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Southern Oregon UNwelcomes Bush

W is coming to southern Oregon. And he plans to sleep in the tiny town of Jacksonville on Thursday night after his rally in Central Point. Rather than submit to the "free speech cage" in Central Point, deal with all the traffic and parking headaches, we are organizing a big unwelcome rally in Jacksonville.
This will be a hospitality event the likes of which Jville has never seen.

Feel like a road trip? Come on down and bring signs & message why W is not welcome in Southern Oregon. We will rally at Griffin Park in Jville @ 5:30, march thru town (all 4 blocks long) and unroll a red carpet banner with messages of unwelcome.
I'm there 12.Oct.2004 17:08

bhildy bhildy62@yahoo.com

We were at Beaverton in August with our big red "President Bush: Stop Arresting Patients" signs, and we'll be in Jacksonville, too - if that's where the action is. I'm trying to coordinate some other patients - please keep us updated. Does anyone know where and when he's speaking in Central Point? We need to let Bush know that he can avoid Portland all he wants, he's not welcome anywhere in this state.

Box 611 Lafayette, OR 97127