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9.11 investigation

More Evidence of Treason in 911

More evidence of a US staging of 911. A lot more in-depth.

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The Bush-Bin Laden Money Connection

Has someone been sitting on the FBI? >> BBC's GREG PALAST

lots more from greg here.  http://gregpalast.com

Bush took FBI agents off bin Laden family trail
As reported by:

BBC News, 11/6/2001
Agence France Presse via Hindustan Times, 11/7/01
Sydney Morning Herald, 11/7/01
Ananova, 11/7/01
Manchester Guardian, 11/7/01
The Times of India, 11/8/01
Press Association via Sydney Morning Herald, 11/8/01



aw9.htm and 203.htm


Osama - put a large part of his money into George Jr's business ventures,
including Arbusto (Bush in Spanish) Energy.
Mr Bush was not long out of Harvard Business School when he started the company in 1978.
Osama's brother Salem watched it grow into a hugely successful business until his death
in a microlight plane crash in Texas in 1983.As he built his own business empire,
Salem Bin Laden had an intriguing relationship with the president-to-be.
In 1978, he appointed James Bath, a close friend of Mr Bush who served with him in the
Air National Guard, as his representative in Houston, Texas.

The Bush-Bin Laden Money Connection

According to a 1976 trust agreement, drawn shortly after George Bush senior
was appointed director of the Central Intelligence Agency, Saudi Sheik bin Laden appointed

James R. Bath. as his business representative in Houston. Bin Laden, along with his brothers, owns Bin Laden Brothers Construction,
one of the largest construction companies in the Middle East. According to White,
Bath told him that he had assisted the CIA in a liaison role with Saudi Arabia since 1976.


Houston Chronicle June 4, 1992, said federal officials were investigating the activities
of a Houston businessman accused of illegally representing Saudi interests in the U.S.

The U.S. businessman was James R. Bath ,

a past investor in companies controlled by the George W. Bush.

Among the Saudi interests were those of Saudi Sheik Salem M. bin Laden.

Back in 1992, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network known as FinCEN and the FBI were reviewing accusations that entrepreneur Bath guided money to Houston from Saudi investors who wanted to influence U.S. policy under the Reagan and Bush administrations .

...once before, the bin Laden family profited handsomely because of Osama bin Laden's terrorist actions. The bin Laden family was hired to rebuild a U.S. Air Force base in Saudi Arabia after the
Khobar Towers were destroyed in 1996. Osama bin Laden was the chief suspect in that bombing.
Osama bin Laden and various stock trades : Coincidences and capitalist terrorists.

More on: The Bush-Bin Laden Money Connection

What the CIA bio conveniently fails to specify (in its unclassified form, at least) is that the bin Laden's Maktab al-Khidamar (MAK)(A Group before Taliban),
was nurtured by Pakistan's state security services, the Inter-Services Intelligence agency, or ISI,
the CIA's primary conduit for conducting the covert war against Moscow's occupation.

Bin Laden's ties to the CIA

CHRONOLOGY: The Bushes And The Carlyle Group

HYBRIDON has ties to US Military and anthrax.


Osama bin Laden's Bush family Business Connections

Alliance With Pakistan Will Stimulate Drug Trade,
Bring Revenues Under U.S. Control - Colombian Opium Production Will Soar

George Bush, Sr. was Vice President and, by virtue of executive Order 12333,
in charge of all U.S. intelligence and narcotics operations from 1981 through 1989.
As President from 1989 through 1993, he continued and expanded his control in
these areas. Thus, it was Bush (the elder) who directly nourished and nurtured bin Laden's evolution.


BOSTON GLOBE 4/23/2001
Date: 04/23/2001 Page: A1 Section: National/Foreign
AN AMERICAN DYNASTY Last of two parts

"Prescott Bush was surely aghast at a sensational article the New York Herald Tribune
splashed on its front page in July 1942.

"Hitler's Angel Has 3 Million in US Bank,"

read the headline above a story reporting that Adolf Hitler's financier
had stowed the fortune in Union Banking Corp.,possibly to be held for "Nazi bigwigs."

