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Ode to Indymedia

I'm out in the streets
when I begin to feel the heat
beatin on my head like their tenderizing meat
"Woah", I shout - "that's fucking assault!"
The cop just laughs ... "Fox News says it's your fault"

Then from the corner of my eye
like a flash of lightnin'
I see an IMCista standing strong and not frightened

The camera was straight pointed on my bruised and broken body
when a cop walks over acting like John Gotti

with his hand over the lens the cop gives a couple hits -

The IMCista shouts - freedom of press - censor this!

Little did the bully cop know
that Indymedia network runs this show -
throughout the streets many eyes -
capturing the actions of the cops that brutalize

class action lawsuits went to court
with indymedias documentation there was no retort.

Thus corporate media became known liars... who set those garbage cans on fire?

In the end the people have not won, this street war has just begun

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Documenting resistance since 1999

nice! 12.Oct.2004 10:55

local IMCista

i got a good chuckle out of this. thanks so much!

yep 12.Oct.2004 11:27


the bellingham police are responsible for the coming civil unrest and end of ''america'' as we knew it.