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Newsflash: KOBE HQ, harasser of anarchists, Muslims and Arabs has come out of the closet.

Turns out he is DeVoy's ex-employer in Tucson, Arizona - a millionaire with a chip on his shoulder.
Interesting things are going on at Arizona IndyMedia. Looks like the owner of a software firm that once hired DeVoy exploited 9/11 in a spiteful attempt at revenge. From what I can gather, he threatened DeVoy while DeVoy was working for him and DeVoy decided to leave him high and dry in response (a wise move, I think, given that this ex-employer is a stalker). This wealthy pig has spent the last four and a half years stalking DeVoy. He sent bogus "information" to DeVoy's next employer to get him fired.

In a strange twist, a guy from the next employer joined in the harassment operation (KOBE SBM of Cycorp).

The employer in Tucson, AZ works for law enforcement and the employer in Texas (Cycorp) works for the CIA. No wonder they've been harassing DeVoy.

What is really wierd is that this same guy in Tucson has been harassing other anarchists online too (e.g. Sherman Austin).

KOBE is no longer a mystery. KOBE's been able to use its connection in law enforcement and the CIA to perform illegal online acts.

homepage: homepage: http://www.stephen-devoy.com

Pretty cool, check out the link. Criminal activities by cops. 12.Oct.2004 10:41


Follow the link.

neat 12.Oct.2004 12:10


KOBE is now pulling in its top guns trying to dismiss the story. I wonder why they care so much?