Bush ... was one of its seven directors. the government seized Union's assets
under the Trading with the Enemy Act


U.S. Expert Said Behind Anthrax Mail

Source at the United Nations biological weapons conference in Geneva
that began last week, believe it is an inside job. ... Their members also have more information
than has been made public," said an U.S. delegation. They said
"It seems the attacker ... wanted to force through an increase in the budget
for U.S. research on biological weapons."

A Harvard biochemist Professor's Baffling Vanishing 104.htm

Whoops!!! Los Alamos gets unauthorized anthrax shipment.


Dramatic Confirmation From Indian Government

The web site of the Indian Embassy in Washington
contains dramatic confirmation for these positions. On
September 4, 2000, B. Raman, Director of India's Institute
for Topical Studies wrote an open letter to the U.S. Congress
entitled Pakistan's Noriega's. That eight-page article exposed
the depth of Pakistani government involvement in the drug trade.

It may be viewed at: www.indianembassy.org/int_media/saag_september_04_2000.html.
In 1956, as reported by the Times Of London, during one of Israel's perpetual wars with its neighbors, the Mossad tried to trick the United States into siding with Israel against the Arabs by blowing up a US facility in Cairo and blaming the Arabs for it. The plot was wrecked when the operatives were caught confessed, creating a huge scandal. And according to Victor Ostrovski, a defector from the Mossad,
the USA was tricked into bombing Libya when the Mossad planted a radio transmitter in Tripoli
which sent out fake orders to terrorists which the USA could intercept.


In the 1960s the U.S. government developed plans to stage false attacks

Operation Northwoods
"We could develop a Communist Cuban terror campaign in the Miami area, in other Florida cities and even in Washington," said one document reportedly prepared by the Joint Chiefs of Staff. "We could blow up a U.S. ship in Guantanamo Bay and blame Cuba," the document says. "Casualty lists in U.S. newspapers would cause a helpful wave of indignation."
some involving the slaughter of U.S. citizens, including sailors and/or marines - to justify a 'counter'-attack against Cuba.
DOWNLOAD THE ORIGINAL MEMO. >>> northwoods.pdf

U.S. terror plan called Cuba invasion pretext .
The Guardian reported the existence of Operation Dirty Trick
- a plan to blame Cuba for any mishap during John Glenn's
pioneering Earth orbit flight on February 20th 1962.
This would be accomplished by "manufacturing various pieces of evidence"
which would "prove" electronic interference by Cuba.

EVEN MORE ON Northwoods

When the U.S. Joint Chiefs Planned Terror Attacks on America

A War in the Planning for Four Years.

US planned war in Afghanistan long before September 11.

Pakistani official claims US planned invasion of Afganistan prior to WTC events.

Did the FBI know something about 9/11 on 9/5 ?

West spurned Sudan's terror files.

Pearl Harbor - Mother of All Conspiracies


Tracking Terrorist Money -- Too Hot For U.S. to Handle?

When Mayor Giuliani was an assistant prosecutor in charge of investigating the (BCCI)
Bank of Credit and Commerce International in the early 1990s, he received documents from Backes, according to "Revelation$." "Giuliani and agents of the FBI were delighted with the official documents [which Backes sent him]," the authors wrote. BCCI was a Pakistani-run bank registered via shell companies in the Cayman Islands that used secret accounts to effect an $8 billion global money-laundering fraud. Before it was shut down in 1991,
BCCI was used by U.S. and Saudi intelligence to fund the mujahedeen, then fighting the Soviet-supported government of Afghanistan.175.htm


n 1990, Neil Bush paid a $50,000 fine and was banned from banking activities for his role in taking down Silverado,
which actually cost taxpayers $1.3 billion. A Resolution Trust Corporation suit against Bush and other officers of Silverado was settled in 1991 for $26.5 million . . . A Republican fundraiser set up a fund to help defer costs Neil incurred in his S&L dealings . . . As a director of a failing thrift in Denver, Bush voted to approve $100 million in what were ultimately bad loans to two of his business partners. And in voting for the loans, he failed to inform fellow board
members at Silverado Savings & Loan that the loan applicants were his business partners. Federal banking regulators later followed the trail of defaulted loans to Neil Bush oil ventures, in particular JNB International, an oil and gas exploration company awarded drilling concessions in Argentina -- despite its complete lack of experience in international oil and gas drilling

Missing: crucial facts from the official charge sheet against Bin Laden.

by William Cooper former Naval Inteligence - Shot DEAD by police 2 Months after writing this.

