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9.11 investigation

WHO WAS THE "MASETRO"OF 911.... this book 'Crossing the Rubicon' tells you!!!

Every american should read this information...It left me numb and shocked!
Micheal C Ruppert's research and detail of documention are flawless....this information will change America...
Is this a news site? 10.Oct.2004 23:41


Is this a news site or amazon.com?

View from P. 162 11.Oct.2004 21:28


While taking a break from reading Mike Ruppert's magnum opus and labor of love for all humanity, Crossing the Rubicon, being at page 162, I share similar sentiment with the author of the above original article that this book is a MUST READ and WITH ALL DELIBERATE SPEED on the part of every thinking human being, and especially on the part of all Americans, as it is needed most in this country.

I certainly do not agree with his belief in religion, which is reflected in very occasional expressions that are commonly used by people who are believers, with his anti-communism, albeit minimal and only reflected in common statements most Americans make, or his lack of focus on the profit motive being the problem and the elimination of same by a labor movement being the solution.

This book is an excellent detailed but very readable compilation of all the 911 Truth Movement's research in one fantastic 600-page book plus 900 endnotes and 3 Appendix documents including the crucial Operation Northwoods documents, every bit of which is worth reading. I am thrilled that he refers to both the Democrats and Republicans as one corporate party, and does not hesitate to spill the beans on both. His sense of humor throughout the book is a wonderful relief from the obvious tension of the subject matter. The structure of the book in the form of a legal case commencing with an introduction entitled "Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury," the jury being the readers, followed by parts entitled "Motive," "Means," "Opportunity," "Empire and Decline," and concluding with presenting the case to "Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury" makes this an outstanding detective story investigating a homicide.

What Mark Lane's book, Rush to Judgment, was to the 1960s truth movement exposing the fact that the CIA killed President Kennedy, Michael Ruppert's book, Crossing the Rubicon, is to the 911 Truth Movement.

Ruppert on Portland radio Weds. morning 11.Oct.2004 22:43

Mel R

Mike Ruppert will be in a phone interview on KBOO Weds. the 13th at 10am.
They'll be in their fundraising marathon so expect interruptions during the program.

1st Meeting with Ruppert twelve years ago
I first met and interviewed Mike Ruppert in the spring of 1992. Ruppert was the press liaison for the Ross Perot campaign HQ ('92 Pres. election) in the San Fernando Valley.
At the time Perot was leading the polls ahead of Clinton and G.H.W. Bush before his falling out and handing the presidency back to the Republocrats.
Ruppert was well versed on economics and world affairs, and the interview went longer than if Perot was there speaking for himself.
Ruppert mentions working for Perot in his talks and was disheartened when Perot dropped out of that '92 campaign, never to gain the lead again.
Several years later, around 1996, Ruppert was at Locke High in LA where he told John Deutch that the CIA was involved with drug trafficking as Ruppert witnessed this first hand. This exposť may have prevented Deutch from seeking higher office (Secretary of State?). I didn't know the former LAPD cop who spoke out at Locke High was Ruppert until I heard his talk in 2001.