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He's listening.... then giving answers!!
Anyone else get that feeling...

here's a pic of his back 08.Oct.2004 19:36

city zen

here's a pic of his back during the 1st debate--see the bulge.

check this:

who? 08.Oct.2004 19:47

weld red

Do you mean there is more than one idiot?

maybe 08.Oct.2004 19:49


But if he was getting answers they were not good ones. I think he was weak and clueless once again.

Old News 08.Oct.2004 19:51

Cheney Watch

Awww, this is old news! I thought you meant that he had been remotely promptly this evening as well.

Even though it's old news to us, I wish someone in the major newspapers or networks would pick this one up, do some serious research and run with it.

Alan 08.Oct.2004 19:56


While I thank you for looking this up for us, the bulge is more consistant with the body armor pResidents wear, and not where he would carry and wireles mic pack. If anyone saw War Criminal Bush tonight (friday) you know he could not have had help. He left bleeding from his nose, mouth, eyes and ass.

pull his cord, make him talk: 08.Oct.2004 20:02


Title: Bush is a little puppet: prompted by earpiece long before the non-debate with Kerry
Author: the man behind the curtain
Date: 2004.10.05 08:27
Description: A few commentators - like Salt Lake City Weekly columnist D.P. Sorensen - write about the subject as if it's common knowledge (20 Mar 2003 Edition): [snip] When the president appears on public occasions, observers have noticed that he now wears a tiny earpiece. There is speculation that God is telling Mr. Bush what to say, using a celestial wavelength almost impossible for evil-doers to intercept. Some observers think the divine prompting via the earpiece explains the president's propensity for verbal gaffes, such as his comment in February of 2000 that "there is madmen in the world, and there are terror."

audio, pictures, and previous video examples in France of Bush simply being a trained doll:

pull his cord, make him talk:

both were 08.Oct.2004 20:12


Bush wore a wire (and still fucked up, he should fire whoever was on the other end of that radio) and Kerry had a cheat sheet (drew it form his jacket and unfolded it as he approached the podium).

Both are cheating scum, but at least Kerry was able to cheat well.

improvisation? 08.Oct.2004 20:14


At first I thought he might be wired- all the rapid blinking and staring off into space. but all the spitting and stuttering and avoiding topics led me to think otherwise- the fucker may have actually been on his own this time.

the big freeze 08.Oct.2004 23:43

debate watcher

Hey, did you all notice the big freeze up by Bush tonight? Just like in the first debate, there was moment when he just froze, maybe 5 or more seconds. A senior moment, maybe? Or the voice over the implant repeating a point verrrry slowly? The woman visible on camera behind Bush was dying with laughter, holding her hand over her mouth to stop from cracking up.

Also, did anyone else notice crackling and interference only when Kerry was talking? Nothing that made him unhearable, just a little scratchy noise and a few lines at the top of the screen. I was watching on C-Span, and it was an ongoing issue through out the debate, especially when they were in full split-screen mode while Kerry was talking.

thank god for that woman behind Bush 09.Oct.2004 10:08

she was the only one who seemed to react like a real human

The rest of the audience were stony faced.
Yeah, I noticed that at one point Bush ended his sentence too soon, then realizing that it didn't make sense, he followed with the rest of the words. Exactly as if he were being prompted.
There is no doubt in my mind that he cannot speak in public without a script, teleprompter or voice in his ear. What a joke.
But, how do we get rid of this guy? I'm really worried about the election.
The people in charge will steal the votes, exactly like last time.

If Bush were a beleiver 09.Oct.2004 14:23

Phil the bunny

If Bush were a true beleiver he would not need an ear piece jesus wold reach him on the direct line. I can't wait for the thrid 'debaye' bush is funnier the John Stewart.

Actual Device Used 09.Oct.2004 18:49


The US government has been funding the developement of this type of device for years. The device, the MET™ Ossicular Stimulator, is manufactured by Otologics (www.otologics.com) and does not require any external mechanics at the ear...making it undetectable from side views. They must have needed a transponder to pick up the signal and transfer it to the device...hence the bulge.

Let people know that this is probably the device.

what it really was... 09.Oct.2004 19:18


It was really a mechanical hand, wired to sensors on dickless cheney's hand, like a remote Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy...Made george the lesser's mouth flap.

Bush was wired 09.Oct.2004 21:37

Brad Menfil of Knoxville

I have contacts within the Republican Party. I was told by Scott Zale, a Repulican operative in eastern Tennessee that he knows it to be a fact that Bush was wired. He said that within the Bush campaign, there are certain mid-level staffers that have leaked this tidbit because it was just "too fantastic to ignore."

Zale told me that the transmission device is popular with other high profile officials in the Bush administration. It helps everybody stay "on message." Zale said that Bush was only fed ready responses to just certain types of questions. He didn't know which questions those were but admitted that Bush just sounded(to him)to be more articulate at certain "oportune" times.

Zale confided that he was told that the president wore a loose fitting jacket during both debates. The device protuded because Bush has a tendency to hunch over and shrug his shoulders a lot.

This is a true story as it was told to me. If you want to know more, please contact Scott Zale at the Bush-Cheney campaign headquarters in Knoxville, Tn. Thanks.

Kerry Did Not Use a Cheat Sheet 09.Oct.2004 23:15

Ms. M

An earlier poster wrote that Kerry during the debate took a piece of paper from his pocket -- it was a pen.

Dirty Politics 09.Oct.2004 23:44


This is just propaganda folks. There is no way Bush could get away with cheating. All his intelligent remarks was sadly...just him being him.

Good Job for the Democrats finally using some dirty politics to get back at everything Fox News and the republicans did while attacking Kerry. (Like his War background)

There is no way Kerry can win the presidency while running a fair campaign against the Republicans. So help spread this news and hopefully it can lean any swing voters mind to vote Kerry.

Clarification 10.Oct.2004 04:56


No one is two words.

Nay-sayers 10.Oct.2004 06:52


To all those who are so sure that Bush could not have possibly been cheating, how do you suppose he would have gotten caught? Do you honestly believe there is someone who pats them both down?

conspiracy theory 10.Oct.2004 07:09


Yes, all of us noticing his back bulge is total propaganda. It is our left wing conspiracy. You caught us.

Scott Zale speaks for himself 10.Oct.2004 07:54

Scott Zale

Please shut down this blog. I was informed this morning by the national editor of the Knoxville Times that my name was invoked by a man named "Brad Menfil" in regards to this out-of-control story.

It is true that I work for Bush-Cheney here in Tennessee. My office is in Gatlinburg, not Knoxville. Although I do happen to work at least two days a week in Knoxville. I am a staff accountant and one of my duties is to process local contributions. As part of that duty, I have to wire funds to the national committee in Washington D.C. So I do have national Republican contacts and have heard many things.

"Brad" is not his real name but I suspect he is or may be my counterpart in the Washington collections office. He has probably been to Tennessee about 15 times in the last 7 weeks, though he does not live here. I won't give his real name (even though he felt it was necessary to give mine).

The Knoxville Times called me at 6am this morning asking me to confirm or deny the "Bush is Wired" story they read here at Portland IMC. My immediate response was, "What is the Portland IMC?" and I then I issued a "no comment". Other than that, I did say that "Brad Menfil" is not a real person.

Please stop speculating about this. Our president is a great man and can only get hurt by this. I suspect this isn't going to go away and I regret anything that I said to "Brad" that may contribute to downfall of a great man and president.

Please drop this for the good of our country. We have bigger problems and should not be distracted by matters that don't ultimately determine the measure of an honest man. I want to say that the right answers are what matter most, not whether or not those answers were "fed" my someone else. President Bush is a good messenger regardless.

Thanks, Scott Zale, Senior Staff Accountant, Bush-Cheney Tennessee.

Say-what? 10.Oct.2004 08:27


The coments from bothe sides off the fense would be mor beleivabl if the riters could spel 'n use proper grammar!!

Incredible 10.Oct.2004 08:37


Incredible. Assuming that's actually Scott Zale posting, he doesn't even deny the charges -- he merely wants the blog shut down and everyone to stop talking about it "for the good of the country." Well, dumbass, some of us think having a dishonest cheat as President is not for the good of the country.

Wired Bush Gets Euro Coverage 10.Oct.2004 09:00

American in Europe

The bulge was reported by the BBC.  http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/3730364.stm

Where ABC and Fox go... 10.Oct.2004 09:14

Brad Menfil

Scott Zale is right, "Brad Menfil" is not my real name and I didn't hear this story from him, he heard it from me. Sorry Scott.

I do work for Bush-Cheney and I can olny say that the substance of my first posting is correct, even though I used a fake name. I hope everybody understands why I would do this.

I got a call from Scott this morning (actually, about 10 minutes ago). He said that he had been contacted by ABC and Fox after his own posting.

I don't share his belief that ignoring this would be good for the country. I'm sorry I involved Scott and didn't have enough courage to use my real name. I hope the truth gets out and Scott is absolved.

Thanks for reading this, "Brad Menfil."

Huh? 10.Oct.2004 09:21


First let me say I'm a Democrat and a Kerrey supporter. Then let me say that you people are troppi pazzi. What you're saying, if I can summarize, is that Bush was being fed answers, and the answers he was fed were the incoherent blather that we heard in the first debate. I repeat..Huh?

Bush Wired 10.Oct.2004 09:29

An English Girl living in D.C.

My dear American friends, why are you surprised that such important information has yet to be picked up by US media? - they don't even allow US coffins coming back from Iraq to be shown, and most viewers of Fox News still think we found WMD there!

Why not try BBC online for some REAL journalism - who picked up on the Bush-wired story this morning...I get criticised daily for being a "wimpy, sissy European", all I can say is that at least we still have journalist with balls...

You don't seem too bright Rico 10.Oct.2004 09:32


First of all, you should really learn to spell the name of the candidate you supposedly support.

Second, cheating does not imply winning, or even doing well. And the wire theory perfectly explains all the weird pauses before Bush started answering.

As to the BBC item, I'm left with one question: how many people are aware that Bush has his suits custom-made by a guy named "Georges de Paris?"

The bulge wasn't a wire... 10.Oct.2004 10:04


...it was just the scar from when he had his heart removed.

us media 10.Oct.2004 10:21


As to why the US media hasn't picked up on it -- first of all, they have to some extent. But given the recent CBS National Guard memo debacle, they are going to be very cautious. The U.S. media is also very sensitive to charges that they are slanted to the left, which at times can make them functionally conservative.

One thing I want to do is watch the debates again. Anyone know a site that has them archived in their entirety?

TO MCI 10.Oct.2004 10:37


c-span has the debates in their entirety....get a good laugh

Earpiece? 10.Oct.2004 10:48

Gray Fox

An external earpiece?
Reuters photo with enhancements (debate 1)
Reuters photo with enhancements (debate 1)

bush was wired, yes 10.Oct.2004 10:58


i believed mr. bush was wired during the debate

replay debate 10.Oct.2004 11:10

shocked and awed

Watch the debates in their entirety at www.c-span.org. We noticed and commented frequently on the odd pauses and the lumpy jacket when we first watched the debates on tv; this theory certainly would explain a lot. not surprising but pretty sad to contemplate....

Preventing the voters from voting and what you can do to fight this 10.Oct.2004 11:22

spotted owl

You guys crack me up with the comments about Bush and his (possible) electronic "helper" in the debate! It sounds plausible, and god knows, the Bushies would not hesitate to do it if they thought it would help. If Bush did have a wire, and you could prove that, it would obviously be a tremendous story.

But since you can't prove it, why not do something to help that can actually be constructive? The Bushies have been known to use their methodology to keep people from voting, by telling uninformed voters at the polls that they could not vote unless they had their drivers license with them, or that they had to bring their sample ballot with them, etc. This issue is called "VOTER INTIMIDATION AND FRAUD."

You can help prevent this by contacting your local party headquarters and signing up to be a poll watcher on November 2nd. You would have to spend some time during November 2nd, at your voting place, watching for voter intimidation and reporting it to the polling manager that is on duty. Voter intimidation and fraud is a felony crime, but from all the accounts, a lot of it occurred four years ago in Florida, and thousands of voters who were eligibl to vote were turned away. IN some cases, the Republicans simply issued "challenges" at the various voting places, which jammed up the lines and kept people from voting until after the 7:00 pm deadline.

How about volunteering to help prevent this on Election Day?
Call your local party HQ and sign up!!

WHOA HO!!! 10.Oct.2004 11:47


35 comments thus far...for such a small question...thanks for the input...going back outside now...to see what other shit I mite be able to stir up!

The White House Response 10.Oct.2004 12:10


What is interesting is I thought they meaning the White House would have a logical explanation about the obvious rectangle shape in the center of his back. There response is what shocked me. They basically said there was nothing there or just a wrinkle in the fabric. Wow. That is very telling. And by the way watch his eyes, they dart back and forth as if someone is telling him something. I have a friend who worked with schizophrenics and she said those are the same faces they make when they think they are hearing voices. Of course he is actually hearing voices.

What about the earbud in his right ear on Friday night? 10.Oct.2004 12:27

Saw it in Seattle

I hadn't heard or seen anything about Bush being wired in the first debate. But, in Friday's debate there was one shot that had a pretty good view of his right profile. I saw what looked like a small black earbud in his right ear. I was incredulous and couldn't believe what I had seen. But when you reflect on some of his responses, especially the reference to the infamous Dred Scott decision, it makes sense that someone said that into his ear to make some kind of point. Does anyone really believe that George Bush would even have ever heard of that case? He never went to law school, didn't major in history and has no experience with the civil rights movement. But, he knows about the Dred Scott case? More importantly, the President's spokesperson isn't flat out denying it. He just says it's ridiculous. This is a common way of avoiding a flat out denial so as not to be put in the positon of being a liar.

His "wire" malfunctioned 10.Oct.2004 12:28


Bush was wired during Debate #1 -- you'd have to be blind (or looking through Bush's "rose colored glasses" to think otherwise. At one point in the debate, with plenty of response time (the green light hadn't even come on) and with no one interrupting him, he said in mid-sentence "let me finish!" and then finished his sentence. That is indicative of him hearing someone talking and him wanting to finish before getting more information -- he just forgot the talking was coming from his transceiver. Next, he was not wearing a bullet proof vest, as the White House and campaign officials have already said he wasn't. Finally, shortly after his "let me finish" blunder, he was then scowling more than ever, twisting, shifting, and in some points looking as if he would cry from frustration, and it was then that he really started to do poorly in responses and rebuttals. I think his signal either got jammed or his transceiver quit working and he was left in front of all America without a prompter. His transceiver was working nicely for Debate #2, where he had it concealed under one side of his jacket and did fidget with it several times. He was hyperactive and overexuberant, and had the same shifty eyed looks going on as many have perceived people listening through devices do). Ah well, no matter. I figure those already dumb enough to vote for him are going to do so; and the rest of us who were born with common sense, will outnumber them and get him and his puppetmasters out of office before more harm is done to our country. Peace out.