CIA's role in the attack upon America!

Hijack suspect was wanted man U.S. denied Israel's request for extradition 174.htm

CIA agent alleged to have met Bin Laden in July

French report claims terrorist leader stayed in Dubai hospital 212.htm

Economics Professor Michel Chossudovsky of the University of Ottawa
on bin Laden's career detailing his
secret funding and logistical support to terrorist organizations beginning
from his early CIA-supported roots in the 1980s as a "freedom fighter"
can be found on the Internet at:  http://globalresearch.ca/articles/CHO109C.html.

U.S. Stingy On Bin Laden Evidence.


CIA and Saudi Arabia, the Bushes and the Bin Ladens. DID AMERICA TURN A BLIND EYE.

CIA's role in the attack upon America!



Who Stands To Gain-Follow The Money 127.htm



Al-Sabah fled into exile in l990 when his country was occupied by Iraq, The Gulf war drove out the Iraqi forces and "liberated" Kuwait thus restoring the autocratic al-Sabah dynasty to its golden throne.

In the early spring of l992, Bush and his group were received in Kuwait George Sr., George W., Neil and Marvin Bush as well as James Baker, former secretary of state, and John Sununu, his former chief of staff. with full honors and heaped with "presents" "wealthy Kuwaitis flocked to the ceremonial dinners and receptions given for the Bush group, and patiently stood in line for hours to shower the former president with expensive gifts Cartier watches, diamond jewelry, strings of gold coins aggregately worth millions of dollars," says a former
New York Times reporter who covered the visit.

With the former president providing the supporting pitch, al-Sabah was pressured by Baker to grant his client, the giant Enron Corporation, a $4 billion contract to refurbish Kuwait's power grid. The project began with the al-Shuaiba facility, a 1,000-megawatt power plant just south of Kuwait City that had been destroyed by U.S. bombing.


Radio Afghan confirms renewed talk of oil pipeline.

Sidney Morning Herald reports that Caspian Sea Oil is the true objective of the war.

US firms' oil fees diverted to ministers 153.htm

Unocal, a California-based global energy company, heads up one of two consortiums engaged in fierce competition to build gas and oil pipelines from landlocked Turkmenistan to Pakistan through war-torn Afghanistan. Unocal's main partner in the consortium is Delta Oil Co., a Saudi-owned company, in whose behalf former White House legislative assistant Paul Behrends
and Delta's American vice-president Charles Santos,
a recent U.N. peace negotiator in Afghanistan, are busy lobbying in Washington.

The only other possible( besides Iranian ) pipeline-route is across Afghanistan
which has of course its own unique challenges. The country has been involved in bitter warfare
for almost two decades, and is still divided by civil war.
From the outset, we have made it clear that construction of the
pipeline we have proposed across Afghanistan
could not begin until a recognized government is in place
that has the confidence of governments, lenders, and our company.

Unocal Corporation FEBRUARY 12 1998 HEARING From The Congressional Record.


On September 10, 2001 the day before !
The Army's School of Advanced Military Studies (SAMS ) " thinks Israel is capable..."
"Of the Mossad, the Israeli intelligence service, the SAMS officers say: ' Wildcard. Ruthless and cunning.
Has capability to target US forces and make it look like a Palestinian/Arab act.' The Washington Times

June 8, 1967, Israeli attack on the USS Liberty :

When four US fighter jets from a nearby aircraft carrier came to protect the Liberty,
US Defense Secretary Robert McNamara ordered the jets NOT to come to the Liberty's aid,
and allowed the Israeli attack to continue. Thirty-four Americans were killed and 171 wounded.
During the Six Day War, the Liberty, an American intelligence gathering ship, was sailing in international waters. Israeli aircraft and torpedo boats attacked it for 75 minutes.

