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9.11 investigation

Vanity Fair: Could 9/11 have been prevented?

Vanity Fair about 9/11
Vanity Fair: Could 9/11 have been prevented? http://inn.globalfreepress.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=859



A new 21-page article by Vanity Fair, though somehow concluding, that the Sep11th attack was based on negligence and "failure of resources", has additional informations, never really promoted in U.S. mainstream press, including about ex-anti terror FBI chief John O'Neill, who died in the Towers on Sep11th and several oversea intelligence warnings on a pending attack on the U.S., ignored by the CIA.

"...Both President Bush and National-Security Adviser Condoleeza Rice have said that no one could have imagined that hijacked airliners would be used as weapons and flown into buildings. The truth is it was known possibility within the intelligence agencies years before 9/11, and one that an FBI agent warned of in the weeks leading up to the attacks..."

The article describes also new details of "missing opportunities" to kill Bin Laden, which shed a new light to some skeptics, after reading this article. Was it just "outdated intelligence" in May 1999, that had caused the U.S. to mistakenly bomb the Chinese Embassy, or did an insider cell manipulate the data, to block other assassination attempts to kill Bin laden?

The article contains also a new profile about Richard Clarke, who is described as lacking support to a special unit of the CIA, "Alec Station". The article also has an own section about Flight 93, and refers to 9/11 staff members, who are aware of the secret testimony from Cheney, that on the morning of Sep11th, "Cheney acted on his own -before receiving the president's approval- which would mean her broke the chain of command and, by exceeding his constitutional powers, acted unlawfully."

The path to 9/11

Vanity Fair -November 2004 Issue (excerpts transcripted by ewing2001, original version not online available)

With his salt- and pepper hair, white shirt, and sensible shoes, Mike Scheuer, 44, looked like a rumbled academician, or maybe a consultant for one of the many defense contractors sprinkled around the Washington Beltway. In reality, hisa job was considerably more interesting. Starting in 1996, he was the man the CIA had assigned to hunt down, capture, or kill Osama bin Laden...

Burnishing the Lie 10.Oct.2004 20:19

donald b

David Rose is the author of the Vanity Fair article.
He was also the author of "Iraq Behind Anthrax Attacks"
published in the Guardian in October 2001.
"A new 21-page article by Vanity Fair, though SOMEHOW concluding, that the Sep11th attack was based on negligence and "failure of resources",
Wonder who really pays his bills?