Bush wired 10.Oct.2004 12:33

a viewer

I saw the photo on the news tonight. It sure looked like a wire on his back. When he was speaking the other day, I thought to myself that he must be suffering from osteoporosis (as myself and some older friends) in his back. Funny I should have thought that but he had a 'humpy' back that I had never really noticed before. Well, why not. The man is obviously an idiot.

An incredible story 10.Oct.2004 13:26

Brooklyn NY lady

This is an amazing story, if true. I mean, I've never liked Bush and expect the worst in dirty tricks from him and his handlers, but having a hidden voice guiding him thru what is presented to the public as a live debate, a give-and-take between the candidates -- that is a new low. Thanks to all of you who are trying to get to the bottom of this.

Bulge Exposed! 10.Oct.2004 13:31


That bulge under Bush's jacket - that's where Sharon attached the puppet strings.

Why is that surprising? 10.Oct.2004 13:57

Thomas Jefferson, XIII

Is anyone surprised that Bush likely cheated during the first debate? After he cheated to become president in the first place, what's a measly debate? Does anyone know anything about the connection of the Bush family to Hinkley, President Reagan's assassin? I heard that the Bush family was friends with the Hinkleys in Texas, and that they had strong business-related reasons to attack Reagan.

One More Reason why We Can’t Trust Bush 10.Oct.2004 13:58

Doug in Austin

I find this significant in that it's one more bit of information that tells us who we have leading us: a guy who cannot trust his own judgment in a debate situation, and one whose advisers obviously can't trust their man to stand on his own. Do we want this kind of "leadership" determining the fate of the world over the next four years? If he can't trust his own judgment, his own intellect, how can we? Having a leader who lacks good judgment and self-reliance is a dreadful mistake, and when he uses technology to pretend he is smart and capable, to create a false image, then he is willfully deceiving the American people (yet again). That is fraudulent and dishonest.* We deserve better than that! I think Kerry is right on target with his "weapons of mass deception" comment.

(* Politics as usual, I suppose, but still, we can do way better than Bush.)

Be sure you read this letter from a guy who has served as an interpreter for Bush. It explains quite a lot. There's also another story here about Bush having a temper tantrum when he thought he had no outside audience. The interpreter's letter is at this URL:

Thanks for making a positive difference!

"Wiredgate" 10.Oct.2004 14:01


People saw the Bulge..... it's making it's way into the news.... Bush will be caught cheating in the first debate..... Kerry will win the election.... Bush can go back to playing "Chainsaw" on his ranch. The End.

They're both wired 10.Oct.2004 14:03



can you say EVIL

E V I L that's how you spell it.

that's what these men are.

The only reason we know thier fucking names is cause some sick corperations wanted us to.

OOOOh what great platforms! The drug companies versus the oil companies round 20.

thanks alot corperate fucking media.

Can somebody remind me why this shit is on indymedia again?

ooogly googly boo!

Wired is credible 10.Oct.2004 14:57


The general tenor of the Republican Party and a large segment of its supporters is exemplified by the comments of "Citizen Cane". More and more of them are vile people who are steadily eroding the quality of life in our great country. They are small in spirit and in previous times we could afford to treat them with contempt, and generally ignore them, but now they are thick on the ground. There have always been Tom Delays, Newt Gingriches and Dick Cheneys - and louts like the Cane creature who support them - but now they seem to be in the majority. And all this makes the idea of Bush carrying concealed communications equipment entirely credible. In the last debate he was a damn sight more articulate than ever seen in previous performances, and as someone has pointed out his demeanor was often suggestive of someone listening hard. Quite often his eye blink rate was extremely fast too. Remember, this was the man who appeared before the 9/11 Commission with Cheney in tow. Ask yourself why.
Some time ago I read one of the most accurate assessments of the Republican Party's ethos. It said:
The principal item on the agenda of the Republican Party is to ensure the smooth transfer of wealth from those who have little to those who have much.

Not A Chance 10.Oct.2004 15:04


Alright guys let's be sensible. I'm hardcore Democratic. There's no way I think Bush wore a wire. Why? If you listened at all to the man, he sounded like the biggest, most idiotic jackass the world's ever seen (he is). His advisors aren't quite THAT dumb. No one is. Bush had to be operating on his own, or he might have sounded smart. Then the general public would KNOW it wasn't Mr. Bush who came up with those responses.

time to be real. 10.Oct.2004 15:17


at the moment...in the first debate...when bush... for no apparent reason! says "let me finish!!" to some phantom entity ... I knew bush had been receving information from a remote location....more clues...the way bush would break the continuity of his sentence structure....was more than telling....Being the original author of this post...I had no idea nor did I see the bulge on his back,under his coat...(althought it is reported he.. bush..stuffs socks in his BVD's)...another interest fact...the way Karl Rove jumped up and ran to the wings ...check your replays.. he's the balding guy in the light or tan suit running from the front seats to the left...this can be seen clearly!...CNN is reporting that the bush camp is saying "it's not so"....in my viewing of the second debate it was so apparent...I made the post during the middle of it....

Doubt it... 10.Oct.2004 15:25


Not that I wouldn't put it above the Bushies to try such a stunt. However, whatever he was listening to didn't help at all; reasons for my doubt. Unless, of course, Bush is so fucking stupid that even with a wire he comes across as a blithering idiot. If that's the case, more fucking reason to vote for Kerry. I don't understand the poster above claiming that Kerry cheated. he doesn't need to, there's some intelligence in the man. As far as Bush, more evidence that he has lived off his daddy's influence. This man got into Yale? My daughter is getting D's and F's in the Portland school district and can speak with better oration than Bush.

Joystick 10.Oct.2004 15:47

Vince nurseman916@yahoo.com

I can just see Carl Rove with a Joystick in a back room and Dick Cheney with a microphone, and a list of words for Puppet George!

I did it. 10.Oct.2004 15:56


I wore a wire and I don't deserve your vote. Please vote me out of office so I can go back to Texas and dig for night crawlers. Starting January 21, 2004, I only want to endanger the lives of night crawlers and not people.

Please vote against every Republican a-hole (that would all of us)and help put this country back on the right track.

Bye for now. I need to go and have the wire in my neck replaced. Seems they used a cheap copper type and it's beginning to get infected.

God Bless John Kerry!

Bush Wired? 10.Oct.2004 16:12

F V Hayden

I guess I wasn't looking for a wire. I was looking at Bush expecting that as the pressure ratchets up he might appear at one of the debates drunk. Keep your eyes open for the signs of the Prez off the wagon. Remember the "I swallowed peanuts the wrong way and passed out" in the fall of 2002. "I was watching a football game." Yeah, sure. He's self will run riot and he's just a day closer to his next drunk.


Test the Theory 10.Oct.2004 16:43


It should be possible to test the 'wired' theory and, if true, block and/or expose the use of the wire during debate #3.

While Dubya has unlimited access to the latest spy toys and electronic devices,from NSA, CIA, DIA, etc, there are also countermeasure devices employed by security firms to sweep a room for suspected transmitters, and other devices to scan frequencies in order to monitor, amplify, jam, and/or rebroadcast incoming transmissions.

If a news organization or other 'person with access' to the next debate can lug along that kind of hardware, it should be easy enough to detect, expose and/or jam the wire if it is being used -- for the amusement, shock and awe of a worldwide TV audience.

Imagine the fun if someone ran a few thousand watts of Boze-size amplification into Dubya's ear, rolling his eyes like cherries on a slot machine. Indeed, if he is wired, the mere possiblity of a 'jammer' in the audience could pucker the fucker and have him sweating bullets. That's why the media should be pushed to run this story to ground. If they are hot to scoop each other with the prime-time news expose of the century -- no, of the entire history of the country -- this would certainly be worth the price of the equipment at Radio Shack.

However, I tend to agree with those on this thread who say Bush did too poorly to be wired to a coach. Yet the possibility defintely exists that it's true and everyone in the 4th Reich who could be coaching this guy are as stupid as he is (but smarter than Bush voters). Now THAT theory has possibilities, most of them real scary.

Why we should vote Bush 10.Oct.2004 16:56

sick of arrogant, lying Republicans

Bush has made such a HUGE mess during his 4 year watch....1)the economy in a huge deficit 2) "liberating" countries around the world when he cannot take care of his own poverty-stricken citizens 3) the US is hated and booed around the world (they did not show the booing during Olympics on the US news, now did they?) 4) killing our own soldiers by sending them to some useless war so as to match body for body what Al Qaeda did to us 5) killed off our environment by rescinding every existing policy 6) taken away our privacy rights in the name of Patriotism and 7) gives a crap about science or technology (the uneducated ---- that he is) ...the list goes on and on. SO I ask you: why the hell should a Dem Prez come in and clean up after this stupid, dyslexic, idiot's huge mess?

he did 10.Oct.2004 17:06

he looked like he did

My wife and I both thought so, But then I thought otherwise since that would mean there was actually someone else dumber than he is.

If the News Media Won’t Investigate, Let’s Hire a Detective 10.Oct.2004 17:17

Doug in Austin

People keep saying Bush's performance was too poor in the debates for him to have been coached/wired. Come on! His performance was inconsistent to a point of being wildly variable. At times he acted like he was drunk or retarded (or both!), and then, after a pause, sometimes with frenzied eye movement, he'd snap back with a potent answer. Sometimes he was really "on" and at other times he was unbelievably "off." Oftentimes he appeared just plain confused. Don't you think this kind of erratic behavior makes sense if he's trying to concentrate on Kerry, the moderator, his own muddled thoughts, and a coach's voice in his ear?

Let's lobby George Soros to hire a detective to sweep Bush for a hidden communication device during the next debate; I'm sure he'd love to score such a coup! (Soros is a billionaire who's spending lots of money to defeat Bush.)


If you want more on this subject, be sure to go to the site that's all about Bush being wired:


BBC runs the 'Bush Wired' story 10.Oct.2004 17:34

Leo leonardtr77@hotmail.com

well it might not be the american 'main stream media' but the BBC picked-up the story.
 http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/americas/3730364.stm they pretty musc dismiss it as a wrikle in his suit, which i think i believe. yes, i know bush is a dumb ass, who needs all the help he can get, but it's hard to believe that he doesn't have axcess to a smaller wire. i'm sure carl rove and karen hughes have very small devices at their disposal. i'd like to see another pic of the 'wire.' it was a 90 min. debate and if he had a buldge you'd think there would be more than on pic. what i'm saying is that it's very unlikely that the picture shows a wire, but that is not to say that george jr. was not wired

IMPOSSIBLE!!! 10.Oct.2004 17:57


There is no, I repeat NO possibility that Bush was wired during the debate.

I happen to know, for a fact, that the ability to detect audible sounds from such a device requires a neocortex. Since I personally removed Bush's neocortex during an operation in late 2001 due to extensive cocaine- and alcohol-binge induced necrosis during the 1980's, I am rather certain that he could not have detected any such signals or sounds.

video showing wire 10.Oct.2004 17:57


Go to this site  http://video.msn.com/video/p.htm you can view the debate its broken down in clips, play the one about the draft about 1:50 into the clip he's talking about real time messages and you can see the wire its under his tie.

watch for yourself 10.Oct.2004 18:56

Scooty-Puff Jr.

For those of you with Cox Cable, the debate can be watched again for free, using the "entertainment on demand" feature under "movies/election 2004" (channel 700? here); cost $0.00...at least that's what they've got here in the OKC metro. Notice in the opening ceremony, when both candidates shake hands, Kerry places his left hand right on the spot where the "device" has been spotted, then walks to his podium with this huge grin on his face! I damn near soiled myself! Talk about an "October Surprise"...


sort it out! 10.Oct.2004 20:06

a brit

get rid of this idot he makes your country look very very stupid.(putting is short and brief)

Very interesting comments here 10.Oct.2004 20:16

brian in PA

First let me preface this by saying, its obvious Bush was wearing 'something' under his jacket, and to my eyes, looks like a solid device of somekind... But that's not why I am adding a comment. While reading this page (which shows up under google as the first link for 'video bush wired') I noticed a obvious postings that can only be have one purpose. To diminish discussion about possible misconduct by the President, with seemingly 'crackpot' ideas.

That's pathetic... To all of you out there about to post a 'crackpot idea' to dilute this point of view, you should take a hard look at the values you hold up as noble.


Surprised? 10.Oct.2004 20:34

Just a Canadian

Why are you all so surprised about Bush being wired?
He cheated all his life and this election is no different!
Good luck to sane Americans and get this embicile out of the White House

A Robot President? 10.Oct.2004 20:43


This question of Bush being remotely prompted during the presidential debates is very serious business which should be carefully investigated. If Bush is actually being fed his lines like some kind of robot we are in real trouble as a nation. We do not need a robot running our nation in these dangerous times. There are some disturbing signs that "Robotgate" may be a reality and not a wild conspiracy theory. What, for example, is the odd earpiece clearly evident in numerous photographs and videos of George Bush? Look at the following website where Bush's mysterious earpiece is seen clearly in photos from just after the first debate:


As many experts have pointed out, there is no need of a wire running up to the earpiece. A wireless transmission from the receiver/transmitter hidden under his clothing would not be a problem. Clearly it is pointless looking for another bulge in Bush's jacket at this point since his handlers would have moved the equipment to another location on his body by now. It's a shame, but I doubt it would be allowed to frisk the president. I do not see a problem, however, in insisting that the candidates remove any earpieces they may be wearing. The only excuse I can see for not doing so is if the earpiece in question is a miniature hearing aid. If that is what the earpiece actually is the president should simply document the fact and clear this up immediately. Otherwise there is no conceivable excuse for Bush to be wearing an earpiece during the third debate. I think the earpiece may be the key here and this should be vigorously pursued. Perhaps the moderator of the third debate could ask George Bush about this directly and request that he remove the earpiece if he is still wearing it at that time.

Certainly there are some extraordinarily bizarre expressions, pauses and statements made by the president during the debates; as when he exclaimed, "I, I, uh- let me finish..." when the green light was still lit and it was clear he had time left to speak. It was as if he was inadvertently talking to a voice which was continuing to talk in his ear while he was still talking. It is not wild conspiratorial thinking to wonder what prompts bizarre behavior such as this. These are sound and reasonable questions which require an answer.