In 1967 on the fourthday of the Six Day War, the armed forces of Israel attacked the American
intelligence ship USS Liberty for 90 minutes in international waters in
broad daylight following several hours of close, low-level
reconnaissance. Thirty-four men died, 171 were hurt, and the ship was
so badly damaged that it had to be scrapped.

The government of Israel has lied about the circumstances ever since,
telling a story markedly different from that told by American survivors.
Congress has refused to question Israel's demonstrably false account,
even though the State Department's own analysis finds the Israeli story
to be untrue.

The USS Liberty Memorial Web Site is a creation of Jim Ennes and Joe Meadors,

survivors of the attack,
with support and encouragement from the USS Liberty Veterans Association
and special help from John Gidusko and Gary Harvey.



5 Israelis detained for `puzzling behavior' after WTC tragedy

6 Israelis with Nuke Pics Sought

US denies detention Israeli with them photos to a nuclear institute.

60 Israelis on Tourist Visas Detained Since Sept. 11

FBI hunting suspected terrorists with Israeli passports 211.htm

Why hold Israelis when there is no evidence linking them to terrorist activity?
"We are taking every step we can to prevent future terrorist attacks,"
said a Justice Department spokesman.

US Military Intelligence Source Finger Points at Mossad for Links with Attacks on Pentagon,WTC.

4000 Israeli employees in WTC escape??

Tracking an Internet hoax. 4000 Israeli employees in WTC escape is a Lie ??


Canadian airports and the borders were on High Alert the day before the attack.

San Fran Mayor Willie Brown got low-key early warning about air travel

Why the Bush administration wants war Statement of the WSWS Editorial Board 14 September 2001 .

Experts on Iraq and Saddam Hussein believe that Iraq was the state behind the two terror masterminds.

47 Questions and Answers about the War In Afghanistan 135.htm

currency traders working in the WTC helped themselves to 100 million dollars
or more on their way out of the ruined buildings!

A law enforcement agent with the New York City police department. ... testimony
would reveal evidence of drug traffickinginto the United States
involving Dominican Republic drug traffickers,
working with the CIA, and protected by state and federal officials.

Military / Industrial Complex Behind the New York Genocide???


by William Cooper former Naval Inteligence - Shot DEAD by police 2 Months after writing this.

CIA's role in the attack upon America!

History of Air Tragedies and Corruption That Made Them Possible

Ex-President George H. Bush accused of war crimes and political killings
alleged to have killed Japanese fishermen.

From Wounded Knee to Afghanistan 213.htm

Afghanistan since the Soviet invasion 214.htm

Middle East Anthrax, the Taliban and Osama are US Creations!

U.S. Details Response to Smallpox

Cities Could Be Quarantined and Public Events Banned 12.htm

10 things you need to know about anthrax

War Profiteering: Bayer, Anthrax and International Trade 150.htm

US accused over bio-weapons deal 146.htm

CDC Advances Totalitarian Legislation Under Guise of "Public Health":
U.S. Gov't. in Collusion with phamacutical companies 62.htm

United States : Chemical Weapons Convention 22.htm

The secret history of anthrax 65.htm

"Scientific Principles of Improvised Warfare and Home Defense Volume 6-1:
Advanced Biological Weapons Design and Manufacture,"
a germ warfare cookbook that bioterrorism experts say is accurate enough to be frightening. 68.htm


SOME ODD FACTS! Supposedly, only one of the four cockpit voice recorders from the 9/11 planes has been found in working condition. The recordings made of FAA flight controllers talking to aircraft are also missing. With the exception of one still frame taken at an airport in Seattle of an Arab-looking man at a gate, no video from any of the departure gates of any of the four hijacked flights has been released to show Arabs getting on board those flights. The flight attendant who telephoned the ground gave the seat numbers of the men who hijacked her plane and those seats were assigned to names which do not appear on the FBI's list of Arab suspects; a list the FBI persists in waving about even though it has admitted that the hijackers were using skillfully forged IDs with stolen identities. And even more telling, the names of the alleged hijackers released by the FBI do not even appear on the published passenger lists of the four hijacked flights. Indeed the passenger lists are notable for the scarcity of any Arabic sounding names.
 http://www.haaretzdaily.com/hasen/ pages/ShArt.jhtml?itemNo=75266∓sw=puzzling


