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During the first KERRY/BUSH debate I was mused... when out of the blue..to some 'phantom entity' Bush says..."let me finish"...Well I'm no Kojak..but I think it would be safe to say...Bush was getting prompts from a remote location...
During the second KERRY/BUSH debate ....the manner or meter of his(Bush's)speech was broken..and the continuity of his sentence structure was interupted more than once...and again it was apparent...Bush was getting information from a remote location!...who? where from?..who knows?....At 7:20PST 10/08/04 I made my post... "BUSH WRIRED DURING DEBATE!!!!" to ask if anyone else saw it as I did...48hrs and 70+ comments later...mainstream and international press are on the "question"...and now Bush's handlers repond...to say this is just the 'left-wing,conspiracy,internet-surfing,Indymedia nut jobs...putting out disinformation...ouch...almost like I'm something less than an american for making a point or asking a question....thank you PORTLAND INDYMEDIA for the stump to ask questions and make commmets...still some freedom left out here...and 'city zen'for the pic of "the bulge" it added so much to the post...and to all that gave comments...thanks again alan..
Great work 11.Oct.2004 13:44

a fan of IMC

I noticed something was wrong, too- it was kinda obvious that his syntax was messed up during both debates. and we all have seen how poorly he does at impromptu comments. So, what did the mainstream media say? Anybody know?

steve bell on 'wiredgate' 11.Oct.2004 17:52

repost from guardian uk