Why did the Bush administration initially insist on the condition that no cameras be placed behind the candidates? Were they afraid the cameras might reveal dandruff on their candidate? That is a seemingly bizarre condition; but there must have been a reason for it. No? Maybe, just maybe, it was because of the original positioning of Bush's receiver/transmitter.

What about the CNN D-day broadcast where viewers heard a voice (not Bush's) speaking Bush's lines before he said them and then heard Bush repeating the lines, often with slight variations?

There are far too many unanswered questions here. This is not the stuff of wild-eyed conspiracy theorists. There are legitimate reasons to launch a serious investigation into this matter and it should be done immediately. As I have said, these are dangerous times and the last thing we need is a robot president.

have faith 10.Oct.2004 21:43

true believer

It was just a wardrobe malfunction, nothing more.

"Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain." : )

Let's see the suit 10.Oct.2004 21:51

JD - Santa Cruz, CA

Bush's people blamed the suit bulge on 'bad tailoring'. Well, let's see the suit. Show it to us, with it's boxy bulge and all, and maybe we'll believe (if it wasn't altererd or a different one). In any case, I'd sure like to see someone examine the suit he wore. If it's not the suit, it's something hidden.

duh 10.Oct.2004 22:48


of course hes wired, hes the fucking president...morons

Will the real President stand up please ? 10.Oct.2004 23:11


A wired President speaking the way somebody wants him to speak is dangerous to American people and also to the connected countries. American tax payer's money is being spent and probably somebody else is running the country. Dangerous situation ! American public must investigate this thoroughly.

"let me finsh" 11.Oct.2004 01:01


For people to make up their own minds.

big deal 11.Oct.2004 07:50


this is nothing new. the reason the media does not report these stories is due to the fact that they already new this infomation. do you seriously believe the media, the 4th state that is in the habit for creating news, would like to see the current keepers of power to leave in shame. they are good for business. in fact, several months ago, the President had a press conference with french president chirac and they experienced heavy feedback on national t.v. You could actually hear the voice feeding him the answers, and bush repeating them word for word. this was also followed by chirac bowing to the embarrassing situation and playing along with the coverup. but all in all, it dosen't really matter. the president is a figurehead that represents a goverment of the people. they are just trying to convey there ideas to a public that has no idea what it wants. one day everybody wants war. the media, the private sector, the people... to fill there empty lives, and the next day everybody is complaining. today policy is dictated by quick polls from uneducated voters that have no idea of the complex situations that have been gestating for several decades. the american public is the inconsistant element in this unstable compound. bush may be fed the answers, but can you blame him. satisfing the hungry media (who are starving because the american public is starving for sensation)is the problem. maybe if the public was well and made a bit of sense, goverment would have no choice but to make sense. the polls would demand it. everybody is so concerned with this topic, it is a waste of mental energy to worry about this. move on.

Bush was wired 11.Oct.2004 08:28

Larry Clairmont

Bush was wired!! The reason Bush was so bad during the debate was because the device was not working and he was like a deer in headlights!!!

Satire or Invasion? 11.Oct.2004 08:28


In this single frame from the second debate you can clearly see what appears to be a green tentacle emerging from the hump on Bush's back. If you enlarge this image you can even see some red specks (blood?) coming out of the damn thing. God knows what this cursed thing is. This may well explain the bizarre expressions and eye movements of our president. This horrible thing may well have control of his central nervous system. Is it any wonder that our hapless president sometimes makes sense and at other times sounds like a blithering idiot? This creature (be it alien or some diabolic spawn) may well have ordered the attack on Iraq and the strange and perverse forced nudity requirement of prisoners. God help us all if these hellish things are reproducing.

I had this image checked by an expert who informed me that it is consistent with a tentacle with an array of suction cups on the bottom and what is possibly spores of some kind emerging from the tip. He also noted what appears to be some specks of blood and a small tear or laceration of the president's jacket at the point of the emergence from the hump.

Here is the actual image of the emergence:

PORTLAND INDY - YOU GO GIRL 11.Oct.2004 09:09


So, if any of the above is credible,,, it implies the "TV NEWS PEOPLE" are reading our humble yet persistent little indy media rag...if that's the case i just want to take this opportunity to say...

FUCK YOU FOX NEWS - YOU AND YOUR VIEWERS ARE IDIOTS (except the simpsons)...AND FUCK MR MURDOCH TOO! (In the figurative sense only, of course)

Actually there is a more detailed discussion at... 11.Oct.2004 10:49

Prog Grrl

...Daily Kos.

Go to:

This "story"/"rumor" started with Kos discussions after first debate (first pic was actually posted there by a Brit reader); Salon.com ran a story last Friday. You guys here ought to read it, because there is more evidence supporting this than still frames from BOTH debates (at the RNC, TV crews were asked what frequencies they were going to feed; there is video of previous live events with Bush in which secondary voices were 'accidentally' caught on the audio feeds). The NY Times, Washington Post, and AP News Wire (which mentioned the www.IsBushWired.com site), picked up on this on Friday/Saturday, that's when BBC got involved.

So now we hear on this site, the additional news that other Legacy Media are investigating.

This is GOOD - we Americans need more information on this. The press need to take this seriously, but consider all the possibilities.

Which leads me back to Kos - go to the Kos Diary listed above for a pretty detailed discussion on BULGEGATE/WIREGATE, designed to minimize the "tin-foil hattery" angle.

That diary is about the back bulges viewed on camera during BOTH debates. There is also a separate diary that discusses a black wire under Bush's tie during the second debate, with some good frame grabs and video links, posted here:

(but some of us in that Diary suspect this wire is just TV-standard back-up mike wiring in case the cordless handheld mike was down)

Corporate Media Spies & Lies/ Cascadian Community Rocks 11.Oct.2004 11:30


PDX IMC is quoted in corporate media quite frequently. Mostly locally but, nationally too. Sometimes entire articles are copied, switched around a little bit, and then printed. Our humble IMC is slowly but surely becoming more widely viewed. Last month there were over 2 million hits to the site. We recieve emails from and posts from people all over the world.
In my opinion, we owe it to all of you who devote time to reporting your own original stories making the content here one of a kind. Original and up to the minute updated content and the forum is what keeps everyone coming back and bringing their friends. Thanks to all who contribute to Portland(Southern Cascadia) indymedia! Everybody rocks!

Wired means something else to me 11.Oct.2004 11:34


When I first read the headline I assumed it was discussing the fact that Mr Bush was 'wired' on drink or drugs or both.

I see that it doesn't. But really how do you explain the stupendous stupidity of the man, the malapropisms and the lack of knowledge about really basic issues if he isn't either permanantly pissed (drunk) or drug-addled or is suffering the longer-term effects of such abuse?

Non-Dneial Denial 11.Oct.2004 11:41


Note the non-denial denial in Scott Zale's post up-thread here.

No where does he contradict the actual substance of what is asserted by "Brad".... just screaming about how he was drug into the issue and "Brad " is a false name.. blah blah blah.

Personally I think this issue is somewhat of a distraction, given the abject bullshit spewed by the Chimp-in-Chief.

Like the Fright-Wing™ myth that Kerry voted for the war. Kerry's vote was for the use of military force IF inspections were blocked. They were blocked, but by Bush not by Iraq. Inspectors were on the ground, however they had to be pulled out because of Bush's petulant rush to war.

Or the myth that Kerry voted against THE appropriations funding it. Bush forced passage of a SUPPLEMENTAL funding bill which increased the deficit, charging $87 billion plus interest to our children and grandchildren. Kerry supported the competing version which actually paid for it which Bush threatened to veto. Hence the clumsy sound-bite "Kerry voted for it, before voting against it."

Kerry's position on both Iraq and funding has been consistent, alas so has the Bush noise-machine trying to paint it otherwise with fact-less rhetoric.

BUt the Fright-Wing™ plan and modus operandi has been (for decades now) to swarm the system with bullshit and expect the media to try and maintain "balance" by picking gnat-shit out of pepper and comparing and equating Kerry saying the Iraq war has cost us $200 billion ($191 so far if you include all the supplemental and the interest) or not.. when the big lies go unchallenged by the media such as the actual conclusions of the Dulfer report, etc. etc.

It's all "shiny moneys"... used to distract and increases the noise-to-signal to get the public to tune out. WHich is how the Firght-Wing™ gain and consolidate their hold on power. They want a divided America, that is the only way they have gained power, is by division, lies, smears, and getting you to turn against your own interests with simplistic xenophobic fear-mongering.

CNN's wimp ass coverage 11.Oct.2004 12:59


Yesterday @ 12noon Cnn had this story 3rd on the Headline news..by 3:00pm it was 2nd to the top story and by midnight it had fallen to the last 5 min. of the half hr. broadcast. BUT the photo they showed during the day was of the FRONT!! of Bush AND the photo they showed at midnight was one of Bush from the back at an angle where his jacket is actually "rumpled" haphazard wrinkles like you would expect with loose falling fabric. Wimp ass report. They only put the photo where he is leaning on the podium on the website.. not on the air... and it is a DARK photo so the outline of the box is not as distinct. WHAT ARE THEY AFRAID OF?? We just want to know what the hell the clear as day, rectangular shape under his coat ,easily seen by our family and millions..on the first debate was! Who is going to ask Bush? If I hadn't seen it so clearly myself during the debate.. I would be less interested. But CNN's "internet rumor" story is an insult to those who just want to know. It is not just an internet rumor...all the major newspapers are asking as well.

to clarify pdx-workerbee's statement 11.Oct.2004 13:19


There were over 2 million pages served last month, not hits. "Hits" generally refers to total web requests and that number would be over 6 million last month.

Puppetgate Is Serious! 11.Oct.2004 13:47


I feel obliged to mention that while I got a chuckle out of posting the "Satire or Invasion?" piece (above), I really do take this "Puppetgate" thing very seriously. President Bush's apparent "wiring" for transmission appears to be causing a scandal which may cripple his ability to conduct business internationally. That's not good. I guess we'll have to elect a new president.

Zale-Menfil stinks 11.Oct.2004 15:55


I'm definitely curious about the Bush bulge, but these postings by Zale and Menfil smell like a hoax to me. There's no way to know who posted these messages. If a Bush campaign worker were really getting calls from Fox News, I find it difficult to believe that he would be posting a non-denial on some Portland blog site. And "Brad's" confession seems even more dubious. For some more investigation of this issue, check out www.isbushwired.com.

To whomever is trying to perpretrate this hoax (if that's what it is): you're not helping your cause. Remember how the fake National Guard letter on CBS stopped everyone from treating the National Guard issue seriously.

Scott Zale and Knoxville Times 11.Oct.2004 16:04

Knoxville Resident

Re: Scott Zale's post in which he claims to have been contacted by a Knoxville Times reporter: There is no such newspaper. I have lived in Knoxville for over a decade.

re: Knoxville Times 11.Oct.2004 16:23


It's online: www.knoxvilletimes.com. Seems weird to create on online local paper. Maybe it's fake, but if so, someone went to a lot of work to make a fake online paper b/c all the links seem to work. Even if the paper is real, those posts could be fake.

Knoxville Times 11.Oct.2004 16:40

Knoxville Resident

I agree that someone has gone to an awful lot of work to create a fake online newspaper. According to knoxvilletimes.com, the October 11, 2004 issue of this publication is issue 173. It's interesting to note, therefore, that a Google search for "Knoxville Times" does not bring this site up w/in the first ten links, while a Google search for "Knoxvilletimes" refers us to knoxvilletimes.com with the cached text "Knoxville Times will be launched very soon. Please check back in a few days."

Especially priceless is the travel section of the October 11, 2004 issue, which gives a glowing review of the Hyatt Regency Almaty, Kazakhstan!

Listening in to Bush's inner voice 11.Oct.2004 17:55


Follow the links provided on cannonfire.blogspot.com to the CNN video of the Bush's D-Day memorial speech.

"Knoxville Times" 11.Oct.2004 17:58


I love that hotel.

Point taken; I stand corrected. The paper is definitely a hoax. The Kazakhstan hotel review is the only article that's actually on the website. All of the others are links to other news sites. Also, the "Post to our (fake) letters forum" link takes you to the "Contact Us" page, Issue 17. Still, someone put a lot of work into this size. Crazy.


KNOXVILLETIMES.COM 11.Oct.2004 18:01


Mainstream Capital EC
PO Box 71
Milsons Point, New South 2061


Administrative Contact:
John Mcevoy  jmcevoy@bigpond.net.au
Mainstream Capital EC
PO Box 71
Milsons Point, New South 2061
Phone: 61 413 592 865
Fax: 61 2 9251 4686
Technical Contact:
John Mcevoy  jmcevoy@bigpond.net.au
Mainstream Capital EC
PO Box 71
Milsons Point, New South 2061
Phone: 61 413 592 865
Fax: 61 2 9251 4686

Record updated on 2004-08-06 18:21:30
Record created on 2003-08-19
Record expires on 2005-08-19
Database last updated on 2004-09-20 19:17:52 EST

Domain servers in listed order:


More on Knoxville Times hoax 11.Oct.2004 18:07


Posted by someone at www.isbushwired.com:

Here is the info for the KNOXVILLETIMES.COM
It was created on 2003-08-19 and the current owner is John Mcevoy:  jmcevoy@bigpond.net.au who claims to be with some company called "Mainstream Capital EC" in New South Whales Australia. If someone wants to call him his listed phone number is: 61 413 592 865
Interestingly enough the domain that these servers sit on, 100.com is also owned by John Mcevoy.

Here's the raw info with Addresses:

Mainstream Capital EC
PO Box 71
Milsons Point, New South 2061


Administrative Contact-
John Mcevoy:  jmcevoy@bigpond.net.au
Mainstream Capital EC
PO Box 71
Milsons Point, New South 2061
Phone- 61 413 592 865
Fax- 61 2 9251 4686
Technical Contact-
John Mcevoy:  jmcevoy@bigpond.net.au
Mainstream Capital EC
PO Box 71
Milsons Point, New South 2061
Phone- 61 413 592 865
Fax- 61 2 9251 4686

Record update date: 2004-08-06 18:21:30
Record create date: 2003-08-19
Record expires on: 2005-08-19
Database last updated on: 2004-09-20 19:17:52 EST

Domain servers in listed order:



Here is more info on Mainstream Capital EC:

The ownership company Mainstream Capital EC, headquartered in Manama, Bahrain, with offices in Sydney, Australia, employs editors who regularly review, monitor, edit and rank listings for popular search terms. The site also provides an extensive online news service, which extends to several hundred categories, providing news for all main topics, and for each major city, country and region in the world.

