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Occupation of Blue River Face Timber Sale continues

The occupation of the Blue River Face Timber Sale in the Willamette National Forest has been ongoing for the last two months, defending ancient forest in the Blue River area of the Mckenzie Watershed. Activists are living high in a Douglas Fir tree in unit 5d of the sale, a spectacular setting in an area known to contain the highest amount of biomass on earth, even greater than the tropical rainforests of South America.

Since the Mckenzie Ranger District has felt it neccessary to proceed with this illegal timber sale they have now got a tree-sit on their hands. The tree-sit is a short distance uphill from the Blue River, a body of water that is fast flowing, clean and clear and should be protected at any cost. The US Forest Service has no business planning a timber sale with tributary streams running through it and down to the Blue River.

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Remarked Old Growth Cedar in Blue River Face
Remarked Old Growth Cedar in Blue River Face