Texas homeland security chief David Dewhurst wanted Texans to feel confident in these trying times and as a Republican candidate for lieutenant governor wanted Texans to know he was taking his new anti-terrorism job seriously. So he purchased a full-color, four-page advertisement in Texas Monthly magazine a few days ago.The ad layout has received far more comment than any similar effort in recen history but perhaps for all the wrong reasons.In the ad, a military officer is depicted standing in front of an unfurled American flag, with the caption, "As chairman of the Governor's Task Force on Homeland Security, David Dewhurst encourages you to support President Bush and the brave men and woman of our Armed Forces as they fight to eliminate terrorism and work to restore confidence in our economy." Within hours of the magazine's hitting the streets last week, the Dewhurst campaign became inundated with calls some angry, some joking informing the state land commissioner that the officer in the photograph
was not an American general, but was clearly a German Luftwaffe officer complete with military decorations, insignias and a name tag bearing the German flag. 206.htm

The Political Economy of War and Peace in Afghanistan 70.htm

War Criminals: Theirs and Ours 191.htm

9 Unpopular Ideas On 9/11 102.htm

The enemy within.

alleged deep throat' within the American intelligence establishment said ...
" there are certain groups in our government were the perpetrators of the action,
who pretty much ran the whole show... right down the line from top to bottom. 209.htm
Bush wants the federal government to cover 80 percent of all attack- related industry payouts from the very first dollar

November 2001 : The House of Representatives passed a proposed package of "economic stimulus" measures, strongly supported by Bush, that adds up to a stunning array of gifts to big corporations and the wealthy. According to the Congressional Research Service, of the $25.4 billion the repeal and resulting refunds would cost this year, $3.3 billion would go to seven companies, including IBM ($1.4 billion), General Motors ($832 million), and General Electric ($671 million). Another provision would reduce the top rate on long-term capital gains taxes from 20 percent to 18 percent. 210.htm



connections to OIL :

Condoleezza Rice, 46, a Director since 1991, resigned effective January 15, 2001. She
has joined the Bush administration as National Security Adviser. From 1993 to July 1999,
she was Provost and Vice President of Stanford University. Previously she was Senior
Director, Soviet Affairs, National Security Council, and Special Assistant to the President
from 1989 to 1991. National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice sat on the board of Chevron
which graced a tanker with her name.

Commerce Secretary Donald Evans was the CEO of Tom Brown Inc. -- a natural gas company
with fields in Texas, Colorado and Wyoming.

Bush appointees with connections to Monsanto

DONALD RUMSFELD, Secretary of Defense, was President of Searle
Pharmaceuticals, purchased by Monsanto.

ANN VENEMAN, Secretary of Agriculture was on the board of directors of Calgene Pharmaceuticals, purchased by Monsanto.

TOMMY THOMPSON, Secretary of Health was a supporter of Monsanto in Wisconsin.
He received $50,000 from biotech firms is his election run, and used state funds to set up a $317 million dollar biotech zone in Wisconsin.

MITCH DANIELS, Director of the Office of Management and Budget. Daniels was the vice president of corporate strategy at Eli Lilly Pharmaceutical
company. Eli Lilly and Monsanto developed the genetically engineered bovine growth hormone. Lilly "owns" the European "franchise."

JOHN ASHCROFT, ATTORNEY GENERAL. As senator deeply involved in representing the interests of Monsanto, a constituent corporations,
especially in its international activities.

RICHARD ARMITAGE Deputy at the Defense Department
Former assistant secretary of defense for international security affairs during IRAN CONTRA.

General Powell's Son Michael Powell named Walt Disney Co. executive Marsha MacBride
as the agency's new chief of staff. MacBride served as a vice president in Disney's Washington
office, which was heavily involved in lobbying the FCC to place strict conditions on the
America Online-Time Warner combination which was concluded earlier this month.

JUSTICE CLARENCE THOMAS: Appointed by George Bush Sr. Was Monsanto lawyer.

``a perpetual war for perpetual peace'' - Gore Vidal
Letter from His Holiness the Dalai Lama to President Bush 208.htm

12- 02-01

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