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Drug addicts & RV parks in Southwestern Washington UPDATED!

Here we go again! The pill popping drug addicts are up to no good again in this RV Park and the new management just looks the other way?
Let me start by saying that these creeps have a key to the laundry machines and either they are stealing the money out of them or they are just pushing a button to do their wash while the management is away at some chruch? Anyway, these creeps waited until the management left to use the washing machines here at this RV Park--really makes one start to think about other keys these pill popping drugies may have?

Well, last week saw another round of fed-ex showing up to drop off more Oxycotin so they can keep their high going, that was thursday. I'm waiting to see the fed-ex show up again when the other pill popping drugie goes to see the criminal doctor again to get more of their prefered drug known as Oxycotin. The first delivery is only thirty of these, but the next time fed-ex shows up the creep gets 60 of them to chew and drink coffee to get the prefered high from this Oxycotin.

The management still hasn't said anything to these pill popping creeps about the setback requirements for trailers or campers yet? Or about the continued use of more then one site they use? Or about the 50 amp plug they instaslled on the 30 amp cord. Or about the swing they decided was theirs even though it belongs to the RV Park?

The first part of last week the creep thought he could run his car at high speeds through the RV Park? No comment from the management though? Even though there is a speed limit in this rv park, these pill popping drugies seem to think this park is thiers and no one better say differently!

Like I stated before, these pill popping drug addicts don't work for a living but they sure spend alot of money? Where are these pill popping drug addicts getting all of this money? Till next report, Have a Good day folks!
uhmm.m..... so what's so great about this RV park then? 11.Oct.2004 14:08


Hey I have an idea.
Although your missives are amusing, it occurs to me that you may find a greatly reduced level of stress by moving out of the pill-popping trailer park. I assume your efforts to contact management regarding the issues have fallen on deaf ears?

Fire hazards, traffic dangers and coin-op scams... all too familiar for anyone in the ghetto... I've lived in the Couve and I hear what you're saying, but why sweat it? why not just move?