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Drug addicts & RV Parks in southwestern washington--news flash!

Just when you start to think that just maybe the new management would do something about these pill popping drug addicts,
Just when you start to think maybe the new management of this rv park would really do something adout these creepy pill popping drug addict theifs, what do I see, see accepts a gift from them and she went away happy! And these creepy pill popping drugies get by with stealing from the park while she was a way at chruch two days ago!

I guess it's alright with her that these creeps continue making noise, driving faster than the posted speed limit inside this rv park. It's ok if they have stolen from the park and continue to steal from the park, just so long as she is given gifts which drug addicts use to buy favors from her so they can keep using three rv spaces here, when they are only renting one!

I guess it's ok if these pill popping drug addicts that hooked on "OXYCONTIN" continue to do what ever they may want? What the hell are rules for if they are not enforced, let alone the fact these creepy criminals have stolen money from the park in the past a long with other criminal activity over the last two years at this park. What the F***KING HELL! good is it to file complaints with a management that won't listen!
/ 12.Oct.2004 11:55


bellingham wa. is qa drug addicted dangerous society.call the bellingham herald paper and ask them why police threaten people and beat up elderly crippled people.

Dickens would be appalled 12.Oct.2004 12:43

Sally go Lightly

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"Dickens would be appalled"

JUDGE NOT...Lest you be judged 28.Feb.2005 23:13

Wanita West

Did your neighbor's behavoir directly cause harm or injury to you or your property?Did they steal from you? Was it your rental space that they used without paying?I find that I have all I can do to mind my own business,so you must have some special abilities in order to put so much energy into minding your neighbor's business.I believe you have a right to think what you want, but it clearly does'nt give the right to judge and condemn them because you don't approve of things they may be doing. Life is hard enough without creating more drama.Maybe the most we can hope to find for ouselves is joy instead of sadness,love instead of hate and honesty instead of deceit.Maybe what matters most is that the things that each of us do cause no harm to another person or their property. And maybe if we choose to understand these things we will be the best possible human being that we are capable of being.Its got to be better than ranting and complaining about what other people are doing .LIVE YOUR OWN LIFE _ and let it be enough.