Knoxville Times Hoax 11.Oct.2004 18:26

Rich Q

Be very carefull of this... This looks very much like the type of trick Karl Rove and the RNC like to use to discredit critics in the press. Plant a plausible story that sounds true ( and of course is based on something real ) and then sucker over anxious reporters into reporting on it - then proving it's a hoax - story then dropped - believed to be discredited - no double jeopardy in the press.

I did a "whois" search on www.knoxvilletimes.com at networksolutions.com and the owner is a company called Mainstream Capital EC with adminitrative contact in Australia. They seem to be a company that buys plausible domain names to resell them to companys who might want them someday. I googled "Mainstream Capital EC" and came up that they are based in Bahrain (Oil - Middle East) with offices in Australia.

There is a very serious effort to sucker in the press here.

Rove is clever - I just finished reading a novel that was recently published called "Slick" - it's about a PR person who manipulates the news - I wouldn't be surprised if Rove has also read this since he is a PR person - anyway - part of the plot involves planting a basically true story to the media using false evidence - that seems to verify bad things suspected about his client - an entertainer - then after taking the heat for a couple of days "Proof" comes out that the person making the claims was lying - press drops the story - client looks like the victim - the good guy.

This fake news site required a very well financed organized effort to get it up so quickly. In my opinion it is not something that an individual could put together quickly, the above motivation is all I can think of.

Knoxville Times hoax 11.Oct.2004 18:33


I'm thinking that this Mcevoy guy used the technology owned by his company to create the "Knoxville Times".

not a serious effort...? 11.Oct.2004 19:03


You people must know Tennesseans very well. Whoever did it was probably a VOL fan. I mean, damn, they won in Athens this weekend? It's a couple of drunk rednecks, wearing orange, laughing their ass's off ,at you, as I write!

In Response To The "Knoxville Incident" 11.Oct.2004 20:17

"Brad Menfil"

I'm back. I've been reading the responses to this blog and the posting on "isbushwired.com." I suggest that somebody contact ABC and/or Fox News to get more information. According to Scott Zale, he told both organizations what he knew about the "Wired President." Thanks.

Knoxville Times, Scott and Brad 11.Oct.2004 20:22

Joseph Cannon http://cannonfire.blogspot.com cannonfiremail@yahoo.com

First, I want to thank you folks for this debate.

As some of you may know, I've been following the Bush "earpiece" story, and I've written about the "Scott and Brad" version of events. At first, I was very excited by the possibilities. Now, the whole matter seems to be an elaborate hoax -- a tar baby designed to capture investigators.

I disagree with anyone who thinks that this sideshow can be ascribed to a couple of drunken good ol' boys. The home for the "Knoxville Times" site is AUSTRALIA. Setting up a fake news page is no small undertaking.

Also, I've been able to turn up no trace of a "Scott Zale" in Tennessee. The only Zales in that state with listed numbers never heard of him.

The more I read the statements by "Scott" and "Brad," the more convinced I become that they were phoney, and possibly issued by the same person.

We seem to have stubbed our toes onto some sort of...well, an operation, for want of a better term. I don't know what the ultimate goal of this masquerade was. We may never know. But consdier this: The Republican party HQ in Knoxville DID confirm to "Is Bush Wired" that Scott Zale exists -- even though I now doubt that he DOES exist.

Curious, eh wot?

-- Joseph Cannon Cannonfire  http://cannonfire.blogspot.com

Time for a thorough review of the usage logs. 11.Oct.2004 21:02

Because I'm tired of y'all being idiots.

I am not a technical person. However, I happen to have recently reviewed the (huge) usage logs for a web site. Because of that, I know that this post, every single other post that's made on every web site in the world, and every DOWNLOAD from every web site in the world is tracked. Logged.

Don't believe me? Here, have a look at this:


So. There is a web log associated with this page. If there are six million hits, you're talking about a data file that's six million lines long. Not so fun to review, but I'm sure that if I can manage to muddle through it with nothing other than Word and determination, some techie can do it in real time with real wattage.

So how about if the Indymedia folks have a look to see where the posts that were allegedly made by Republican operatives actually came from?

And if they're not going to, then it striked me as rather pointless to continue the ranting about it. Sheesh.

Promptergate 11.Oct.2004 21:16


Der Spiegel published a lovely photo yesterday of Bush´s cable from the 2nd debate. Wow, they put it on the LEFT side this time, thinking that nobody would see it this time...brilliant!
Here is the link:
Check it out, an excellent, revealing photo! It is visible in the video, many times.

Title: The audio malfunctioned in first debate 11.Oct.2004 21:18


Many of you are raising the question of how, if he was wired, could he have performed so badly in the first debate. The answer is easy and obvious. The device malfunctioned. Now, there is quite a lot of evidence for the claim that he was fed information via an earpiece, but not yet enough to make a legal case of it:
1) It has happened before. See Bush-Chirac video (www.strangefinger.com/bush-chirac.zip)
2) He does have something under that jacket
3) Debate rules chosen by the Republicans stated to not take shots of his back
4) He said "let me finish" when there was none trying to stop him.
5) He moved his eyes from corner to corner like a person listening to something being whispered in his ear. He does so too in the Chriac video.

Frankly, if some credible people could come forward to testify that in fact they know Bush uses these devices, then if he were not to use his audio next time, he'd be a babbling moron next to Kerry, which would also prove the wire story. In ay case if this story would be proven true and Bush would be proven to be a cheater, you can bet that he will not win the reelection, because the public outrage would be unstoppable. And we really need for something like this story to come out, because the Republicans in this last 4 years have seized power of the nation in the most ugly of ways: by appointing incompetent extremists, by lying, and making terrible choices. On Friday they will show a 90 minute documentary by the swift boat people against Kerry on "prime time TV!" Why? because Republicans allowed a republican to become the owner of all prime time tv channels.
And I'm scared because I'm sure that the Republicans will manipulate the election results and not even the best democrat attorney will be able to prove it, now that we'll be using computer voting. This "AudioGate" story would prove once and for all what he really is: "a cheater."

The only other option is for John Kerry himself to pat Bush's back at the begining of the next debate and say out loud, while the camera's are rolling that he won't participate in the debate unless Bush removes the device he has under his jacket.

Bush checking Kerry's back 11.Oct.2004 21:41


That Spiegel picture is great: Besides the cables, it shows Bush patting Kerry's back, checking if Kerry also uses a device under his jacket.

Use of Earpiece Common Knowledge?? 11.Oct.2004 22:06


I have read in a couple places now that the use of an earpiece by Bush is common knowledge amongst the press. One source claims that a Reuters editor in Washington says Bush wore one for the State of the Union. A columnist in Utah, D.P. Sorenson ("Salt Lake City Weekly", email= comments@slweekly.com) wrote this on 3/20/2003: "When the president appears on public occasions, observers have noticed that he now wears a tiny earpiece." Well, if the press knows this, not only the "inside the beltway" press, but also the Utah press...why aren't they talking?? Are they so frightened of Bush that they dare not speak? The days of Woodward & Bernstein appear to be long gone!

scar of removed heart 11.Oct.2004 23:52

grizzley 49 / europe schot@chello.at

a very witty comment indeed.
but the sad thing is, a leader also needs a brain,
and I never have seen a or heard of a scar on bush's
anyway, may god finally save america,
and wake up its people

a-1120 vienna

NOW WHAT.... 12.Oct.2004 02:35

Joanna Judson

Okay all...

We know now that the fool is wired. Everyone is in agreement. Now, what are we going to do about it? Unfortunately, the American people don't know he's wired, and some of them are clueless as to what that means to have a President who is literally unable to think, speak and act for himself.

We need to get the words, the pics and the story out to the regular news media. Does anyone have a plan? I was personally shocked when I found out, and I'd like to get this info to Joe Trippi, MSNBC, CNN and a few other honest brokers so they can look for the truth. You know that FOX ain't lookin' for the truth, CBS is frozen... I think we are charged with that mission. Is anyone up for it?

A Master Tailor's Opinion of Bush's Bulge 12.Oct.2004 03:05


Interception.... 12.Oct.2004 06:42


I think there is a way one can intercept the wireless communication and broadcast it along with what he is saying so we can tell what he means.

I though bush was just comfortable making a fool of himself but apparently he is sensitive to this now...

Kerry should pat his back in next debate 12.Oct.2004 06:43


isbushwired.com gone? 12.Oct.2004 07:37


Where'd it go?

Wired 12.Oct.2004 08:35

Mae Rohner

I think he was wired 2 ways.! by reg wire and second by alchol or dope because he acted so nutty

Still don't think it's good 'ol VOL Fans? 12.Oct.2004 09:00


First, anyone could load a fake news site on a free (unoccupied) domain name in a couple of minutes without to much hardship. The host maybe in Australia, but the the developer rest in the great Volunteer State. The investigation tatctics you guys are using are general and useless. Scot and Brad, won't keep this up much longer, because they have to be back at work today (not real names anyway). Very interesting what a long weekend (Columbus Day Observered), two cases of Busch (the beer, of course), some green, a winning team, and humorous idea while reading the net can do to a person imagination. But, you guys keep on pecking away. Eventually, you'll know the truth. And, hopefully, it will set you free. Remember, the guys you are looking for are still laughing, and most likely bragging about how the VOLS rule and they do too now.

wired twice 12.Oct.2004 09:03

Mae Rohner

Yes he was wired not one but 2 ways , by areal wire and by cocaine and alchol He didn't need a wire to be stupid. Any one that thinks the ass hole is a good man is flowingthe devil.He is evil as evil comes .The same goes for all the Bushes. Lets Pray he doesn't get another chance to put us in other wars just to advenge his father who didn't have to sense or the guts to do away with Sudam in 92. The Bushes are as evil as Sudam .Their way or no way ,anyone that believes in bush is just as nuts as he is

Indymedia UK going? 12.Oct.2004 09:57

Scott in Scotland

Somebody asked "isbushwired.com gone?" Perhaps it has gone to where Indymedia might be going unless we kick up a stink on both sides of the pond about this:

"Home Office in frame over FBI's London [Indymedia] server seizures" at:

"US Authorities Seize IMC Servers in UK" at:

Tony Blair should get a Congressional Medal of Honor for this stuff.

Anyone live in Maryland....you might be able to stop this 12.Oct.2004 11:18


A suggestion from a reader ...

A stockholder in Sinclair Broadcast Group can file what's called a "shareholder's derivative action" against the officers and directors of the corporation, which is publically traded, to enjoin the officers and directors from using corporate resources in ways that do not benefit the shareholders. I believe Sinclair is incorporated in Maryland, and if so that's probably where the action should be brought. One stockholder has standing to sue and should request a temporary restraining order before the pseudo-documentary airs to prevent the officers and directors from misusing corporate property to benefit their political agenda. The reason it is misuse of corporate property is because ordering the local stations to air the anti-Kerry propoganda will likely cause a loss of network advertising revenue, may in fact violate the stations' contracts with the networks they are affiliated with, and is almost sure to embroil the corporation in costly legal battles, for example from entities complaining that this is an illegal corporate campaign contribution, or from angry consumers who will contest the stations' license renewals. Against this, there has to be some plausible benefit to the stockholders or the corporate action is unlawful and could subject the officers and directors to personal liability for any damage to the stockholders. They also could be stuck with the legal fees of both the corporation and the stockholders who sued them.
Shareholders derivative actions are fairly complex; we need a Maryland corporate lawyer type. I'm a lawyer in Texas and was thinking to file the suit here but under Texas law, the acts of the officers and directors are governed by the corporate law of the state of incorporation, about which I know little. However, I do know that as a general principle, corporate officials have a fiduciary obligation to the stockholders, and everything they do is supposed to be for the benefit of the same. Normally a court won't second-guess the decisions unless the stockholder can show that there is no plausible benefit to the corporation in the complained-of act. What could the benefit be here?

I'd be curious to hear reactions from readers with relevant legal or business experience how practicable this would be. Of course, I'm curious about everyone's reactions. But in this case I'm particularly interested in hearing with folks with professional insight into how this might work


Knoxville Times: weirder and weirder 12.Oct.2004 12:48


Apropos the fake "Knoxville Times" that is referred to in the presumably equally-fake messages from "Brad Menfil" and "Scott Zale": think the review of the Almaty, Kazakhstan Hyatt Regency is weird? Try reading some of the more than 60 other hotel reviews there. They're not linked to, but you can just go to the current (Kazakhstan) review, at  http://www.knoxvilletimes.com/p.x/ct/8/h_id/70/ , and substitute a number from 6 to 69 for the number 70 that currently ends that URL.

It would have been a hell of a lot of trouble to write all that text just to create this spoof. Actually, I think they're probably real reviews, stolen from some other source - but not one a source I can find on the web -- google can't turn up any of the unique phrases I pulled out of them to search with (for example, "I remembered this grand old hotel in all its splendour as it stood out like a sore thumb on the wind-swept beach of the famous city of Galveston...", in  http://www.knoxvilletimes.com/p.x/ct/8/h_id/48) . Weirder and weirder...

Knoxville Times travel section 12.Oct.2004 13:25


I just found the Alvaty Hyatt review. It's at  http://internationalhotelsearch.com. Click on the "Hotel Review" banner near the bottom of the page. Guess who owns the website? It's our Aussie friend again, John Mcevoy, of Mainstream Capital EC. The website also uses Mcevoy's search engine, the name of which I refuse to print because I'm beginning to suspect that this is all his idea of a marketing ploy.

Bush will give evidence himself 12.Oct.2004 14:46

Maarten Legene

Scared-of-Bush wrote:
> Frankly, if some credible people could come forward to
> testify that in fact they know Bush uses these devices, then if
> he were not to use his audio next time, he'd be a babbling
> moron next to Kerry, which would also prove the wire story.


Of course the president can't go on to use his masters voice, whether clever people come forward, or not.
However, since he's used to it, he also can't live without.

So he faces the prisoner's dilemma right now. Without talking his masters voice he will be talking double dutch and will be unable to win the third debate.
But when he will wear his receiver again, he can be sure that some clever journalists will scan and record every frequency on air at that place, during the final debate.

So watch carefully. Without any equipment, you will know what he decided to do.

Interesting... 12.Oct.2004 15:58


I do love the self-correcting nature of this site! It seems a hoax was planted on this thread and, unlike corporate media, people have been able to expose this right away. This environment seems to force people to research what is said because no one here can claim that they are unbias or credible without being tested on it. Great work people!

