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11th Hour on the 11th - Voter Registration with Code Pink

Tuesday the 12th is the deadline to register to vote.
Today at NW 23rd and Lovejoy- Code Pink 11th hour voter registration and street action. Bring signs urging people to Vote for a Change and Dump Bush! We'll have voter registration forms. Pink attire and accessories encouraged.

homepage: homepage: http://codepinkportland.org/

Time 11.Oct.2004 09:26


Action starts at 5:00pm - we'll be there until 6:30 or 7.

...hating amerika. 11.Oct.2004 11:41


...aw, come on, you know damn well that leavng bush in power will destroy the amerikan empire faster than kerry :-)

fucked either way 11.Oct.2004 12:05

tomato / tomatoe

I can't imagine Bush in office again, but Kerry is gonna screw things up also, so either way as the Mercury put it "God help us all"

But any get together to prmote voter participation is a good thing, fuck the two party system.