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9.11 investigation

9/11 Skeptics Blogspot

Reflections on 9/11 Investigations and post-political aftermath


9/11 Skeptics Blogspot (Issue 10/11)

This week's Issue includes:

-9/11 and Blogosphere
-Moussaoui-Mosque linked to Beslan massacre
-9/11 books at Amazon
-U.S.Green pro 9/11 truth arrested
-Ruppert responds on WING TV and Hopsicker
-Anthony Hilder's video in Germany and Malaysia
-Chris Hill, 9/11 truth candidate, on WING TV
-Stockholm Syndrome relaunched in 2004?
-Ron Paul against U.S. police state
-WP covers 9/11 Truth Movement
-911Exposed: Deception Election Flyer
-Vanity Fair: Could 9/11 have been prevented?
-Did Flt 11, Flt 93 and Flt 175 'Survive' ?

homepage: homepage: http://911skeptics.blogspot.com

good blog for gossip and to read all the disinfo theories 14.Oct.2004 00:06

Karl Rove

the "skeptics" blog has lots of material that hopefully will never need to be tested for libel (since the author would have a hard time in court) - but on the web, anyone can publish anything and not need to establish any fact checking. it IS a good resource to read about the various internet personas promoting evidence-less theories that get wilder and wilder with each passing month, in case you're interested in the "mud" that is being used to distract the skeptical public

better blogs:


 http://xymphora.blogspot.com - anonymous site that has had particularly keen insight about 9/11, the Iraq war and the 2004 election