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Yes on 33 Volunteer Party

Join us for a fun filled evening complete with pizza and entertainment. There are multiple ways that you can plug into the movement to get this measure passed!
Get Involved in the yes on 33 Campaign!

Join us the 14th of Oct at 7 PM for a Volunteer Pizza Party at the Voterpower office at 44 & Division! Come help us with the final push that will get this measure passed! Plug yourself in to the Medical Marijuana Movement!
info call Barbara At Voterpower 503-224-3051  barbara@voterpower.org

The Yes on 33 campaign is seeking individuals wanting to work in a fast
paced campaign environment! This will be the most historic campaign in
our country's history-everyone's involved! We MUST change the current
Medical Marijuana Law allowing patients safe medicine and safe access!

From now until the Vote, the Yes on 33 campaign will be running in high
gear to WIN!

Internships for various credit hours are available as well as volunteer
opportunities. Task you might participate in are:

Putting up posters

Making phone calls

Handing out fliers at events

Holding signs on streets during GOTV

Communicating with the Media

Data entry

Coordinating other volunteers

If you would like to spend this election in the thick of it, this is for
you! Call Barb at 503-224-3051 or email at  barbara@voterpower.org. Check
out our website for more info! www.yeson33.org