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animal rights

Town Brought To A Standstill-SHUT DOWN HLS!!!!!!!

Animal rights campaigners brought traffic to a standstill on Friday when they carried out a loud and relentless protest in Tonbridge.
Local activists from Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC)
stood outside Fidelity Investments' offices in the High
Street where they used megaphones and leaflets to inform
passers-by and staff of the company's alleged involvement
with Huntingdon Life Sciences an animal testing
SHAC claims Fidelity owns 15million shares in BOCa
firm which supplies gases to Huntingdon for experiments
and is a major shareholder in LSR, the US parent company
which owns Huntingdon. Fidelity's director of UK corporate
communications Richard Miles has since said he could not
confirm or deny if the business had a holding in a
particular company.
Talking about the "tremendous support" the crusaders
received in the town, a statement on SHAC's website said:
"Many cars honked their horns in support and people as
they walked by took leaflets until we had none left.
People were even stopping in their cars to take leaflets
such was the ferocity and passion of this demo in
Tonbridge High Street."
Activists also went to Fidelity's major offices in
Hildenborough where they used a large banner to get their
message across to staff who entered in and out of the
Tonbridge Road-based building. The website continued:
"Tonbridge was certainly thrown into turmoil created by
Fidelity Investments' [alleged] support of BOC gases and
HLS. Let's hope for the nice people of Tonbridge's sake
they cease involvement soon 'cause we is [sic] coming
back." Mr Miles from Fidelity said he could not comment on
the demonstration.
this is exactly what we need to do 11.Oct.2004 11:57

getting organized

its time to reclaim our power. get out there and protest for what you know is right.