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organizing for more genuine change

request to start discussion of post-selection work to make some change bigger than choosing between how we get to be opressed by the aristocracy.
It is critical whatever happens on november third we organize to bring about some more genuine change to the USA. its rather apparent whoever wins the election, the majority of issues this community cares about will continue to be ignored in favor of business as usual. none of it changes until people start to live differently. environmental catastrophe, economic terrorism, political alienation, these are all consequences of one root cause: almost everyone on earth needs to perpetuate these things to stay fed and sheltered. until the simple fact that most of us are beholden to corporations for our existence is dealt with, there will be no changes except by those people privileged enough to buy nicer lifestyles with said priviledge.

we all of us depend on corporations to eat unless we are growing all of our own food. even farmers shop at the markets for food, and even dumpster diving is dependent on corporate existence. The two dominant political parties have political power because the people are beholden to them, most of us depend on the democrats&republicans being in power in order to eat because they perpetuate the food system we use today: corporations. no "third" (really a second) party will ever gain power beyond support from privileged people able to afford to vote their beleifs until that party begins to provide the unpriviledged with food and shelter.

there is no more room in the good cop/bad cop corporate game for a third party, nor would a third party's politics likely cooperate with corporations, nor would anyone really support an extreme effort to make no significant change. Any political assault on the status quo of america and western imperialism must be made by freeing the people of their necessity. Any hopeful third party must begin to promote and facilitate communities becoming self reliant for food and shelter.

granted this means abandoning the paradigm of "elect me to control your life," but so what? What about that strategy does a genuinely different party have to be afraid of? OH no, people might actually be free to participate in politics by advocating what their life experience suggests to be a realistic arrangement of society. Right now they do that, but realistic today means perpetuating the way you (barely) get food and shelter. if people began to be fed and sheltered independent of their other life choices, wouldnt we have taken a big step towards more genuine democracy? Towards a place where people were genuinely free to participate in society and its organization as they saw relevant?

There was a great thread about ceasing our bickering about electoral political exigencies in order to focus on working together to create something more successful than anything we have today. that thread died the death that is being lost and unread in the archive pages. this is really important though, that we work to create something different from demo/repub politics, to work to get out from this "elect me to control you" crap. Lets keep this going then. Something to remember: all the isms, including "class" war, are distractions from the deep cause that there are aristocrats who control how we are allowed to live. so long as we bicker we are still slaves, it is in discussion and action we get free.

peace hope