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Home Of Qyntel Woods Is Searched-Dog Fighting Case

Portland, Ore. - While Qyntel Woods finds himself facing possible animal abuse and neglect charges involving a dog found in northeast Portland, new information about the Trail Blazer player and his involvement with Pit Bulls has surfaced.
Lake Oswego, Ore. - Clackamas County Sheriff's deputies, along with Oregon Humane Society officials, descended on the home of Trail Blazer Forward Qyntel Woods Monday morning.

Officials executed their warrant while Woods was practicing at the Blazers practice facility in Tualatin at 11:30 a.m.

Shortly after investigators entered Woods' residence, they removed evidence and dug up disturbed areas of the back yard looking for dog remains, investigators said.

"We are finding things that will warrant further investigation," said Oregon Humane Society Lt. Randy Covey.

That investigation could lead to a number of possible charges involving three different alleged actions on Qyntel Woods' part.

First, he could end up facing animal abuse and neglect charges involving a wounded Pit Bull that Multnomah County Animal Control alleges was abandoned in northeast Portland.

The female dog, named Hollywood, was found with fresh puncture wounds, scars and bruises on her chest, belly and legs.

On October 4 when KATU News asked Woods about Hollywood, he said he has never fought Pit Bulls and that, "I was going to breed it with my other dog, but they didn't take, so I just decided to get rid of it."

Second, Woods could face federal charges if he is found to have purchased Pit Bulls for the purpose of using them in fights.

A man, who wishes to remain anonymous, spoke to KATU News last week about the time he met Qyntel Woods at Portland International Airport.

He said the two met each other at the Delta Air Cargo parking lot about seven or eight months ago when Woods was picking up a Pit Bull that had just been flown in from Florida.

While picking up a dog from the airport is certainly not strange, what the man says he remembers most about the meeting is what Woods said.

"I asked him, 'do you breed them?' He said 'no, I fight them,'" he told KATU News. "I wasn't really surprised, but I couldn't believe someone would brag about it, you know, the audacity to brag."

Third, if evidence is found at Woods' home that shows he used his property for organized fights, then he could face a Class C Felony charge involving dog fighting that carries a maximum penalty of five years in jail and $120,000 in fines.

"You wouldn't actually need to have dogs (on the residence), you just need to be able to prove that a dog fight occurred on a residence," said Covey.

The problems for Woods began when KATU News reported that a Pit Bull named Hollywood had been found in northeast Portland with fresh wounds.

"Quite frankly, the reporting of Channel 2 is what brought that information forward," said Clackamas County Sheriff's Detective Jim Strovink.

When asked about the dog, Woods told KATU News he had given the Pit Bull away.

"I know this guy and I took my dog over there," he said. "And he saw my dog and he wanted it. So I gave it to him."

Woods has since denied that the dog is his, although records with Clackamas County show he is the owner of a gold colored Pit Bull, which he has had since early this year.

Multnomah County Animal Control is now investigating possible animal neglect and abuse charges involving Hollywood.

Last week, they examined the Pit Bull to try to determine if the dog had been a victim of abuse, but did not release the results due to their ongoing investigation.

The animal rescuer who has been caring for Hollywood says she believes the dog was abused, namely by being used as a fighter.

"There's old scars and new scars on top of old scars and then fresh wounds, which indicates to me that the dog has repeatedly been in fights," said Gabby Cholak with K-9 Rescue.

Officials at Multnomah County Animal Control say that it is a challenge to prove that dog bites are the result of organized fights rather than normal encounters between animals.

"Bite wounds are bite wounds," said John Rowton with Multnomah County Animal Control. "There is no note attached that says this dog was in a fight or it got hurt in an off-leash park."

Additional Charges Involving Drugs?

Woods may find himself in trouble for charges unrelated to dog fighting. When investigators arrived at Woods' residence Monday afternoon they said they found "an aroma of marijuana in the home."

Even though Woods was not at home when the warrant was served, investigators said they will be looking into drug possession charges

Everyone!!!! Come Over To My House!!!! 12.Oct.2004 00:44

Qyntel Woods

Come over and visit me at my house.