OR... 12.Oct.2004 16:09


This is just a hoax too. Let the digging begin...

Bush and the wire-gate 12.Oct.2004 16:30


"I heard there's rumors on the Internets that we're going to have a draft." —George W. Bush, second presidential debate, St. Louis, Mo., Oct. 8, 2004

"The truth of that matter is, if you listen carefully, Saddam would still be in power if he were the president of the United States, and the world would be a lot better off." —George W. Bush, second presidential debate, St. Louis, Mo., Oct. 8, 2004

"When a drug comes in from Canada, I wanna make sure it cures ya, not kill ya... I've got an obligation to make sure our government does everything we can to protect you. And one — my worry is that it looks like it's from Canada, and it might be from a third world." —George W. Bush, presidential debate, St. Louis, Mo., Oct. 8, 2004

"We all thought there was weapons there, Robin. My opponent thought there was weapons there." —George W. Bush, second presidential debate, St. Louis, Mo., Oct. 8, 2004

"Let me see where to start here. First, the National Journal named Senator Kennedy the most liberal senator of all." —George W. Bush, referring to Sen. Kerry, second presidential debate, St. Louis, Mo., Oct. 8, 2004
bush france
bush france

Someone needs to have some fun 12.Oct.2004 17:26


Since debate #3 will be so important and such a deciding factor, if Bush was wired and someone jammed or exposed the reception of his "helper" it would be a historic moment to say the least. I'll buy you lunch when you come to town--in fact, thousands of people all over the world will buy you lunch, dinner and many a cold one to get the story from the source again & again. You will be a hero!

If he decides to go unwired, well, bless his heart, it will be entertainment at its finest and he will not help his position any.

I'm not sure what equipment is needed to accomplish an interception, but I'm sure there are some concerned people with a technical background out there that know what to do--or even some journalists that want to break the story of the decade...

I thought i was the only one. 12.Oct.2004 18:07

Curtis J.

Wow ithought it was weird how he would look up and strain to what appeared to be listening. I thought i was the only one who thought that....Guess not.

An excellent Discussion 12.Oct.2004 19:26

Boatpile Boatpile@msn.com

I found this through a series of links, starting with google groups, going to isbushwired.com, then to this board, and I have to say this has been one of the most interesting threads I have seen in a very long time. I was skeptical at first, but now I'm convinced and I will be watching the third debate tommorrow very closely. Thanks, everyone!

Local News Posts Red Herring photo 12.Oct.2004 22:56


US media outlets are running away from this story faster than a jackrabbit on acid being chased by a pack of coon-hounds! Check out the lame photo our brave journalists at KGTV posted.




It's for real all right: Otherwise they wouldn't be running away so fast. And the Zale-Menfild spooks wouldn't be so busy hoaxing evidence.
Salon Photo
Salon Photo
Local News Photo
Local News Photo

2 Mainstream Press Articles 12.Oct.2004 23:40


A couple of new articles in the mainstream press:
1)  http://www.suntimes.com/output/roeper/cst-nws-roep12.html In this one, Chicago Sun-Times columnist Richard Roeper basically says we're all a bunch of conspiracy-minded nuts.
2)  http://www.bangornews.com/editorialnews/article.cfm?ID=438108 This one is a Bangor Daily News editorial suggesting that the Bush campaign come up with a rational explanation for the bulge.

More info and links to THE BULGE 13.Oct.2004 02:33


This story seems to have slowed down a bit... threads are dying and websites are updated less frequently. But this story is still out there... and I still suspect there's a lot more to it than bad tailoring. I have been trying to stay on top of the developments.

Check out


Its more of a clearinghous for "evidence" than a forum for comments, but feel free to post. I've posted a photo gallery, links to the videos, news and other sites... and am trying to keep it all current and updated. Submissions of pictures, links, video, news stories are welcome... send me what you have and I don't! I'll post it!

Lets keep this ALIVE!



New salon.com story 13.Oct.2004 04:28


Salon just published a new piece titled

Technical expert: Bush was wired

I have a snippet on  http://bushwired.blogspot.com/ plus another new story.

someone alredy posted a comment with the full text.

W. ranks the lowest of presidential IQs 13.Oct.2004 05:13

Rev. Liverett

There have been twelve presidents over the past 50 years, from
F.D. Roosevelt to G. W. Bush.

The following IQs of each president:

* 142 - Franklin Delano Roosevelt
* 132 - Harry S Truman
* 122 - Dwight David Eisenhower
* 174 - John Fitzgerald Kennedy
* 126 - Lyndon Baines Johnson
* 155 - Richard Milhous Nixon
* 121 - Gerald R. Ford
* 175 - James Earle Carter
* 105 - Ronald Wilson Reagan
* 98 - George Herbert Walker Bush
* 182 - William Jefferson Clinton
* 91 - George Walker Bush

In IQ order:

* 182 - William Jefferson Clinton
* 175 - James Earle Carter
* 174 - John Fitzgerald Kennedy
* 155 - Richard Milhous Nixon
* 147 - Franklin Delano Roosevelt
* 132 - Harry S Truman
* 126 - Lyndon Baines Johnson
* 122 - Dwight David Eisenhower
* 121 - Gerald R. Ford
* 105 - Ronald Wilson Reagan
* 98 - George Herbert Walker Bush
* 91 - George Walker Bush

The six Republican presidents of the past 50 years had an average
IQ of 115.5, with President Nixon having the highest at 155. President
GeorgeW Bush rated the lowest of all the Republicans with an IQ of 91.

The six Democrat presidents had IQs with an average of 156, with
President Clinton having the highest IQ, at 182. President Lyndon B. Johnson
was rated the lowest of all the Democrats with an IQ of 126.

President G. W. Bush's apparently has a difficult command of the English language in public statements, his limited use of vocabulary 6,500 words for Bush versus an average of 11,000 words for other presidents,his lack of scholarly achievements other than a basic MBA, and an absence of any body of work which could be studied on an intellectual basis.

All the Presidents prior to George W. Bush had at least one book under
their belt, and most had written several white papers during their
education or early careers.

Not so with President Bush.


As a person who was taught to love and respect others, I have a weakness to feel sorry for Bush. However, if we had a numerical system for selecting presidents from across American, ranked on mental capacity and experience, I believe Bush would place somewhere in the 7 figures.

Republicans will vote for Bush even if he drools on himself during debate #3.

If I were a stock holder in a company that Bush was managing, I would demand his removal. America's stock valued has fallen into a state of delisting from the World Stock Exchange.

Please share this post with as many people as possible before Nov. 2.

This is a classic example.. a must listen! 13.Oct.2004 05:46


My wife is 101% Democrat and as left as left can get.

This morning, she became annoyed that I was calling the Commander-in-Chimp
"stoopid" in front of our children.

She demanded that I give her an example that Bush is in fact mentally challenged. I was shocked that my ally in defeating Bush would dare pose such a ridulous request of evidence. She is a financial advisor who claims she doesn't have time to surf the net like her consultant husband does. In her defense, she missed Debacle #1, but saw #2 and was impressed to a mild degree that Bush could walk/sit and talk at the same time.

I shall force her to listen to this recording tonight if I have to tie her to the moniter.

Indeed, I have spent 100+ hours ( I know,"get a life" ) researching monkey boy's
grammer and record. I can assure you that this clip will clinch the prize and save you countless hours of research. This clip is PRICELESS!


Wassup with isbushwired.com? 13.Oct.2004 06:35


The reason updates have slowed down at isbushwired.com is that the site seems to have slowed down. Messages sometimes take hours to post, so there's no way to have a discussion. The last message shown on the blog was posted last night.


Wire Under Bush's Tie in Second Debate 13.Oct.2004 07:02

Randy Mann

During the second debate, there appears to be a wire behind Bush's tie.

I finally found a decent clip where you can see it for yourself. The wire behind his tie is definitely there, and he's tucking it in just after saying "real time messages." How funny is that?

You can't see it on c-span.org because it's blocked from view by the question that hangs on the screen in the blue box.

I found a clip of the debate on MSNBC.COM, which shows it clearly!

You have to navigate to it.

Go to:


On the right, there's a video section that says "LIVE VIDEO". Underneath it you can navigate forward by clicking the arrow to the right. Click it till you get to number 6: "Is Draft Possible?" Then click the "Launch" button.

He will talk for about a minute. When he gets to this point, watch very closely:

"For instance, we're flying unmanned vehicles that can send real-time messages back to stations in the United States. That saves manpower, and it saves equipment."

You can pause and replay if you miss it. He tucks the wire in just after saying "real-time messages."

I just think this is funny. It must have been a subconscious reaction after saying the words "real-time messages."

Dead on proof of a wire! 13.Oct.2004 08:21


I can't belive it. Author of the comment above this one "Randy Mann" Is right! I don't know how you were able to spot this randy (especially on that little video feed), but there is an actual wire visible! It took a couple attempts to see it, Bush fixes his tie in between 1:49 and 1:52. I paused the feed along 1:51 and I saw the wire clear as day. Note: it may take several pausing attempts to get a clear shot of the wire, but it's well worth it. Oh i can't wait until the media picks up on this. Bush is DOOMED.

Enlarge the video feed 13.Oct.2004 08:31


One more thing, Once you see the wire (or if your still having trouble seeing it) you might want to go into full screen mode for a better view(unfortunatly it makes it harder to do constant pauses). To go into full view mode at the msn website, simply double click on the video.

There is nothing the Bush Administration can say to get out of this one.

OCT. SHOCKER & A BOX OF BANANAS 13.Oct.2004 09:38

C Cutter

I am calling my state's Democratic Party Office and the local Kerry/Edwards office to see what I can learn about the whispers on WIREGATE, and to put a fire under them.

I saw Edwards on Sunday Morning with George Steph. George asked Edwards if
they were going to win. My boy, John ( I am from NC ) , flashed a smile as big and nasty as I have ever seen him do and said, "Oh.. I KNOW we're going to win." His demeanor left me with a gut feeling that something's in the woodshed, and it ain't wood.

If they have something in their pocket, or a buldge on Bush's back, I will
pop the champaign open early. The suspense is killing me.

Actually, if they have anything at all, I suspect it will be easier to prove than Bozo Bush with audio assistance ( nicely put for: cheating.)

If anyone has also seen the photo of Bush in Texas in his pick uuup truck with that same protrusion CLEARLY (best picture all) on his back under his T-shirt, would you please post a reply.

Either he can't think for himself 24/7 , or ... what..? I'm stumped. I know,
he can be alerted of an event and drive his truck back to the ranch house quickly, right? And cell phones can be scanned. What the heck did Clinton do/have? The hell with living with a box on one's back. Does he wrap it in plastic bag when he showers?

Perhaps he keeps a stash of bananas in there?

Start the truck,stupid! 13.Oct.2004 10:11

pinch hitter


See the link above for Bush wearing the "box" while driving his pick up in TX.

Do they think for him 24/7 ? He must wrap it in a ziplock baggy when he showers.

Does anyone have an idea to share?

Is someone telling him to start the truck and put it in gear before he can drive it home? Does he stash a banana lunch in there while working on the ranch?

Why didn't Clinton wear a cereal box on his back?

What is up with this stupid box?????

P.S. Can monkeys operate motor vehicles in TX?

image of wire. 13.Oct.2004 12:05


ok..for those of you who havn't bothered the read my threads or randy's thread above, here's exactly how to see the wire:

got to msnbc at this link:  http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/6191353/
once the page loads, go to the right and theres a box that says "Free Video", underneath of that text is a pic of Kerry and two arrows as well as a launch button.

Continue to click the right arrow until you get to the pic with bush and the title "Is draft possible?" underneath of it. Click on the launch button(you will need a flash player to stream the file). Run the scrub bar to the right until you get close to 1:50. Within 1:50 to 1:52 Bush adjusts his tie. At 1:51 you can see the wire(if you have a hard time seeing it, try multiple pauses and plays).You can also double click the video feed to enlarge.

Since you can't printscreen streaming video, I had to take a picture of the wire with my crappy camera. Use these images merely for reference so you know exactly were to look on the video. I again apoligize for how bad they suck.



"Wired in more than one way" 13.Oct.2004 12:09

Very Concerned

Could it be that Bush is "wired" not only with electronics, but also with drugs? His behavior seems to suggest it. Anyone notice his jaw clenching? Not to mention his somewhat paranoid, aggressive, confrontive behavior, and his lack of insight and empathy.

I think it is time to require manditory drug screening of our politicians!

Re: image of wire. 13.Oct.2004 12:36

German Kid

Thanks for these shots "IIVII". Is there a way that you can pass these on to a media outlet? Thanks, German Kid

Bush TIE WIRE 13.Oct.2004 12:47


Thanks to many of you who visited my blog site and sent me stuff... I woke up this morning to a huge pile of new pics, news, and links to follow up on, I know a lot of the submissions came from this forum. GREAT!

The Bush TIE WIRE issue has been circulating for a few days, and I have not really touched it at all because its so hard to see.

However if you want see a great video of the tie scene, I have a direct link posted to a 35mb video that shows it the best as I've seen anywhere. It was a slow download yesterday. The person who linked it to me said they had over 1000 downloads... and it was slowing everything down on their end... but that they'd leave it up for the time being. Perhaps someone can post a copy on another site.


Everyone keep their eyes open tonight!


Still shots vs. video 13.Oct.2004 13:41


Please don't get me wrong -- I appreciate all of you who have taken all the trouble to capture still shots and post them. This certainly is not meant as a criticism. BUT - I think you have to see the video to get the full impact.

For instance - in the first debate, a still shot of his back looks like it MIGHT be a pucker. But when you see him move, and the so-called pucker does NOT move - in fact it retains its rectangular shape - that's when its obvious something's under there.

In the second debate, a still shot of his tie looks like it MIGHT be a wrinkle in his shirt, or a white tag on the little end of the tie showing. But when you see his hands moving and adjusting things, that's when its obvious its a wire. Its like he almost got his fingers tangled in it.

I noticed the box shape in the first debate, live as it was happening, and assumed it must be a security vest. Then in the second debate I noticed the tie (clear as day to me on my little tv), plus the sudden blurting out obscure (to him) facts such as the Dred Scott case, then the lo-o-ong pauses.....and assumed he must be wired. Then I laughed at myself for thinking that. I had no idea until a couple of days ago how many others had reached the same conclusion.

Keep it up everybody, there's something there.

