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Bumper Sticker News

recent trends in car stickers
of the nauseating variety
commented upon in a poem

Freedom Isn't Free
God Bless America
Support Our Troops
Proud to Be American
911 Never Forget
Red, white and rather blue Flags

Pull up beside the truck, the SUV
the occasional Mercedes
their bumpers hawking
The driver, the passengers
people frozen by attitude, frozen in time-
People who seethe

You just know from looking
these motorists don't know
Pride goeth before the Fall
and 'Our Troops' hastenth the tumble
Whose God Blesses plunder, free-fire zones
and smart-bombs?
Did Hitler have car stickers to go with his flags?

You are looking across a real divide-
right into the Bush bubble;
A vision of some of the crowd in Plato's cave:
Slightly enraptured
Kinetically cruel
Miserably hoodwinked

Irony is not their road companion-
Rush Limbaugh
radio's raving rabble-rouser
rages to them
Spanning that empty time
between sleep and TV injection-

Is this a political stance?
or an ancient religious rite reborn-
The Golden Calf yet again
manipulated idol worship

Cooked by carbon exhaust
implied incantation chants
'Four More Years'
During which time
-if it happens-
America will be beyond
The Constitution,
a not so far away region
where these new parishioners roam
to amplified 24/7
John Ashcroft tunes
Stickers then stuck
on uniforms
and flags...
the new STATE Flower

Donld Bellinger 10/04 all rights reserved