16150 SW Lake Forest Blvd. Lake Oswego - Oregon 97035

Write me letters, and protest outside of my house. Maybe, just maybe I will listen to you and change my ways about dog fighting/abuse and tell everyone I know that this is what will happen to you if you are caught dog fighting. If that dosen't work, then maybe a little batch of wheat paste won't hurt or be creative and use your imaginations.

just another example 12.Oct.2004 09:52


of the State getting in people's business. It's my right to have a dog and to let it do what it has been bred for generations to do. Can yo say unreasonable search and seizure?

Animals Have Rights 12.Oct.2004 12:30

Defend Them

So your rights supersede the rights of an animal that has been entrusted into your care?Do you feel you "own" an animal? Do you "own" a child?How about another human being?You can own an object but never a living breathing creature.Animals are not ours to eat,wear,exploit or harm.Can you say ego trip?"

Animals Not Property 12.Oct.2004 14:45

not a basketball fan

Hey, half-wit, if people choose to fight to the death, that's their right as far as I'm concerned. An animal is not a chair. People shouldn't be allowed to do anything they want with them. Animals are courageous and loving, and in many instances have risked their lives to save humans--without training. It's all about love and bonding. If you can't love and bond with an animal, you shouldn't have one.

Write, Call or Visit 12.Oct.2004 19:04

Ex Blazer Supporter

Great comments from everyone but half-wit,actually I think he gives himself too much credit even at that.For those who have already written to Qyntel Woods or have visited his home in person you may want to express your opinions directly to the Blazer Organization.I know of two people who wrote to Darnell Valentine,Director of Blazers Players, and received replies.Valentine can be reached at  darnell.valentine@blazers.com

doggone 13.Oct.2004 13:44


where are the other dogs that were on wood's property?
they seem to have simply vanished.if you know reply .

Blazer cover up 14.Oct.2004 14:04

Susan Stelljes

Since dog abuse is a crime, why is it that the Blazer's knew about Woods' alleged dog neglect in January and did nothing to discipline Woods then?

I think it is a cover up.

Dog abuse is dog abuse whether it is neglecting to give them food, water and shelter or whether it is fighting them. Another great example to our youth that the Blazer organization supports.

Guilty 22.Nov.2004 07:57


He doesnt even try to come up with valid excuses for his actions. He is completely guilty, and anyone with half a brain can see that. Its obvious he has been fighting his dogs, and I hope the prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law. People like him are the reason that pit bulls have the horrible reputations they do, when they are actually one of the best family dogs you can own. Lock him up.

stop the fighting with pitbulls 24.Mar.2006 22:39

rosie johnson rosie32994@yahoo.com

After seeing this vidoe about the "pitbull problem" now i really am pissed off on how people treat these innocent dogs. it showed dogs fighting and dogs with their whole entire mouth part(the skin) burnt off from being abused becaue they wouldn't fight. So that man should be in jail for a long long long time.this coming from an 11 year old who would like to have a pitbull, but my mom aand her sisters are some of those statistics who say pits are born bad, is really harsh to all those idiots who fight them. Good night evryone, peace.

They are great dogs! 20.Jul.2006 13:36

Gina gdenofa@aol.com

That man should be banned from having any animals what so ever! Pitbulls are great dogs. They are so devoted, loving and gentle, eager to please. I have a rescued Pitbull mix named Molly. She had it very rough. Was abused in fights, still has scars, her one ear is tipped off from fighting. Had litters. Had two pups under a house. Was rescued and took to animal shelter, was kept to nurse pups and I adopted her before she was to be euthanized. She is the sweetest dog. She mothers the family cats, plays with my other dog (does not like strange dogs but who could blame her for what she went through)loves every single person she meets and visits a nursing home! Not bad for a former abused, neglected fighting dog!

Molly forgave us now lets forgive dogs like her for fighting to stay alive!
Molly Moo
Molly Moo
Molly and her
Molly and her "puppy" Clover
Molly cuddles with her big brother Gemini
Molly cuddles with her big brother Gemini

pitbulls are great dogs 03.Nov.2006 06:24

peewee out of ktown kennels lcogdell@bellsouth.net

i dont fight my dogs but i think that you should be able to do what you want with them because you bought them and you feed them and water them so why cant you do what you want with them and not have to worry about going to jail over a dog.