Boatpile 13.Oct.2004 15:14

Back Brace? part I Boatpile@msn.com

 link to www.democraticunderground.com

This board speculates on whether or not the box is a back brace, using the Texas Pickup truck photo as evidence.
Bush in pickup truck
Bush in pickup truck
Possible back brace model
Possible back brace model

Back Brace? Part II 13.Oct.2004 15:26


The board listed above theorizes, quite convincingly, that Bush has a bad back, giving a few examples, and that his people do not want him to seem weak. However, look at these three pictures side by side. The bulge on his back appears to be in a different place in all three.
Pickup Truck (2002)
Pickup Truck (2002)
Debate #1 (2004)
Debate #1 (2004)
Press event at Michigan Airport (July, 2004)
Press event at Michigan Airport (July, 2004)

Click link and learn the truth..great pictures,too! 13.Oct.2004 17:42

steve b.

Debate starts! 13.Oct.2004 18:05


Stay tuned at


live updates if anything is bulgeworthy!


Kerry and Bush dressed like twins! 13.Oct.2004 19:05


Why are they both wearing red ties with teeny gold stars on them?

blinky is listening to his ear, but less 13.Oct.2004 19:23


kerry is eating bush's lunch. blinky is too funny.

bush's people are aware that the prompts are obvious. he has been helped fewer times, but he has been led out of a few jams so far. i will forever believe he looks to the side and down when the prompt comes. they hid it well, but the messages are coming in infrequently.

i believe kerry is far more intelligent and his leadership will drawf bushs'

bush has dried drool in the corner of his mouth. the speed he is on dries his mouth out..yes, I am serious..he is on something.

boy,what a stupid smile. the lifted eyebrow is the crowning piece. please vote this pitiful man out of his misery! the gun ban should have scored votes, not to mention not meeting with the NAACP.

brilliant 13.Oct.2004 19:27


what a great dig on bush.. Kerry said bush married "up". you could tell bush didn't really know if it was a cut or not because he so stooopid!

Kerry is quick as hell on his feet.

the box is there! 13.Oct.2004 19:35


The box is there.

What?? are they flirting with danger?

He either has a pump, a bra, or he just can't speak without it.
This is most curious.

Maybe they are just f_cking with our heads?

He turned away from Kerry like a robot when Kerry approached him, but let
his girls hug him.

Definitely saw that tell-tale square tonight 13.Oct.2004 19:38

Emyl topatate16@cox.net

The only shot of Bush's back came at the end of the debate as the families milled about on stage. I could clearly see the rectangular patch underneath his suit jacket tonight. It was NOT a wrinkle.

DEBATE 3 BULGE 13.Oct.2004 20:49


I have a flurry of reports of the new BULGE sighting coming into


People saw it! I thought I did too...
My favorite part of the debate was at the end when Kerry gave Bush a little pat-down... awesome!

If you have any screenshots to share let me know, (contact info is on my site) I'm getting ready to do a big update with all the latest!

I know what pay go means 13.Oct.2004 22:19

George W, Bush

My opponent forgot Poland again and all you evil ones want to talk about is my testing one of Mr. Cheney's pacemakers for him under a stressful situation. You people aren't Americans. You're liberals. You just wait until November 3 when I unleash my armies of compassion to hunt down them terrorists who is spreading these awful rumors against the hope of freedomocracy. Shame on y'all.

Latest Bulge news 14.Oct.2004 02:08


Latest news from

Bush Campaign manager says bulge is because Bush is an ALIEN!
Jesse Jackson adds his two-cents
More pics added
plus some interesting opinions published in the media.

Tomorrow is a new day for bulges... this election is down to the WIRE!

Knoxville Times 14.Oct.2004 04:56

John Mcevoy, Mainstream Capital EC jmcevoy@bigpond.net.au

We have been getting some mentions on various blogs including yours and have issued a story hopefully at least clearing up our unwitting involvement in this. Please see the following:


Please let me know if anyone needs any further clarification.

John Mcevoy
Mainstream Capital EC
(Knoxville Times and others)

It's not a wire 14.Oct.2004 08:23

GRDTech grdtech@yahoo.com

Its an overflow colostomy bag to keep Bush's eyes from turning brown........................................

what's right any more? 14.Oct.2004 08:27


Clinton getting a blow job in the oval office should have been between he and his wife. But no.. the repubs want to impeach him. Yes,there was untruths told by him. Would you tell the world you got pantless in the oval office??

But Monkey Man can ruin the country, be wired, have his drunken and cocaine filled days forgotten about, and God only knows what history will reveal about this kindergarden administration. Get your library card out because the reading is going to be good.

I am actually impressed when he puts a subject and verb together.

I almost feel sorry for him at times.

To Mr. John Mcevoy, Mainstream Capital EC 14.Oct.2004 12:38


Your hoax is over now. Yeah, bush was probably wired. To be honest, I think we can all agree that is the case. But, your fake paper and BS articles are a bore now. It was fun. I do appreciate it. But your lack of profressionalism stand out too much for anyone to believe it. Clever as you may be, you haven't fooled a single soul yet.

You current issue is #176.

Where is your archive?

What about the other 172 issues? (keep in mind the first was #173, on Monday!)

Provide some proof that your publication has existed as long as you claim, and may be I will retract. However, the longer you play this game, the more you make a fool of yourself.


'if this site was really a true Knoxville publication, it would have a reference to the Tennessee Volunteers Football program on it. There is not even a link.'

Re: Mcevoy 14.Oct.2004 14:20


Reponse to nmemphis: I've been posting critically on this issue, but I don't see a good reason to question Mcevoy's denial. It's clear that his company offers localized news portals and probably has others besides the Knoxville Times. Notice that there is a new issue every day, so unless you checked the site before Monday, I don't know how you can be so sure that Monday's was the first issue. The site could easily have been around for 172 days before Monday. With regard to Tennessee Volunteers Football, whatever that's all about, Mcevoy explained that the Knoxville Times does not have an office in Knoxville or a local editor who would know anything about it. The news is either aggregated automatically or by some group of editors somewhere else, presumably Australia. Finally, Mcevoy hasn't made any apparent effort to capitalize on the attention, so I don't know what we would stand to gain by the hoax. And I kind of like that he weighed in with his own opinion on the Bush debate.

I would be curious to hear Mcevoy explain a little more about the news portal. What's its point? I would that Mcevoy's company makes money on click-throughs, but I don't think that online newspapers pay click-throughs, and the Knoxville Times is so poorly represented on the search engines, that I can't imagine that it makes much.

The bigger question is the Scott Zale issue. People at Bush-Cheney headquarters in Knoxville are saying that there is no Scott Zale ( http://web.knoxnews.com/silence/) there, so I'm wondering who at their office told IsBushWired that a Scott Zale works there. Maybe it was someone there who came up with the hoax.

BACK TO THE GHOST COACHING... 14.Oct.2004 16:29


The Knoxville topic is still HOT, but I've been getting a lot of new info and inquiries on the BUSH/CHIRAC video issue too... it seems to be coming up again (see comments below).

Any new updates or info as to the other reported instances of COACHING? There were numerous reports and WITNESSES earlier this week.


I'm still receiving comments about the Bush/Chirac video, this topic seems to be coming up again. If anyone has IINDEPENDENT CONFIRMATION of this, or to the other reported instances of "ghost coaching" either taped or witnessed, SPEAK UP!

The video plus current updates, other video and links can be found at

I'm writing because I hear something different on the Bush/Chirac Q&A (at least the version at the White House's website) than your poster does.

The question becomes: Is there some other version out there that matches what your poster heard?  In which case the one at the White House site would be doctored?  (I'm pretty sure of what I heard.)

Can you make sure this gets to the isbushwired.com person too?  I can't figure out how to post comments on there.

Thanks a ton!
Yes the Bush/Chirac video is an interesting one... I'm not entirely convinced either, however, I actually watched that conference and it did happen. What is was, who knows? I do know this... it was on several networks, both live and taped. Chirac seems to notice something odd (but thats speculation), I have had correspondence with some people overseas who also heard the "ghost voice".

I have spoken to several reporters about this video who have also been wondering about this... I have encouraged them to try to get the tape analyzed from the source. no word back as yet. They tend to lean toward the theory of an audio problem, and apparently it was a pool video... so everyone has the same thing here in the US.

What we need is independent and verifiable confirmation of the "voice" from a different feed, perhaps from Europe. I have yet to see anything.

There are also several reports of this happening at other Bush conferences where it was witnessed both live and on television. I have been looking into this as well its hard to research these things without all the info.

- I'll try to get your comments posted


Yes, YES!!! Its a life-vest!! 14.Oct.2004 17:54


People, people!! Somebody has figured this out! Its a life-vest! Cannonfire has a link to it, so does Buzzflash! Its a Lifecor life vest! For temporary CPR!

THAT'S the exact shape I saw on the first debate! THAT'S IT!! And its the shape under his t-shirt driving the pickup on the ranch!

Also leads to explain the droopy mouth VERY noticeable from the 3rd debate, the confusion, odd stares, etc....

BTW, if this is true, it means Kerry knows......

Please, everybody, look at the vest for yourself and see what you think. I'll try to post links here, not too good at this, sorry:


Blogtober Surprise? 15.Oct.2004 07:05



Breaking News: Salon.com new article.... Amazing. the link is on my site.

Brief snippets:

"I've done a tremendous amount of work for presidential Cabinets," Atkinson says. "I've worked for Cabinet members, plus staff and advisors ... in the [George H.W.] Bush administration, and in both terms of the Clinton administration." ...

"I have found wireless mike signals transmitted during [White House] press briefings, with multiple subject advisors. You'll hear the speaker, and another voice will cut in, like 'It's 28 million' -- and the speaker will repeat, 'It's 28 million.' The speaker will institute certain delays or will ask the question again, and will receive a prompt."

"I heard it. In Boston I was working a project several blocks away from where the president was speaking. It's archived."

Plus the Medical Bulge theory discussed. The Bulge mystery is growing... I think we have the foundation for making this SERIOUS NEWS!


BULGE ART GALLERY 15.Oct.2004 15:42


To LIGHTEN things up a bit I've added a BULGE ART GALLERY at


We're taking art submissions if anyone is interested.

Plus several updates today of new News and Links. Theres been some great commentary coming out of the papers. The BULGE will not die!


Dear M. 16.Oct.2004 02:55


I'll admit you make a good point. Yet, you make an even better point when you mention how poorly represented in Serach Engines the 'Knoxville Times' is. There is a good reason for this. First, let me be fair and inform you that search engine optimization is what I do for a living. If you truly desire proof of this, let me know.

When you submit to a search engine the URL is immediately placed in an index. The site can be found by typing in the URL (i.e 'knoxvilletimes' or 'knoxvilletimes.com'). It is not until and spider/robot makes a visit to that URL that it will be available for Query, This is common 'Search Engine' knowledge. Also, the amount of time the site has been in existence will often have a direct effect on where the site will appear in a Query. As well as, how many sites are linked to the URL. The reason you the site in questions has no representation is because it is only a few days old. Most spider/robots will crawl a site (at least once) within 30 days of submission to the engine. If the have been four months of publications, then one crawl had to have been made. I have checked over 30 separate search engines and this site is not appearing in a a single Query.

This, M., is a hoax. To be honest, it isn't even a good one. I would think that this is obvious to most people. I guess not.

Oh yeah, one other thing, since you can't understand my VOLS references. Do your homework!

More knoxville times questions 16.Oct.2004 09:53


nmemphis, I'm well aware that this is a hoax. I was one of the first posters to question the Scott Zale story, and I've have spent some time investigating the Mcevoy angle. The question is who's behind the hoax.

Your point about the search engines is well taken. I also note that the whois domain record changed on 8/5/04, suggesting that the site may have been set up recently, fewer than 178 days ago. I suppose that knoxvilletimes.com didn't have to start numbering its issues from 1, but it is a bit weird. Furthermore, if knoxvilletimes.com is so new and under the radar, then it seems unlikely that someone who is not in some way connected to Mcevoy or his company would have known about the site. In other words, I see your point and agree that Mcevoy has some explaining to do.

That said, I still think that the really interesting question is who at the Bush-Cheney headquarters in Knoxville told isbushwired.com that Scott Zale works for them, since Scott Zale apparently does not exist. I'm surprised that isbushwired.com hasn't followed up on this question.

Part of the hoax? 16.Oct.2004 10:14


Hmmm.......I know Isbushwired SAID they called the Knoxville republican party hq regarding Scott Zale, but how do we know they really DID call? Maybe they just made that up....or MAYBE they are part of the hoax, hmmmm.....?

Did you ever think, their CLAIM of having contacted the hq is the only thing that keeps this from being a total hoax?

Oh, yeah......GO VOLS!

The enemy is us 16.Oct.2004 15:00


Let's stop blaming the politicians for our bad luck. As difficult as it is for me and millions of others to believe, there are a majority of Americans who will probably re-elect Bush (see today's Cannonfire.com for the latest dismal electoral college poll). Let's face it: there's a lot of stupid people in this country. We are circling the drain. I'm 46 years old and I think I will probably live long enough to see the day when this country becomes a third rate power.

BUSH WIRED BACK ONLINE!! 17.Oct.2004 12:41


We took some time off yesterday to rest, and investigate some of our own leads into the BULGE MYSTERY.

We have a big update underway, and just added some recent submissions to our new BULGE ART GALLERY.

Our forum is concerned with the EVIDENCE, NEWS, & THEORIES related to the BULGE more than a opinion forum. Theres lots of links, video, pics, etc...


Submissions are welcome, and be sure to check out the BULGE PHOTO GALLERY!


As a follow up to my depressing rant... 17.Oct.2004 13:10


check out this excerpt from Ron Suskind's article in today's NY Times:the "it" he's referring to ("faith"), is gotten by Bush's evangelical core:

And for those who don't get it? That was explained to me in late 2002 by Mark McKinnon, a longtime senior media adviser to Bush, who now runs his own consulting firm and helps the president. He started by challenging me. ''You think he's an idiot, don't you?'' I said, no, I didn't. ''No, you do, all of you do, up and down the West Coast, the East Coast, a few blocks in southern Manhattan called Wall Street. Let me clue you in. We don't care. You see, you're outnumbered 2 to 1 by folks in the big, wide middle of America, busy working people who don't read The New York Times or Washington Post or The L.A. Times. And you know what they like? They like the way he walks and the way he points, the way he exudes confidence. They have faith in him. And when you attack him for his malaprops, his jumbled syntax, it's good for us. Because you know what those folks don't like? They don't like you!'' In this instance, the final ''you,'' of course, meant the entire reality-based community.

