homepage: http://naderoregon.org