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Slave Revolt Radio

Political Analysis

Tracy James and Gerald Smith
Tracy James and Gerald Smith
Unique political analysis and perspective that you should hear.

Often example are taken from the everyday media with analysis of you favorites as NPR radio, CNN
or what have you in your main.

You have got to check it out! 11.Oct.2004 22:07

Migratory Bird

This is my favorite show!

New Archive for Slave Revolt Radio Coming Soon! 11.Oct.2004 22:44

sc-imc and frsc volunteer

Glad that people are enjoying Slave Revolt Radio!

It is a real community effort that put that archive together.

A tape gets mailed from Berkeley to Santa Cruz.

The tape is digitized and the audio is cleaned up and it gets exported as an mp3 and uploaded to the net (usually to Radio.Indymedia.org).

There are many more SRR shows out there on the net that are not linked from the FRSC static page on SC-IMC.

As soon as a new archive is created for Slave Revolt Revolt, it will be posted on the FRSC website under 'archives'.

You know what time it, Slave Revolt Time.

Slave Revolt Comes to us from Berkeley Liberation Radio.

Slave Revolt Radio Archive 21.Oct.2004 11:14

eShay slave_revolt_radio@yahoo.com

After a year of following the show and noticing there wasn't a complete archive, I used the little space on the web I got from my DSL package to organize all the shows that were scattered across the web. I sent a link to Skidmark Bob of Freak Radio, but since the raid, haven't gotten any feedback from him.

Until Freak Radio gets their archive up and running, check out the shows at:


and listen live on Tuesdays at 3:00pm on the west, 6:00pm on east, at Free Radio Santa Cruz