I know this doesn't directly deal with Bush's wire, but it hints at what we already know: if you have blind faith in the president then evidence doesn't matter.

October Surprise-You Know 17.Oct.2004 13:35

An old inside friend

Somebody is coming to town and for G.W., it will be like Christmas. Forget about the "transmitter (real) and the Knoxville Times (also real). Like Santa, this guy's also got a beard and dresses a little funny. Like Santa, this guy's also on ice. We're just waiting for an official announcement like..."In the mountains of Pakistan, America's #1 enemey .... has been caught."

Watch for the drama to unfold in about a week. Ladies and Gentlemen, this has been his ace in the hole since April 2004.

The other rumor about the draft is true. Bush is counting on it as he expects to conduct preemptive strikes against certain targets, not in Iraq.

Stay tuned.

911 Commission Interview bulge (new discovery) 17.Oct.2004 19:32

EasyRider englandx@cubuffs.com

Bush used the same device for his interview before the 9/11 Commission. He was feed his lines. The America public was cheated and lied to. I found it on a CD each of you may have purchased this month. We should be able to get it from the reporters who interviewed Bush in the Rose Garden after his 9/11 Commission Interview. You can see it when he turns his back to the reporters and camera.

This the first time I have been able to publish the picutre.

Bush has bulge on back after his 9/11 Commission interview at W.H.
Bush has bulge on back after his 9/11 Commission interview at W.H.

THANKS! 17.Oct.2004 19:54


Easy Rider

Thanks for the photo of the 9/11 Bulge... its posted in the BUSH BULGE gallery... its a GEM!

Wow... this story was losing momentum, but the BULGE just won't quit... I guess its as stubborn as Bush himself.


More later!

UPDATE TO BUSH WIRED 18.Oct.2004 01:19


Big update at BUSH WIRED!

BUSH WIRED has consolidated all the links to NEWS, VIDEO, and PHOTOS in one post. No more scrolling through pages of text... everything is in one easy to find place!



I don't see it 18.Oct.2004 08:18


I don't see a bulge in that photo, at least not one the same size or shape of the other bulges...

bush unfit for national guard ..see real details 18.Oct.2004 13:50

bush unfit for national guard ..see real details

To "German Kid" 18.Oct.2004 18:14


Yes, i have contacted CNN and told them exactly how to view the wire. It appears they really don't give a damn. Oh well, once there's solid proof of this there just going to look like a bunch of blubbering assholes.

CNN COVERS BULGE STORY!!! 18.Oct.2004 21:02


Today on CNN: Paula Zahn Now covered the Bulge story in a serious light... the first time I have seen it covered seriously in the BIG MEDIA. They discussed some theories, showed several photos (not just the fuzzy ones), and did a pretty good job on the story which ran for a few minutes. They also covered the web sites devoted to this issue. In the end they basicall showed that the bulge DOES EXIST while they explained that the Bush/Cheney team deny it outright. It was decent coverage of the issue, and I think it raised the question of WHAT IS IT and let everyone in the non-blog world know it isnt simply something to laugh at. No investigative stuff or smoking guns...

Anyone else see it? Thoughts?

Also if anyone read Dave Lindorff's piece today, you'll find out that CNN has been covering this issue overseas but not here. They even ran an interview with him. So... I think its clear that there is more to this and there is some sort of pressure NOT to cover this story in depth here in the US.

If you have not been there check out BUSH WIRED... for info, news, pictures, video... recent updates


MSNBC and CNN have the story 18.Oct.2004 21:03

"Brad Menfil"

Both organizations have the story but it's too hot to broadcast. They will wait until after the election and only if Kerry wins. Look no further than a company called "Tether Technologies in Columbia, Mo. This is the manufacturer of the device you see on Bush's back. The "wire" to Bush's ear is manufactured by an Israeli company and it is thinner than a human hair.

Thanks to the Knoxville Times for so-called "support".

Menfil sux 19.Oct.2004 05:13


That last post is so lame, I don't even think it's the "Menfil" who posted the other ones. Go away.




i think george bush was wearing a deivse to help him in his speach, he might have used a divise in college, as he was just got c in business at yale. he his just like his father, that's bad, very bad. send our men home. jobs are leaving usa and going over seas, unemployment is the highest. i'm 59 and there will be no more social security if he is in office. my husband and i are on a group insurance (a group for one)we pay over $2,300.00 a month yeas a month, he has cancer.stem cell reasuch is a must, this should be in usa not over seas. we have to get kerry in the white house, and maybe clinton could help. it would not be so bad. our first lady laura killed someone and goes free, that's our first lady in the white house. something wrong. doris


Was Bush using his Earpiece during the 911 Commission Session 19.Oct.2004 15:17


New article on Bush's Bulge.

The URL of this article is:  http://globalresearch.ca/articles/CHO410A.html

Check it out and spread the word.

BULGE NEWS 19.Oct.2004 17:22


We have posted some more current BULGE NEWS at BUSH WIRED!!!


Lots more info on the site!!!!

The 9/11 Commission Bulge gathers strength! If anyone has VIDEO of this... lets get it posted and online!

News,Video, Photos, Links... constantly updated!

The bulge may break soon... 21.Oct.2004 05:10

monkey business

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

The bulge may break soon...
I can't post much now, but I thought I might drop in and inform readers that there are rumblings on the "Bush bulge" front. I'm told that the video of Bush in front of the 9/11 commission show definite signs of incipient Quasimodo-ishness.

More than that. Remember this part of the key Salon story (the one which leads off with a few words from yours truly)?

Atkinson also says that it's not just Bush who's been coached -- Bill Clinton, too, received ear-prompting. John Ashcroft is "quite notorious for using wireless headsets," and Janet Reno used a system during the siege at Waco, Texas. Atkinson has documented the dozens of radio frequencies that the White House uses for its communications, and has pointed to the make and model of the prompter devices popular in the government. One of these devices is the RC-216 Receive-A-Cue system, manufactured and sold by Comtek Communications in Salt Lake City.
This info neatly details with the alleged communication from the Secret Service agent -- who specified that Clinton used an earpiece for security purposes, but NOT during debates. (One wonders, though, if he had help when he had to bluff his way through that State of the Union address in which his teleprompter went mysteriously blank.)

I cannot over-emphasize the importance of this. If Clinton confirms that, in general, presidents do indeed use hidden earpieces, then "promptergate" receives a masssive dose of credibility. There will be a you-ain't-seen-nothin'-yet flurry of news coverage.

Of course, if that confirmation is forthcoming, the Right will use the occasion to indulge in their usual orgy of Clinton-hate, but I think we can prevent the issue from being diverted. Clinton is not on the ticket this year. Bush is.

How to get movement on this issue? My suggestion: Write to Hillary via her senate email address. It'll take you only a second.

If she gets a thousand letters asking her "Did Bill Clinton use an earpiece for security purposes?" she may well have to answer, or at least ask her husband to answer. Make sure that she understands that this question is not phrased as an attack on her husband

Bush's 9/11 Commission Bulge Video 24.Oct.2004 09:19


This is a video capture of Bush's 9/11 Commission Bulge as he is leaving the Rose Garden after addressing the reporters about his 9/11 Commission "vistit" or "chat". It is an avi file.

Screenshot to follow.
Bush's 9/11 Commission Bulge after his
Bush's 9/11 Commission Bulge after his "visit" with 9/11 Commission panel.

Bush's 9/11 Commission Bulge stillshots 24.Oct.2004 09:30


Here are a couple of stillshots of Bush's 9/11 Commission Bulge. With the White House removing historical video of embrassing video you may never find this stuff in any of the government archives.
Bush 9/11 Commission Bulge 1
Bush 9/11 Commission Bulge 1
Bush 9/11 Commission Bulge 2
Bush 9/11 Commission Bulge 2
Bush 9/11 Commission Bulge 3
Bush 9/11 Commission Bulge 3

Bush Bulge on CNN Next 24.Oct.2004 15:11

The Reporter

I don't see anything on those F9/11 commission pictures. I think it's a republican making jokes on us. But I and everyone else clearly saw the bulge on Bush's back during the debates.
CNN talked about it today at the end of the Next program. Click on link, then scroll down to end.

Bush's 9/11 Comission Bulge 24.Oct.2004 15:27


Actually everyone but you see it. I would guess that perhaps republican trolls are about and may send non sense messages of not seeing anything. Because if Bush used a wireless earpiece for the 9/11 Commission "visit" I thinik the asshole gets impreached. Because he has committed a crime against the American public.

As to seeing the bulge, in the video just repeatly play it (very fast) and you see the bulge real easy. It does not move, but the wrinkes around and over it do move and change.

If you are not a troll, then please accept my apologue.

Calling "Brad Menfil" et al 24.Oct.2004 23:31

Editor, IsBushWired.com isbushwired@gmail.com

Hey "Brad" --

I'd love to talk to you, and to any other knowledgeable posters from Tennessee, Washington, D.C. or elsewhere. Please email me at  isbushwired@gmail.com

Just note in the subject line that you want to speak with the editor. I'll protect your confidentiality to the limit.

By the way, I can't find any "Tether Technologies" or anything like that in Columbia, MO. What and where exactly is this company? Does it have a website?

editor, www.isbushwired.com

Needed plugin for video of Bush's Bulge 25.Oct.2004 09:21


Here is a required plug-in to view the video. Sorry I did not know it was required. It is direct from the COTS download and is virus free.


Bush's 9/11 Commission Bulge! A Dishonor to 9/11 Victims and 9/11 Families 26.Oct.2004 19:19


This is a video capture of Bush's 9/11 Commission Bulge as he is leaving the Rose Garden after addressing the reporters about his 9/11 Commission "visit" or "chat". I think Bush wearing a communication device is a crime and a dishonor to the American Public, the 9/11 Commission, the 9/11 victims, the 9/11 Families, and to the America Presidency.

The video can be replayed several times and the device will be real easy to see as the suit wrinkles change and move over the bulge. You then can "Pause" the video and the bulge really shows up nicely. You save the video or any of the pictures by right-clicking over them and saving. The video is broadcast quality. The video size is large and full of details. It is an avi file. The avi file size is 12 meg.

To view it you need the plug-in from this link to the COTS product.  http://www.techsmith.com/download/tsccdefault.asp

After installing the plug-in just click on the video file, if you had not saved it already.
Bush's 9/11 Commission Bulge After
Bush's 9/11 Commission Bulge After "visit" and addressing W.H. Press

Was Bush using his Earpiece during the 911 Commission Session 26.Oct.2004 20:40


Article on Bush's 9/11 Commision Bulge.

The URL of this article is:  http://globalresearch.ca/articles/CHO410A.html

Check it out and spread the word.


LIAR 27.Oct.2004 05:14


bush told Charlie Gibson yesterday,"to get his story straight, it was a bad tailored shirt." Not only are repub's stupid, they think everyone is.

I hate a liar.

If bush is re-elected, the news will be filled with scandel after scandel..some heads will roll.

If Kerry is elected the news will be filled with bush scandel after bush scandel..some heads will roll.

At least, either way, we get to say we were right.

New Bush Salute 27.Oct.2004 15:34


Atrios added the link to video of Bush giving the camera the finger.
Video is from:  http://www.videovotevigil.org/
commented on at  http://www.bobharris.com/

Here the video, please it to all your friends. Thanks to Bob Harris.
Bush really like us this much to give us his best.
Bush really like us this much to give us his best.



• <a href=" http://bushwired.blogspot.com/"> THE BUSH WIRED SITE </a> HAS POSTED A BIG UPDATE

• <a href=" http://homepage.mac.com/c.shaw/BushBulges/PhotoAlbum15.html">THE OFFICIAL BUSH WIRED PHOTO GALLERY</a> VIEW THE EVIDENCE!

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NEW SALON STORY 28.Oct.2004 23:22


new salon.com bulge story from NASA expert photo analyst.


Small snippet:

Oct. 29, 2004  |  George W. Bush tried to laugh off the bulge. "I don't know what that is," he said on "Good Morning America" on Wednesday, referring to the infamous protrusion beneath his jacket during the presidential debates. "I'm embarrassed to say it's a poorly tailored shirt."

Dr. Robert M. Nelson, however, was not laughing. He knew the president was not telling the truth. And Nelson is neither conspiracy theorist nor midnight blogger. He's a senior research scientist for NASA and for Caltech's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and an international authority on image analysis...

In the enhanced photo of the first debate, Nelson says, look at the horizontal white line in middle of the president's back. You'll see a shadow. "That's telling me there's definitely a bulge," he says. "In fact, it's how we measure the depths of the craters on the moon or on Mars. We look at the angle of the light and the length of shadow they leave. In this case, that's clearly a crater that's under the horizontal line -- it's clearly a rim of a bulge protruding upward, one due to forces pushing it up from beneath."

Hapke, too, agrees that the bulge is neither anatomy nor a wrinkled shirt. "I would think it's very hard to avoid the conclusion that there's something underneath his jacket," he says. "It would certainly be consistent with some kind of radio receiver and a wire."

Text of the story and more news at
 http://bushwired.blogspot.com/ NEWS-LINKS-VIDEO-PHOTOS updated frequently.
PHOTOS AT:  http://homepage.mac.com/c.shaw/BushBulges/PhotoAlbum15.html

Photo analysis/enhancement by NASA expert
Photo analysis/enhancement by NASA expert

Group Picture of Bush's Bulge 29.Oct.2004 12:18


Group picture of the Bulges

Please Pass This Along 29.Oct.2004 22:06

Brad Menfil

The following is true:

1) 3,000 tons, not just 370 tons of Iraqi high explosives is missing.

2) Tether Technologies in Columbia, Mo. is registed under the name "A-Resolve, Inc." which is held by a company in Sydney, Australia. Does that far off place ring a bell?
3) The Michigan vote will be close due to technical issues surrounding the voting machines in mostly African-American Detroit. The voting machines are built in Sydney, Australia by A-Reslove,Inc. subsidiary "Voting Patterns." C

Bin Laden Tape Was George Bush's October Surprise 29.Oct.2004 22:44

Brad Menfil

This is the worst thing my Repulican friends have ever done. What you saw yesterday was not Bin Laden. I repeat, it was not Bin Laden. I was a clever Republican hoax used to distract our attention from the missing explosives and help rally support around a dying campaign.

The news media picked it up and followed a predictable script. "Would this help Bush?" "Can Kerry say anything?"

Well, I can say something. That video was a hoax. The bearded man in the video is an actor and this plan has been in the making for about 3 months now. Since no credible evidence exist that Bin Laden is anywhere near a studio, the first chink in this armor is the "comfortable settings."

