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Bush Wired

The Bulge on Bush's Back during the Debate - A likely explanation
With regard to the picture of Bush with bulge on his back. At first I thought it was a transmitter then as I looked closer I suspect that it is a bullet proof vest which makes more sense. The vest would kind of protrude out in that are of the back. The device would not have to be nearly that obvious. This does not mean he did not have such a device but the bulge is more likely due to the bullet proof vest. I also heard on a radio station tonight he had an earpiece with a wire running into his suit can this be confirmed thorugh pictures. This talk show host on KIRO 710 saw it.
bush spokesperson said he wasn't wearing a bulletproof vest 10.Oct.2004 22:13


a bush spokesperson said he wasn't wearing a bulletproof vest

they say it was a wrinkle in the suit

Maybe the Real Answer Is 11.Oct.2004 07:50

Antinomias Vermont

That it was an IV cocaine drip. The shrub seemed plenty "wired" to me.

Bushwacked 11.Oct.2004 08:32

Butch Bannon


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wiring Bush will cause him to shout 11.Oct.2004 08:38


heavens above, this topic has gone wild here on PDXIMC

I am reposting this for the benefit of those late in the game:

A miniature earpiece may cause Bush to SHOUT:

If we accept that Bush has a miniture loudspeaker in his ear and wirelessly listening to a prompter:

then, because of the loudspeaker, he couldn't hear himself speak. This automatically causes ANY orator to speak LOUDER.

Furthermore, methinks Bush has unilateral deafness deafness in one ear, therefore mini-loudspeaker is in the "good" ear.

Thus, he couldn't hear his own voice, so he (automatically) even more likely to speak LOUDER, giving the appearance of shouting. (I should know, I do the same without my hearing aids!)

Additional info from another commenter says: "when Bush got excited [during the dabate] and started raising the volume of his speech, his voice also went up in scale...up several pitches. This is what happened to Rush when he lost his hearing [due to Oxycontin abuse? or some other sudden form of hearing loss] ... he got loud and his voice went up several pitches"

Another poster also commented that Bush was "jawing" as if to remove a blockage or obstruction.

all in all the behavioral parameter fit the idea of a receiver in the ear canal.

You know it all makes so much sense now ... a loudspeaker in his only good ear!

as for the ethics of having a prompter in a debate that another can o'worms.

See mysterybulge.com for more 11.Oct.2004 10:59

Jim Abeles jim@mysterybulge.com

If you want to see updates and links about this story, mysterybulge.com. The site is here in good, old Portland.

- Jim