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If there is one thing I've learned about those whom call themselves christains!

Lets start with this, those whom would say they are born again christains are just like the joke who resides in DC.
What I am stating is this about these so called christains, they are the biggest liars on this planet! They will make a statement about how they use only propane to heat their home/rv/camper, but in reality, they use electric heaters and may buy only one fill up for their large tank, but a close look at those and you begain to find out differently. They get an electric hot water heater and give the appearance using just propane.

Or they even deny what they might be getting in feul mileage from the car they are driving, to all out lies about who they are or what might be!

Every time I hear someone state that he/she is a born again christain, I start thinking about the fool who is running this country right now, living in total denial about life in general. They won't admit any wrong doing about what they might have done to others, cause it just might bite them in the ass, if they do. They are following the criminal holding out in the oval office of this country by not realizing they are guilty of crimes.

Just ask one of these so called christains about the US Troops dying in Iraq, and they could not give you a straight answer! Just support the troops but do not ask questions, cause I don't know what you are wanting to talk about--troops who are dying because of a lie carried to the extreme! My preacher doesn't want us to talk about what is going in another country thing--just go and vote for bush, cause he is talking with god almighty--whom ever that is?

One thing I know for sure is: 1071 US Troops have died and these so called christains are more concerned about those dying in auto accidents than those dying in Iraq for no reason other then a lie! Give me a brake!

Have you seen the yellow ribbins on autos lately?
do you mean "christians?" 11.Oct.2004 07:47

Lex I. Cographer

These "christains" sound like a nasty lot, very scary. Are they related to "christians," many but not all of whom act very much like the "christains" you describe?
I was only raised with half a bible, and I'm an athiest now, so I may not be well informed in the business of christ. I hear there's something called "stigmata" which is apparently spontaneous bleeding from hands and feet. That would leave a "christ-stain" but what a drag!
Now, Bill Clinton, that guy knew how to leave a stain, and his crucifixtion was figurative, not literal.
This is all so confusing. Maybe I better go to Landoverbaptist.org to get straightened out.

I am a Christian 11.Oct.2004 08:34

The Patriot Guy

What a crying shame that Jesus keeps getting trashed by a bunch of death worshipping fundamentalists. I ask my "absolutist" friends, (The bible is the absolute truth), "If Jesus walked into Washington, would GWB execute him?" Or would he turn him over to his pharisee friends Pat Roberts and Jerry Farwell?

To all of you Christian haters, please get out a red letter addition of the bible and read what Jesus says. Then the next time you have a conversation with a fundamentalist, ask them about Jesus' statements on judgement, homosexuality, money worshippers, etc.

I am tired of being hated by athiests. I am tired of mindless robots who call themselves christian.

What? 11.Oct.2004 09:24


Just what did Jesus say about homosexuals? I'm not aware of anything.

Some think he was a unit with Mary Magdalene, some might think he and Peter were close.

But there is nothing there in the record-- only an injunction not to judge another. Only yourself.

Tom 11.Oct.2004 09:39


You're right. Jesus said nothing. That's the point.

If there's one thing *I* have learned about Christians 11.Oct.2004 09:45

Bison Boy

If there's one thing *I* have learned about Christians, it's that they hold a wide array of views on social, economic, and political matters.

Broad statements about any group are inherently falsifiable. Not only are you letting yourself be blinded by prejudice, you're trying to enlist others in your foolish ways.

Shame on you.

interesting 11.Oct.2004 11:30


Is it true, what i read the other day, in this "essay on sex and violence" that the bible accepted the rape of women as okay but did not accept the rape of men? That instead of sodom and gommorrah (sp, i know) raping this guy or guys they were after, lots daughters were offered for a raping instead?!?

how horrible.

if you care to make a distinction between the old testament and the new then i have this to say: god wants you to follow all of the rules; even the ones that contradict themselves.

think of the dark, dirty middle ages; the only way knowledge was passed any great distance was through the fraternal priesthood. these guys had a monopoly on READING. and they formed a religion around the solidification and stability of their power. It is a crazy thing that that of all religions is still around. To me, it goes to show that life is still horrible cruel and painful.

The only time i silence myself about my atheism, is when i hear something along the lines of "my sisted almost died if it wasnt for god" or "without god, i would have killed myself"

yeah, that shuts me up... it reinforces my notion that people seek to find something unreal when reality is too much to bear.

google the infidel guy or find the athiest radio network on shoutcast radio.

theres nothing positive i can say about religion.... i feel sorry for those honest religious people but christians and muslims... really folks, youre getting played by the dishonest among you.

i dont hate you, as pompous as this may be, i kind of feel sorry that you think theres a giant white
robed god. if our race WAS created; its more likely some little alien beings. lol.

to end it with my favorite verse from the new testament of the old War Book , Revelations 2:23 "And i
Shall Kill Her Children With Death"

thanks alot god. thanks.

p.s. i hope this post isnt timestamped to appear a day later, when the thread is dead... thats a cruel punishment for trolling... really im not trying to troll here :)

There are "Christians" and "Christians" 11.Oct.2004 13:35


Good Christians feel tremendous frustration at being lumped together with extreme literalists and fundamentalists. Check out the Oregon Voter's Pamphlet and look at the list of compassionate Christians and Christian congregations endorsing the defeat of Ballot Measure 36.

Good Christians do not judge, do not condemn, and do not use the Old Testament or the Gospels only when they can find something isolated to support their position - a position they feel they must impose on others.

Good Christians wish that others could enjoy the peace, personal support, and happiness they have found in Christ, but would not force their beliefs upon those who have made different choices. Good Christians are courageous, reasonable, and supportive.

Jesus did not speak on the subject of homosexuality; any condemnation comes from the books that followed his teachings - chiefly from Paul. Paul is a powerful voice in basic Christian writings and is, unfortunately, responsible for a great deal of angry rhetoric and judgmental statements, many of which I do not believe reflect the spirit and essence of Christ's teachings.

The Old Testament includes sanctions on men spilling their seed needlessly (masturbation) and laying with other men. It includes no such santions against women, either masturbating or engaging in intimate behavior with other women.

As many have pointed out, the Old Testament includes a number of "era-based" strictures that have to be reinterpreted for current times. The sanctions against eating pork, for instance, had more to do with health than with sin. Even so, Jewish theologians have - again and again - provided an exception for most decalogue-stated prohibitions if violating them is in some way tied to a threat to the life of the person performing the violation. We can see the repercussions of this exception in the law today.

Satan works in obvious ways 11.Oct.2004 16:34


Bush's owners don't care what you think of Christians -- just so long as you continue to act like the people you claim to despise.

Keep hating your brothers and sisters, spit behind their backs, betray them to the pigs.

Never, never, unite against our enemy.

don't discriminate against minorities 11.Oct.2004 22:05

Lex I. Cographer

I enjoy poking fun at organized religeon just as much as the next athiest, but I hope nobody thinks that I disparaged ALL Christians with my opening remark. I have some friends who are "good samaritans," but think of themselves as "good christians."
It seems like the "christians" who proclaim it the loudest tend to give the more humble, humane members of the flock a bad name.
On the other hand, I'd never want to join any club that has members like bush, falwell, robertson...ad nauseum.
You just shouldn't paint with too wide a brush. For example, it's not proper to judge Dennis Kucinich a deficient jerk because he shares party affiliation with joe lieberman.
Patriotism is not always the last refuge of a scoundrel. For some, religeon works equally well.