That Bin Laden can no longer stand for more than one minute at a time, gives away the authenticity of this newest video. Bin Laden is a diabetic and has had three toes removed from his left foot and almost his whole right foot has been removed as well.

The quality of the tape is surprising. Past Bin Laden videos have been raspy and somewhat cloudy or hazy.

The message I got was that is if this if this race remained tight to the end, this video would be circulated in order to boost George Bush's chances. You will notice that Bin Laden was insulting towards Bush in an effort to get the American people to rally around the president. It's the same as saying "I can talk bad about my brother but nobody else can. Well in this case, Bush is our "brother" who we will defend. It's classic playbook.

Please pass this along to anybody you can think of. Contact news organizations. I hate being the Lone Ranger out here but somebody has to do it.

Regards, "Brad Menfil"

BUSH WIRED UPDATE 30.Oct.2004 00:31



• TODAYS News & Links!
• News, Links, Video ARCHIVE added!
• Stay updated on todays new BULGE sighting (video on the way)!
• New Commentary on BULGE form BUSH WIRED!

SITE:  http://bushwired.blogspot.com/
PHOTO GALLERY:  http://homepage.mac.com/c.shaw/BushBulges/PhotoAlbum15.html
NEWS & VIDEO ARCHIVE:  http://bushwired.blogspot.com/2004/10/updated-news-and-links-archive.html


PS: Glad to have you back Brad Menfil!

Political Commentator 30.Oct.2004 00:42

President health concerns raised: Bush have medical problem? political.commentator@gmail.com

"Could it really be a defibrillator?"

Sat. October 30 http://bulgegate.blogspot.com/ .....

Don't know the story? Get up to speed:

Would you be upset if Bush failed to disclose something critically important to you?

President Bush appeared to have a bulge on his back. Its been called "Bulgegate" and the "The Bush Bulge" and it has appeared in all the of the 2004 Presidential debates. Now two wires have appeared and no explanation has been come forward. The "bulge" has been called a "badly tailored shirt" by the President -the same shirt in all 3 debates, mind you.

Rather than following up on the "3 bad shirts theory", it seems the media accepts the President has a wardrobe full of them. Do we have a transmitter, defibrillator, Wireless IV device, or something else?

There are two potential wires/other object on President Bush during the debates. You can read about the other wire at PuppetString. Links are posted on the right which lead to more information regarding the "bulge". Are the "bulges" and "wires" connected in some way?

These insights has compelled me to ask in this article: could it be a defibrillator? The President has a genetic disposition to AF (read study) and has not submitted for a physical this year which goes against tradition. Why has the President not submitted for a physical?


PLEASE DON'T IGNORE ME 30.Oct.2004 22:53


I keep warning everybody but nobody listens. My method of communication should not be the topic. I'm not using my real name, but I'm not a hoax either. You're all falling down in different directions. Let's get over it. The President did have a transmitter for all three debates, who cares now? No Bush supporter is going to change his/her vote.

The real danger is reelection. I am on the inside and I can tell you, there is more darkness here than in the caves of Afganistan. THE BIN LADEN VIDEO WAS PRODUCED HERE IN AMERICA WITH AN ACTOR. PLEASE NOTICE THAT IT WAS NON-COMMITTAL AND NON-SPECIFIC. This is the key. It scares people but doesn't tell them "what" they should be scared of. This is classic Karl Rove, please be aware. Halloween and Election Day are now the same holiday.

Spread the word!

PLEASE DON'T IGNORE ME 30.Oct.2004 22:54


I keep warning everybody but nobody listens. My method of communication should not be the topic. I'm not using my real name, but I'm not a hoax either. You're all falling down in different directions. Let's get over it. The President did have a transmitter for all three debates, who cares now? No Bush supporter is going to change his/her vote.

The real danger is reelection. I am on the inside and I can tell you, there is more darkness here than in the caves of Afganistan. THE BIN LADEN VIDEO WAS PRODUCED HERE IN AMERICA WITH AN ACTOR. PLEASE NOTICE THAT IT WAS NON-COMMITTAL AND NON-SPECIFIC. This is the key. It scares people but doesn't tell them "what" they should be scared of. This is classic Karl Rove, please be aware. Halloween and Election Day are now the same holiday.

Spread the word!

BRAD MENFIL truth and tell 31.Oct.2004 05:16


Some us may want to check your statements. I for one have googled on all of your posted information. I have never been about to find anything to support you.

Please post the search string that we may use to verify your postings. It will help us to believe you. Our time available to check these items out is limited. We can't be wasting it.

Dear Brad Menfil 31.Oct.2004 07:09


Bless your pristine little heart. You're an "insider" and you're soooooo concerned. Yet you've done NOTHING to help us. You COULD HAVE, but you DIDN'T.

If Bush wins you will have to look in the mirror and acknowledge you are responsible. You will have only yourself to blame. You will have to ask yourself, "Could I perhaps have done anything more than post anonymous cryptic messages with nothing verifiable in them?"

But at least your job will be safe - evidently that must be what matters most to you.

Just as Bush says there's no distinction between terrorists and those who harbor them, I say there's no distinction between Bush's criminals and those who let them get away with it knowing they could stop them: YOU.

Ok, Brad... tell us something... 31.Oct.2004 18:30


To Brad and everyone,

I don't think you can find a more open forum for your posts and "tips" than this one. Bulge or no bulge, fake Bin Laden tape or real tape... nobody is brushing you off... simply put, you have not offered anything conclusive, despite your claim to be in-the-know.

If you want to get this story out there and don't want to be involved, thats fine. Pass on some solid info that can be objectively checked and examined. If it warrants further debate, I'm sure you'll find that it will take off on its own. Without any supporting facts your claims seem as outrageous that the bulge is a device that Bush uses to communicate with aliens.

Here's a start... What gov't or campaign office did this "bulge issue" or fake Bin laden tape originate out of? Is there a specific person behind these "dirty tricks"? One might speculate that its the work of Carl Rove, but he would not be pulling all the strings personally. What republican "friends" of yours are your source of information, what is their connection? Why are you privvy to this apparently ultra-secret info?

If you can answere any of these questions people might take you more seriously. Better yet send your tips and info to a major news organization as well as posting.

Without some answers you are just blowing a lot of hot air.

New Bulge Thread 01.Nov.2004 17:57


Bush Will Lose 01.Nov.2004 20:55

"Brad Menfil"

I've been reading, with some distress, negative comments about my postings. Trust me, I'm no Bush plant. I just know what happens when people speak up around here.

The campaign is depressed. Victory was lost in the last week as we discovered the uncounted (read 18-29 demographic), not the undecided, were breaking in a major way towards Kerry.

The Bin Laden tape was a fake and it was intended to steal this election. I TOLD YOU SO!

The hero of this election is Joe Lockhart, Sr. Advisor to the Kerry-Edwards campaign. The folks here at the RNC worried about Joe's return. You can check this out too if you'd like.

Here is where I stand: Scott Zale betrayed his true feelings. The Knoxville Times has a reach that extends beyond Australia which, as you know, is the Motherland of Rupert Murdock

Tether Technologies works undercover in Columbia, Missouri. There's no crack investigators on the Internet. I've given you all so many leads and clues and nobody has figured out how to substantiate them.

This is the last you'll hear from me. The campaign will be over tomorrow and Scott and I will be looking for work.

At least we know that Bush won't be re-elected. Good luck to all of you.

Just kidding 01.Nov.2004 22:05

"Brad Menfil"

Go Bush!

Brad.....and his butt 02.Nov.2004 18:10

alan...I started this thread

I don't you would make a pimple on your own ass...Brad

Correction 02.Nov.2004 18:40


that's...I don't THINK you would make a pimple on your own ass...Brad....hey mike open that window...get some of that HAZE out of here...:)

Brad M. 03.Nov.2004 14:03


contact me. I have been digging more.

Brad M contact me 03.Nov.2004 16:07


Brad contact me I think I see a bigger story. You are right we my not be investigative enough to deal with it.

NEW EXCUSE 03.Nov.2004 20:03


New official excuse bt THE HILL the guys who brought us the wrinkle...


BUSH WIRED will continue to follow and archive this story.

Dark Days Ahead 07.Nov.2004 14:15

Brad Menfil

All the shit we've figured out is just the tip of the shit iceberg. Good luck. I'll be back.

Eat 08.Nov.2004 15:41



18,181? 12.Nov.2004 17:53


anybody found 18,181 in the vote totals? diffs or in any other manner?

Election Fraud For Sure 16.Nov.2004 20:22

Brad Menfil

Brad Menfil is not my real name. I work for the RNC. I fear reprisals if I'm found out.

The truth about this election is this: Florida and Ohio had to go for Bush in order for him to "win" the election. In reality he lost both states. In fact, he did not even win the popular vote. He lost the national popular vote by at least 1,750,000. This shows you the scale of the fraud.

The exit polls were not wrong. Kerry was the clear winner, but victory was snatched from him.

Florida first. The 400,000+ margin of victory for Bush made this state uncontestable. Everybody assumes that even with some fraud, Kerry could never have made up the difference in a recount. But Kerry actually won by about 750,000 votes. The numbers were changed by a computer program (in both electronic and scan-tron voting systems) called "KerryLite." "KerryLite" of course is not actual name of the program. The actual name is 11-5-18-18 etc. For additional encryption, the numbers were jumbled but I'm not sure in which order. The numbers replace the letters of the alphabet. For example, K is the eleventh letter of the alphabet.

So the if-then statement goes something like this: "if total true Kerry>total true Bush, Bush x 1.04x (.04 is a random number)(total true Kerry), total true Bush". The second part of the equation takes the total number of votes cast and subtracts the new Bush total, subtracts the third party totals and leaves the rest for Kerry.

Sometimes the program would also reduce third party votes and award them to Bush. And even where Bush legitimately won, he was still awarded additional votes. The big Democratic counties (Broward for example) went to Kerry because it had to appear that everything was on the up and up. It's interesting to see this unfold. Does anybody wonder why the Republican counties were mostly counted after the Democratic counties? You should wonder, and also know that this was no accident. The Bush team had to make up the votes as the night went on.

In Ohio, computer voting fraud, vote tossing and voter suppression were the main methods. Vote tossing was simply the removal of Kerry votes and some third party votes. In some areas, the Bush vs. Kerry votes were absurd. Nine to one, eight to two.

Voter suppression took the form of making voters stand in four hour long lines. This of course took place in Democratic areas. The simplest thing to do was to have too few voting machines. Sometimes that's all it takes. People eventually lose patience and leave without casting a vote.

In other states such as New Mexico, Nevada, Iowa and New Hampshire, Kerry's leads evaporated very quickly once the polls were shut down. Kerry only won New Hampshire, but barely. As it turned out, the lead was 6% for Kerry in that state and not enough fraudulant activity took place to flip the state to Bush.

So this will all come out and be known to everyone. Nothing this massive can be kept a secret. You're already beginning to see these "irregularities" and the wisper will become a roar.

Hang in there!

Posted by: Brad Menfil at November 12, 2004 09:00 PM
Brad Menfil is not my real name. I work for the RNC. I fear reprisals if I'm found out.

The truth about this election is this: Florida and Ohio had to go for Bush in order for him to "win" the election. In reality he lost both states. In fact, he did not even win the popular vote. He lost the national popular vote by at least 1,750,000. This shows you the scale of the fraud.

The exit polls were not wrong. Kerry was the clear winner, but victory was snatched from him.

Florida first. The 200,000+ margin of victory for Bush made this state uncontestable. Everybody assumes that even with some fraud, Kerry could never have made up the difference in a recount. But Kerry actually won by about 750,000 votes. The numbers were changed by a computer program (in both electronic and scan-tron voting systems) called "KerryLite." "KerryLite" of course is not actual name of the program. The actual name is 11-5-18-18 etc. For additional encryption, the numbers were jumbled but I'm not sure in which order. The numbers replace the letters of the alphabet. For example, K is the eleventh letter of the alphabet.

So the if-then statement goes something like this: "if total true Kerry>total true Bush, Bush x 1.04x (.04 is a random number)(total true Kerry), total true Bush". The second part of the equation takes the total number of votes cast and subtracts the new Bush total, subtracts the third party totals and leaves the rest for Kerry.

Sometimes the program would also reduce third party votes and award them to Bush. And even where Bush legitimately won, he was still awarded additional votes. The big Democratic counties (Broward for example) went to Kerry because it had to appear that everything was on the up and up. It's interesting to see this unfold. Does anybody wonder why the Republican counties were mostly counted after the Democratic counties? You should wonder, and also know that this was no accident. The Bush team had to make up the votes as the night went on.

In Ohio, computer voting fraud, vote tossing and voter suppression were the main methods. Vote tossing was simply the removal of Kerry votes and some third party votes. In some areas, the Bush vs. Kerry votes were absurd. Nine to one, eight to two.

Voter suppression took the form of making voters stand in four hour long lines. This of course took place in Democratic areas. The simplest thing to do was to have too few voting machines. Sometimes that's all it takes. People eventually lose patience and leave without casting a vote.

In other states such as New Mexico, Nevada, Iowa and New Hampshire, Kerry's leads evaporated very quickly once the polls were shut down. Kerry only won New Hampshire, but barely. As it turned out, the lead was 6% for Kerry in that state and not enough fraudulant activity took place to flip the state to Bush.

So this will all come out and be known to everyone. Nothing this massive can be kept a secret. You're already beginning to see these "irregularities" and the wisper will become a roar.

Hang in there!

Did Bush really use an implant to hear with???? 14.Dec.2004 20:44


I saw that someone posted that Bush had an implant that he used to hear in the debates. Can this be confirmed? The poster even mentioned the manufacturer of the device. Did the manufacturer confirm this? Why did this recieve so little attention if it was confirmed the exact device that was used?


Bush wars Vs Space research exploration 05.May.2005 23:58


How could the ppl of United States vote for the 2nd bush for a 2nd time ...

Majority of americans are poorly educated fat zombies polluting the crap out of this world...

United states has pissed away its wealth on pointless wars the evil communism (not so evil lol if china was like america are atmosphere might have left us by now 1billion suvs u do the math.)
and now its terrorism ...
Hope u enjoy the war because ur in it for a long time now.

If only the states wernt so concerned about everybody else they could have had a huge space empire maybe even places on mars by now and other things we couldnt dream of if the hundreds of billions of dollars spent on wars were spent on research and exploration. Gaining world favor and entering us into a new era instead atm we are doom'd on this oil filth of a planet dying slowy.