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Corporate media picks up on internet speculation that Bush was "wired" during debates

Reports from the BBC News agency say that a bulge in the back of President Bush's jacket has triggered rumors that he was wired to receive audio instruction during the TV debate with John Kerry in Miami. The Seattle Times has a story on it too and has been following up on it.

Many websites present evidence which allege that the apparent bulge is a radio receiver feeding him answers from an aide offstage. Of course, the Bush campaign dismissed the claims out of hand, stating only that it was just a wrinkle in the jacket. Campaign officials also denied web reports that he was wearing a bullet-proof vest.

Take www.isbushwired.com for instance, it's a website relentlessly devoted to exposing the facts for what they seem to be, that Mr. Bush is cheating during this debate and was getting his info while wired for sound bytes. There is actually some pretty compelling evidence available on the web to support those claims.

One commenter writes: The Knoxville Times called me at 6am this morning asking me to confirm or deny the "Bush is Wired" story they read here at Portland IMC. My immediate response was, "What is the Portland IMC?"

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