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classic situationist prank translated

just in advance of its 30th anniversary, a classic situationist prank has been translated into English.

Veritable Report on the Last Chances to Save Capitalism in Italy

by "Censor" (Gianfranco Sanguinetti)

In amicable memory of Raffaele Mattiolo,
who taught us to be prodigal with the most precious of our goods: the truth.

Table of contents
I. Why capitalism must be democratic and the grandeur it attains in being so
II. How capitalism has been badly managed in Italy, and why (1943-1967)
III. In which social war begins again and why nothing is more fatal than prematurely declaring victory (1968-1969)
IV. Why it is never good to only defend oneself, because victory belongs to those on the offensive
V. What the world-wide crisis is, and the different ways in which it manifests itself
VI. Who the communists effectively are, and what one must do
VII. Exhortation to deliver capitalism from its irrationalities and to save it

First published in Italian, in a privately printed, numbered edition, under the title Rapporto veridico sulle ultima opportunita di salvare il capitalismo in Italia (Milan, August 1975), and attributed to "Censor." In October 1975, the pamphlet was reprinted by a small commercial press. In December 1975, Gianfranco Sanguinetti revealed himself to be the book's real author and a scandal ensued. In January 1976, Editions Champ Libre published a volume that was translated from the Italian by Guy Debord, entitled Veridique Rapport sur les dernieres chances de sauver le capitalisme en Italie, and supplemented by Sanguinetti's December 1975 statement and a collection of press clippings relative to the "Censor" scandal. In February 1976, under great pressure, Sanguinetti left Italy and tried to enter France, from which he'd been deported in 1971; he was refused entry.

In 1997, Len Bracken produced a rough translation of the Italian original that was published under the title The Real Report on the Last Chance to Save Capitalism in Italy. Finding this translation to be substandard, NOT BORED! made a new one between July and October 2004 -- mind you, using Debord's French version, not the Italian original.

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